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Best Water Pokemon

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The Composer

The Composer
I like Starmie, Vaporeon and Lapras. They've been my favorite waters since the start. I don't like Kingdra. Not even a little bit, not even at all.


</3 Kid
Id have to say Kingdra.


Slowbro! It is so fun going through the game training a really slow/weak pokemon(slowpoke), and then it totally kicks A.ss when it evolves.


Strawberry fields.
Are we taking the best water POKéMON for the second generation only, or overall? If we're talking overall, I'd have to pick Starmie as one of the best water types because of its versatility.


Oil Country 4 Life
Lanturn. It's dual-type just makes it awesome against fellow Waters.


Well-Known Member
Lapras or Kingdra. Kant really decide between them!


Well-Known Member
Lapras, Feraligatr, Lanturn, and Milotic have been my favorites. I like almost all the water type pokemon, so its really hard to decide.


my favorite is empoleon becuase it looks awesome IMO.
but starmie is the most versatile. and gyarados is just one heck of a powerhouse.


The Abysswalker
Up from Kanto to Johto? Hmm.... I say Kingdra.


ポッキ の かみ
Personally, I like Lapras, Gyaragos, Lanturn/Chinchou (I love the water/electricity mix), and Vaporeon. I'm not going to mention starter because everyone already knows they're great.
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