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Best/Worst and Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon FROM EACH TYPE!

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by SapphireL, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Geekachu

    Geekachu _____________

    Here it goes:


    Bug --- Volcarona. Probably obvious, but he's one of the most well designed Pokes
    Dark --- So many to choose, (Vullaby, Darkrai), but I'll go with Zoroark. It's just- cool
    Dragon --- I'm really leaning towards Gen V, but Haxorus reeks coolness
    Electric --- Raikou, again, it's just cool and well designed
    Fighting --- Scrafty. I love how they mixed a lizard shedding its skin and a gangster
    Fire --- Heatmor, strangely. I liked it's fire tongue, and the fact it can learn Bug Bite I find hilarious
    Flying --- Staraptor, again cool, and an awesome name to match
    Ghost --- Giratina is a great, unexpected Pokemon. Both of his formes are awesome
    Grass --- Lots to choose (Snivy, Sawsbuck) But my favourite is probably Roserade
    Ground --- Excadrill. The way it turns into a drill in the anime is really clever
    Ice --- Lapras. It's just really mysterious... and enticing...
    Normal --- So many I love (Minccino, Stoutland, Snorlax) but my favourite is Togepi, because it's so adorable. Sprites and sugi artwork don't do its anime counterpart justice
    Poison --- Drapion for its awesomeness. Pauls is brilliant in Ash's final battle with him.
    Psychic --- My favourite type, but I'll have to go with Reuniclus. It's on my White Team, I love it
    Rock --- There's not many Rock Types that I like, but I'll have to go with Roggenrola. I laughed when I saw its name, and it looks like a Bom-omb
    Steel --- Bronzong. It's really peculiar but is surprising relevant and well designed to a tale in Japanese Folklore
    Water --- The largest type, the largest choice. I love ones like Psyduck, Staryu, Piplup, but my favourite is probably Oshawott. It's really adorable, and despite the rage against Samurott, I think it's the best way it could have evolved without looking boring and samey


    Bug --- Weedle, it's so silly how it eventually evolves into a bee. I love how prior to platinum, it couldn't inflict damage on steel types.
    Dark --- Liepard. From my experience in white, it gets really annoying
    Dragon --- Going to have to say none. I don't dislike any of them.
    Electric --- Zapdos, I just don't like it. Probably because it reminds me of big bird from Sesame Street
    Fighting --- Probably have to say Cobalion. It's design is just really mismatched and generally weird
    Fire --- Magby. It's eclipsed by the cool entity of Elekid
    Flying - Golbat. They're really annoying, and so far have killed two of my loved Pokemon in my Diamond Nuzlocke -.-
    Ghost --- Not really one I hate, but I'll go with Dusclops since in game, Battle Tower, Elite Four Phoebe, it can be REEEEAAAALLLY annoying
    Grass --- Again, not really anyone that sticks out, but I'll go with Lileep. It's just... I don't know what it... I'm confused
    Ground --- Stunfisk. It's just got no purpose whatsoever.
    Ice --- Jynx. Whenever I see it I just think... why?
    Normal --- Purugly. It's all in the name.
    Poison --- Swalot. Because.
    Psychic --- Despite Reuniclus being my favourite, you can't deny that the curl on Solosis' head is a sperm cell
    Rock --- Probopass. There was no need for it. I like a quirky design, but the iron moustache is stupid
    Steel --- Klinklang. I know there's only so much they could've done with Klink, but evolving doesn't count when you just pick up another gear
    Water --- Simipour's dreadlocks look stupid. And it also became annoying on the Battle Subway once, you never like loosing your Pokemon and then having your foe mocking you *just smile and wave Simipour*
  2. 03Juice

    03Juice TSS


    Bug - Shuckle. I don't like bug pokemon at all, but Shuckle is the best of them.
    Dark - Sneasel. Been one of my favorites since G/S/C.
    Dragon - Kingdra.
    Electric - Electabuzz. Much better then Electivire :D
    Fighting - None. I don't like fighting pokemon
    Fire - Magcargo. Just the best.
    Flying - Swellow. My favorite since R/S/E.
    Ghost - Froslass.
    Grass - Ludicolo
    Ground - Hard.. I'd say Hippowdon.
    Ice - Articuno. Shame it's weaknesses are that crap.
    Normal - Ursaring for sure.
    Poison - None.
    Psychic - Uxie
    Rock - Kabutops
    Steel - Mawile. Still don't understand it's design, but funny pokemon ^^
    Water - Ludicolo again. The best pokemon around.

    Least favorite.

