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Best Water Pokemon

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Fossil freak
Politoed deserves a mention as well. It has decent stats and a good variety of attacks. And it's cute too. :redface:

Nevertheless, IMO the best water type are Starmie and Kingdra.
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From Zero To Hero
best water types were cloyster starmie and poliwrath IMO
totally wrecked everythin in their path


Well-Known Member
Corsola wins by far.

gtab x3

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I think you are all forgeting the awsomeness of Lanturn! it had great hp and the combination of confuse ray and thondershock owned


<- Zap Cannon Espeon
I say Starmie. It can utilize the BoltBeam tactic. It can also dish out Psychic damage.

Let's also not forget how cool it looks.


i cannot believe
  • Feraligatr: The Water type that I often use in my team.
  • Lanturn: I love that it's part Electric type so it can also beat Water types.
  • Kingdra: Only one weakness, and it's a Dragon type too!


Crazy B!tch
I like Vaporeon, Corsola, and Lapras.

Amazing Red

Well-Known Member
Suicune. Just kidding.

I like Totodile, and Kingdra.


5th Gen OU
I think lanturn is the best, it has an awesome combination of types and has some decent moves that it can learn


Well-Known Member
Personally, I like using Gyarados, Kingdra, Feraligatr and Vaporeon. I especially like Gyarados because you can teach him different moves the you cannot get other Pokemon to learn (Fire Blast, Thunder, etc.)


whats that!
My favrite is Mantike because it has those very long wings!:)


Well-Known Member
either fertaligatr, kingdra or poliwrath.
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