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Best Water Pokemon

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Feraligatr is a beast in G/S/C.


i would say fereligatr, sometimes i regret that i choose cyndaquil as my starter you know but i had to choose.

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I say Feraligatr.


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feraligatr def. it ruled all water pokemon in 2nd gen.


Spring-Loaded Fish
Kingdra and Lanturn. Both benefit from fantastic typing (Kingdra being only weak to dragon, and Lanturn to ground). Kingdra has pretty amazing all round stats, and Lanturn has good special stats, which take full advantage of its types and moves. With the ability to hit a stabbed, super-effective hit on their weaknesses (and outspeed most of the pokemon possesing the moves to hit them super effective), both pokemon are pretty darned fantastic.


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Starmie is the most used, because it has some of the best Stats, it learns Electric, Ice and Psychic attacks attacks. Also, it can heal with Recover and it learns Rapid Spin to get rid of Spikes. It also learns the Screens, Light and Reflect. So, it can fit into any team, I'm not saying it's the best, but it's quite useful.

Suicune has the best Special Defense in the game, but it's move pool isn't that great. Best Roarer too.

Lanturn, and Kingdra are good and are good Sleep Talkers, but aren't used that much because of there movepool.

I don't like Feraligatr, because its a physical attacker, it looks good, but in G/S/C, physical waters aren't the greatest.


Always Searching~

Um...qwilfish. definetly. Coolest and bestest ever. Tied with remoraid line, fo sho :|


For 1st gen, Psyduck. His charm was amusing ^__^; In terms of battle, however, Lapras.

For 2nd gen, Kingdra in terms of awesomeness and battle.


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*steps slightly outside the box*
Lanturn. Water/Electric is really cool... And I've always found it to be very underrated.


<-- Favourite Shiny
i like kingdra


feraligatr, octillery or kingdra, although ive never trained a kingdra but i hear they are mint
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