    Bug - Weedle. Worst pokemon since Veridian Forest R/B/Y. OMG it's everywhere!
    Dark - Cacturne for sure. Since Harley showed up in Anime I hate this guy for life.
    Dragon - Garchomp. Just stupid pokemon, never play Wi-Fi in battle tower.
    Electric - Rotom.
    Fighting - Breloom.
    Fire - Moltres. It's just bad
    Flying - Pidgeotto
    Ghost - Gastly
    Grass - Breloom again.
    Ground - Geodude.
    Ice - Dewgong
    Normal - Snubbul. ?!
    Poison - Zubat for sure. &!@#! caves
    Psychic - Drowzee
    Rock - Lileep
    Steel - Scizor. It's too slow while it should be fast.
    Water - Tentacool. Why is this pokemon seriously in every route @ sea?
  3. Cris~Wigglytuff~

    Cris~Wigglytuff~ elite wigglejiggle!?

    Bug - Kakuna
    Dark - Nuzleaf
    Dragon - Kingdra
    Electric - Raichu/Manetric/Galvantula
    Fighting - Heracross
    Fire - Houndoom
    Flying - Swellow
    Ghost - Drifblim/Spiritomb
    Grass - Breloom
    Ground - Flygon
    Ice - Weavile
    Normal - Wigglytuff (DUHHH)
    Poison - Ivysaur
    Psychic - Dont have one :/
    Rock - Lairon
    Steel - Empoleon
    Water - Swampert
  4. Byakko Shinsei

    Byakko Shinsei New Member

    Bug - volcarona
    Dark - darkrai/absol
    Dragon - rayquaza/garchomp
    Electric - raikou/luxray/electivire
    Fighting - blaziken/lucario
    Fire - charizard/ninetales/
    Flying - scyther/skarmory
    Ghost - haunter/giratina/
    Grass - celebi/grovyle/
    Ground - groudon
    Ice - glaceon/sneasel
    Normal - Arceus/eevee
    Poison - arbok/ariados
    Psychic - gardevior
    Rock - tyranitar
    Steel - steelix
    Water - milotic
  5. NinjaJesus

    NinjaJesus Johto Fanboy


    Bug - Scizor
    Dark - Murkrow (love his beak!!)
    Dragon - Dragonite (the original dragon ;))
    Electric - Electabuzz (agree 100% with 03Juice)
    Fighting - Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop (they kick but!!)
    Fire - Arcanine. nuff said
    Flying - Xatu/Murkrow/Skarmory
    Ghost - Gengar/Shedinja
    Grass - Ludicolo
    Ground - Nidoking
    Ice - Lapras/Delibird
    Normal - Porygon2 ;)
    Poison - Nidoking/Gengar
    Psychic - Slowbro/Slowking/Xatu/Espeon
    Rock - Rhydon/Gigalith
    Steel - Skarmory/Scizor
    Water - Ludicolo/Kingdra/Kingler


    Bug - Combee. What were they smoking when they designed this!?!?!?
    Dark - Honchkrow/Vullaby
    Dragon - Shelgon/Dialga/Palkia/Garchomp
    Electric - Thundurus. A man on a cloud?? Really??
    Fighting - Combusken/Gurdurr. That stupid nose!!
    Fire - Combusken
    Flying - Combee/Honckrow/Yanmega
    Ghost - Yamask. his mask scares the s**t out of me
    Grass - Tangrowth/swadloon
    Ground - Rhyperior/Palpitoad
    Ice - Vanilite evo chain
    Normal - PorygonZ/Ambipom/Lickilicky/Bidoof
    Poison - Trubbish/Garbodor
    Psychic - Bronzong/Gothita evo chain/ Solosis evo chain
    Rock - Probopass/Rhyperior
    Steel - Bronzong/Probopass/klink evo chain
    Water - Palpitoad/Basculin/Oshawatt (Dewott and Samurott are ok)
    Last edited: May 5, 2011
  6. Lord_Kain

    Lord_Kain Just call me Kain

    Favorites (top 3)
    Bug--Volcarona, Yanmega, Scolipede
    Dark--Absol, Houndoom, Zoroark
    Dragon--Dragonair, O-Giratina, Haxorus
    Electric--Raichu, Galvantula, Magnezone
    Fighting--Blaziken, meinshao, Virizion
    Fire--Ninetales, Heatran, Quilava
    Flying--Warlge, Swellow, Pidgeot
    Ghost--Haunter, O-Giratina, Golurk
    Grass--Serperior, Sceptile, Sawsbuck
    Ground--Krookodile, Onix, Camerupt
    Ice--Lapras, Glaceon, Articuno
    Normal--Zangoose, Cincinno, Bouffalant
    Poison--Venomoth, Ariados, Crobat
    Psychic--Reuniclus, Mew, Victini
    Rock--Gigalith, Kabutops, Relicanth
    Steel--Skarmory, Ferrothorn, Durant
    Water--Luminion, Carracosta, Kyogre

