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Best Wormadam

Which Wormadam do you think is the best?

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I looked on a couple pages and didn't see anything like this, so...

What Wormadam do you think is the best?

Plant Cloak, Sand Cloak, or Trash Cloak?

You can base your answer on which one you think looks the coolest, which has the best stats, maybe you like the Cloak name, or maybe you're just fond of the Type!

Overall, which do you think is the Best Wormadam?

Personally, I like the Trash Cloak. It seems to be the most neutral of the three stat-wise, although I really like it because Steel if my favorite type, and because it shares the same type with my favorite Pokemon, Scizor.


I think this is my 1st first reply! T_T

I like the Plant Wormadam the most, I named mine after a tropical flower ^^

I don't really like the other two...
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Eh, ragazzo!
I like the Trash Cloak. It's good to recycle.

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Trash wormadam is awesome. Brave Wormadam + STAB Gyro ball can do alot of damage to some pokemon. I need someone to calculate this.

Plus, it works great with Heatran.

The Lemonkraken

The Toad Man Shuffle
Trash Cloak for many reasons.
One of them being that she is a Steel type.


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in my grass face-off i had the wormadams face-off, i think the sand cloak won.


Trash cloak for me, firstly its pink which is a great colour for steel! Also since I'm in the process of training one up, She's named Achilles, only one weakness but its a BIG one!

Icy Death

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Sand Cloak. Most well rounded. Only one that can take a physical or special hit!