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Best Water Pokemon

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Destiny Calls
Suicune, Poliwrath and Lanturn.
i think Kingdra
i always remember that being a tough pokemon to beat


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Feraligatr is just the best. I mean totodile is such a cute little starter and he is perfect for a water type.


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im gonna say slowking because its just so rad and awesome
for reasons its psychic and water


I like Kindra because he looks very slick, very wise and dragon/water is a great combo in my opinion, ashame I didn't have anyone to trade with to be able to obtain one on my G/S/C game but it was a tough cookie.

Tentracruel is one of my favs as well, very useful in the game. Poision and water is a great combo too.


Not From Concentrate
For jhoto pokemon? Slowking and Azumarill.

I remember a time when an Azumarill was on my team. XD
Athough that was in Ruby, I think.
The best water type:

1st: Kingdra
2nd: Feralligator
3rd: Slowking
I believe its between Kingdra and Feraligatr because both pokemon are very strong and I would rather have one of them or both on my team.


burning it down
Octillery, Feraligatr, Kingdra, Suicune.

But the best of all just has to be Politoed, it's awesome!
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