    Least favorite
    Dark--Sableye & Scrafty
    Fighting--Emboar & Scrafty
    Fire--Magmortar & Emboar
    Psychic--Mr. Mine, Jynx, Wobuffet & Gothitelle
  7. girazard

    girazard IT'S A TRAP!!!

    Rock: Tyranitar
    Water: So I herd you like...
    Electric: Pikachu! ;025;
    Grass: Serperior
    Psychic: Espeon
    Poison: Muk
    Fire: Charizard
    Ground: Donphan
    Flying: Staraptor
    Bug: Heracross
    Normal: Snorlax
    Ghost: Gengar
    Fighting: Infernape
    Steel: Aggron
    Ice: Glaceon
    Dragon: nite
    Dark: Absol

    And my least favourites:

    Rock: Roggenrola
    Water: Ducklett
    Electric: They're all cool
    Grass: Swadloon
    Psychic: Beeheeyem
    Poison: Trubbish Trubbish Trubbish Trubbish Trubbish
    Fire: Simisear
    Ground: Nothing
    Flying: Ducklett (yes I listed him twice)
    Bug: Swadloon
    Normal: Purugly
    Ghost: Frillish
    Fighting: Mienshao
    Steel: Genesect
    Ice: Vanniluxe
    Dragon: Zweilous for having a silly name
    Dark: Vullaby (it's just...ugh)

    Wow... I really hate loads of Gen V (still a lot of good stuff though)

    EDIT: ohmygod I forgot Stunfisk
    Last edited: May 8, 2011
  8. Rampharos

    Rampharos Well-Known Member

    Favourite/Least favourite (in that order):
    Rock: Cranidos/Graveller
    Water: Poliwag/Swampert
    Electric: Blitzle/Electrike
    Grass: Bayleef or Sunkern/Venusaur
    Psychic: Victini/Bronzong
    Poison: Crobat/Venusaur
    Ground: Sandile/Seismitoad
    Flying: Togetic/Pelipper
    Bug: Joltik/Paras
    Normal: Togetic/Bibarel
    Ghost: Litwick or Gastly or Golett (can't choose)/Dusclops
    Fighting: Tyrogue/Hariyama
    Steel: Pawniard/Bronzong
    Ice: Kyurem/Walrein
    Dragon: Dragonair or Axew/ Druddigon
    Dark: I love dark type so the ones I hate most are: Shiftry, Spiritomb and Sharpedo :)O The s one's O.O
    Fire: Charmeleon or litwick/ Magcargo or Magmortar
  9. EnvyTheirGreed

    EnvyTheirGreed Just keep swimming~

  10. Blazivoir

    Blazivoir Beauty Trainer

    Fav/Least Fav
    Rock: Onix/Probopass
    Water: Gyarados/Magikarp
    Electric: Zebstrika/Pichu
    Grass: Grovyle/Ludicolo
    Psychic: Gardevoir/Mr mime
    Poison: Seviper/Gulpin
    Fire: Blaziken/Litwick
    Ground: Krookodile/Wormadam
    Flying: Swellow/Thunderus..basically any of the three us's
    Bug: Butterfree/Metapod or any cocoon pokemon
    Normal: Ditto/Igglybuff
    Ghost: Gengar/Drifloon
    Fighting: Machamp/Conkeldurr
    Steel: Steelix/Ferroseed
    Ice: Glalie/Jynx
    Dragon: Dragonair/none
    Dark: Houndoom/Stunky
  11. Tyrell Badd

    Tyrell Badd Member














    -Tornadus, Thundrus, Landorus


    +Mismagius, Gengar, Dusknoir


















  12. burninator59

    burninator59 Well-Known Member

    I'll do Favorites AND Best/Worst.

