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Best Water Pokemon

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Tentacruel hands down on entry it eliminates toxic spikes it can also use rapid spin, knock off, and set up toxic spikes of its own not to mention it it a good special wall to begin with. It is a real all around team player.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Kingler, Slowking & Mantine.


Like Wailords.
All water type pokémons are great <3. So this question is a hard one.

From 1st gen: Blastoise
From 2nd gen: Feraligatr

They're the best water starters so far. They're kinda big and they seem having some power, but at the same time I found them so cute! Especially Feraligatr. And cuteness is power, hih.


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I love Kingdra, lanturn, blastoise and Suicune of course


Gyarados, Lanturn, and Feraligatr.

Feraligatr needs to make some more TV appearances to showcase its awesomeness

ground tamer

Lanturn is just awesome. Great type combo, along with good Defences and hp make it just the most awesomest.


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Then Starmie
Then Lanturn


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Starmie is very good and can help with many good move sets
Kingdra laughs at all other Water Pokemon. Kingdra repels both Electric and Grass attacks, which are usually a Water Pokemon's worst nightmare, while its only weakness' are the hard to use Dragon attacks. Even then, Kingdra could counter most Dragon attackers with a skillfully placed IceBeam.


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I don't play competitively, but from my experience in GSC, I'd definitely have to choose Kingdra. I usually reply on ice type attacks for dragons, and grass type attacks for water Pokemon. Unfortunately, I can't use either on him effectively, making my battle against Clair extremely difficult.

Other than that, the next most obvious answer is Suicune. Bulky, strong and hard to take down.
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