    Favorite/Least Favorite:
    Bug- Butterfree I suppose / FREAKING WHIRLIPEDE. So annoying to fight.
    Dark- Krookodile is a boss. / Purrloins get realllly annoying.
    Dragon- Haxorus or Hydreigon. / Druddigon, I dont dislike it, but it's on the bottom of the cool list.
    Electric- Eelektross or Luxray / Plusle and Minun! Whats the point? Also, Stunfisk.
    Fighting- (I'm using Blaziken for Fire) SO Machamp! Boss. / Keldeo is a disgrace to Fighting types.
    Fire- Blaziken! Not even that good, I just love using it for some reason. / Magmortar, so unneccesary IMO.
    Flying- Braviary and Staraptor are beasts. / Emolga. Stop showing off that you think you're better than all the other Electric rodents :p
    Ghost- Chandelure! Love the typing, design, and stats! / Dusknoir. You probably see how much I dislike most 4th gen evos of older Pokemon.
    Grass- Hardly ever use Grass but Victreebel stands out to me. / Budew. Seemed like Roselia was already weak enough...
    Ground- Used Krookodile for Dark, so Dugtrio! There are a lot of great ground Pokemon! / And then there's (You guessed it) Rhyperior. I enjoyed Rhydon. Why go further?
    Ice- Sneasel and Weavile. One of the few 4th Gen evos I enjoyed. / Buh Snover.
    Normal- So many! Furret, Ursaring, Stoutland! / Buh so many. Bidoof. Cleffa.
    Poison- NIDOKING. / I'm sorry, but Trubbish. And Stunky.
    Psychic- Espeon and Gardevoir. / Never liked any of the Psychic/Flying (Except Lugia)
    Rock- Oh man, Tyranitar, Archeops, Gigalith. / Ironically, Boldore. SO ANNOYING. I much prefer Gravelers appearing every 2 steps.
    Steel- Easily Aggron. / BRONZOR GO AWAY. Please.
    Water- Quagsire! Sooo cool. Also Samurott. / Luvdisc, Surskit.

    Best/Worst: (Not counting legendaries)
    Bug- Heracross or Scizor, probably / Oh gosh... Weedle, Caterpie, Metapod, Kakuna, Wurmple and its evos, Kricketot, all equally bad in my opinion.
    Dark- Tyranitar, Hydreigon / I'd say Poochyena or Purrloin
    Dragon- Hydreigon / I think... Bagon.
    Electric- Eelektross is pretty dang good. / Tynamo may be riduculously weak, but Plusle and Minun don't even evolve.
    Fighting- Gotta say either Machamp or Lucario. / Tyrogue, for sure.
    Fire- Arcanine. Or Volcarona. / Litwick and Numel are pretty weak until it evolves.
    Flying- Braviary maybe. / Pidgey, Hoothott, Taillow, Starly, Pidove, Zubat.
    Ghost- Chandelure! / Frillish or Shuppet
    Grass- Exeggutor can be pretty good / Budew can not.
    Ground- Krookodile, maybe Rhyperior / Phanpy, no doubt.
    Ice- Walrein, pretty beastly. / Freakin' Smoochum.
    Normal- Slaking, defs. / Rattata, Sentret, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Zigzagoon, Bidoof, Patrat, Azurill, Happiny.
    Poison- Nidoking and Nidoqueen. / Zubat, Metapod, Kakuna, Budew, Oddish.
    Psychic- Alakazam and Metagross. / Munna! And Natu. And Abra.
    Rock- Tyranitar, Golem. / Roggenrola, Geodude, Nosepass, Bonsly.
    Steel- Aggron, Metagross, Ferrothorn / Magnemite. Not even bad, but the worst.
    Water- Gyarados, Walrein. They destroy all. / Magikarp and Feebas, obviously.
  13. Moonlight_Tails

    Moonlight_Tails Nocturnal Trainer

    Faveorite: Most - Least

    Bug: Galvantula/Scizor - Volbeat/Illumise
    Dark: Skuntank - Sableye
    Dragon: Rayquaza/Flygon - Dratini
    Electric: Luxray - Stunfisk
    Fighting: Scrafty - Hitmontop
    Fire: Arcanine - Magcargo
    Flying: Aerodactyl - Xatu
    Ghost: Golurk - Drifblim
    Grass: Serperior - Hoppip
    Ground: Hippowdon - Gligar
    Ice: Weavile - Jynx
    Normal: Zangoose - Dunsparce
    Poison: Crobat - Gulpin/Swalot
    Psychic: Girafarig - Sigilyph
    Rock: Carracosta (changed from Sudowoodo) - Archen/Archeops
    Steel: Empoleon - Mawile
    Water: Feraligatr - Corsola
    Last edited: May 22, 2011
  14. pokemon player

    pokemon player Sylveon, tho.

    These are my favorites, BTW.
  15. Icefrost

    Icefrost Hoenn Veteran

    First, simple explanation to most of my list is: no sympathy for pokes I'm sick of seeing already, no matter how good they perform, unless they're one of the few that I actually like too. I've also refrained from naming a dual-type poke twice, even if a few of them deserve it. No ubers mentioned either, just because.

    Type - Best / Worst

    Bug - Armaldo / Forretress
    Dark - Absol / Spiritomb
    Dragon - Altaria / Dragonite
    Electric - Zapdos / Electrode
    Fighting - Medicham / Infernape
    Fire - Blaziken / Charizard
    Flying - Xatu / Gliscor
    Ghost - Dusknoir / Rotom
    Grass - Ludicolo / Breloom
    Ground - Whiscash / Dugtrio
    Ice - Froslass / Weavile
    Normal - Persian / Blissey
    Poison - Muk / Skuntank
    Psychic - Gardevoir & Gallade / Metagross
    Rock - Cradily / Tyranitar
    Steel - Aggron / Scizor
    Water - Milotic / Starmie
  16. Ravern

    Ravern Ace Trainer

  17. Aggiesfan28

    Aggiesfan28 Jesus_Freak

    Type - Favorite / Least Favorite

    Bug - Pinsir / Wormadam
    Dark - Shiftry / Sableye
    Dragon - Kyurem / Flygon
    Electric - Magnezone / Raichu
    Fighting - Heracross / Mienshao
    Fire - Darmanitan / Emboar
    Flying - Charizard / Ledian
    Ghost - Chandelure / Spiritomb
    Grass - Sceptile / Shaymin
    Ground - Krookodile / Quagsire
    Ice - Mamoswine / Delibird
    Normal - Tauros / Spinda
    Poison - Crobat / Garbodor
    Psychic - Alakazam / Wobbuffet
    Rock - Aerodactyl / Lunatone and Solrock
    Steel - Ferrothorn / Jirachi
    Water - Suicune / Marill
    Last edited: May 30, 2011
  18. Professor Poke

    Professor Poke Well-Known Member

    Fav > Hated
    Normal - Lopunny > Purugly
    Fire - Reshiram > Magmortar
    Water - Milotic > Quagsire
    Grass - Virizion > Tangrowth
    Ground - Golurk > Stunfisk
    Dark - Absol > Skuntank
    Fighting - Mienshao > Toxicroak
    Poison - Seviper > Swalot
    Rock - Kabutops > Probopass
    Flying - Rayquaza > Swoobat
    Ice - Froslass > Jinx
    Ghost - Mismagius > Shuppet
    Psychic - Gardevoir > Beheeyem
    Electric - Eelektross > Stunfisk
    Bug- Armaldo > Accelgor
    Dragon - Haxorus > Kingdra
    Steel - Metagross > Probopass

    Top 3 Overall: Gardevoir, Haxorus, Absol
    Bottom 3 Overall: Stunfisk, Beheeyem, Tangrowth, (I mentioned probo twice above, but that's only because I don't really dislike the others as much)
  19. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku Well-Known Member

    Normal - Delcatty
    Grass - ferrothorn
    Water - Mudkip
    Fire - ninetales
    Electric - magnezone
    Bug - Scizor
    Flying - rayquaza
    Psychic - mewtwo
    Ghost - gengar
    Ice - mamoswine
    Ground - rhyperior
    Steel - steelix
    Dragon - latios
    Fighting - Keldo(i wish it came out already)
    Rock - Golem
    Dark - Shiftry
    Poison - Muk


    Normal - Starly
    Grass - oddish
    Water - Marill
    Fire - ponyta
    Electric - eletrike
    Bug - kacuna
    Flying - woobat
    Psychic - Mime Jr.
    Ghost - yanmask
    Ice - jynx
    Ground - rhydon
    Steel - Excadrill
    Dragon - bagon
    Fighting - machoke
    Rock - geodude
    Dark - pocceyana
    Poison - gulpin
  20. xEthereal

    xEthereal Birds of Prey > You

    Only going to list my favourites, I'd be here all day listing my most hated.

    Bug - Scizor
    Dark - Krookodile
    Dragon - Haxorus / Kingdra
    Electric - Jolteon
    Fighting - Machamp
    Fire - Arcanine
    Flying - Braviary
    Ghost - Gengar
    Grass - Lilligant
    Ground - Rhydon
    Ice - Articuno
    Normal - SNORLAAAXXX
    Poison - Nidoking
    Psychic - Espeon
    Rock - Tyranitar
    Steel - Aggron
    Water - I have a few D: Blastoise/Vaporeon/Starmie

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