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BEST/WORST levels in any game ever

zonic the hedgehog

Ever play a game with a level that you never seem to get tired of? Have a level you love-to-hate? Here's my favorite (and not-so-favorite Sonic levels):

Lemme list the ones I despise before we get to la creme, shall we?

Wacky Workbench (act 2)- Sonic CD

The only level in Sonic CD that makes me cringe with fear. It's also the only level in the game that I used to swear my head off to, and I'm never letting go of the fact that THIS LEVEL IS TEDIOUS. Tedious like my mom's cooking, but without the grease. :\

Carnival Night (act 2) - Sonic 3

DAMN THAT DRUM TO HELL! TO HEEELLLL! If there was ever a time where I wanted to kill the level designers, it'd be for making this cheap ploy of getting through the drum to get to the boss at the end. Why do you torture me? Why?!?

Sky Canyon (acts 1 and 2) - Sonic Advance 2

I hate sky levels. If I could ever count how many times I fallen to my death in this one, I'm sure it'd be over a thousand.

The Ark - Shadow the hedgehog

This is even more tedious than Wacky Workbench! It gets so confusing going through a million rooms to find the damn exit to the level. I hate this bunches of oats. Give me a soda while I murder my copy of Shadow the hedgehog with a bazooka.

Now for the my favorite Sonic levels of all time!
Praise I shall.

Dead Line (all the acts!) - Sonic Rush

One of the most genius new Sonic levels yet. I love the rockets used here, as they offer some good speed. Not to mention the fact that it's one of the few space levels I CAN TOLERATE. Yay for Sonic Rush.

Ice Cap Zone (all the acts!) - Sonic 3

Oh man, this is a classic. The level design was SO PERFECT. One of the best levels in the game, in fact. The music is also incredible (hence why there are so many remixes of it), and I suffered through Carnival Night Zone JUST TO PLAY THIS ZONE.

Labyrinth Zone(all the acts!) - Sonic 1

OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD. I loved this zone. The level design manages to stay fresh, and the level music is so soothing (in fact, I have this song playing at this very moment) and the BG is beautiful. The game designers need to take a look at this level more often. It's genius.

Cryptic Castle - Shadow the hedgehog

Best level in the game-hands down. It's also better than the other Halloween-themed level in Sonic Heroes. It's dark and doesn't overdo it with the crappy ghosts. I also like the segment with the giant skeleton dragon chasing you while you're grinding on the rails. The music is also very different from the rest of the game's music.

That's all I can think of at the moment that have really struck me. Might edit with a few more later.


Meteor Trainer

1080 Avalanche: Avalanche Alley - No Way Out. Rent the game, play that level and tell me that that level isn't the best experience in a snowboarding game ever.


Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - The water temple. It's really really dull...


Battle above Coruscant-Star Wars Battlefront II

Dark Places in Pokemon games that you require Flash to see.


Well-Known Member

Any nebula levels in Freespace 2. Sooo pretty.


The Xen jumping puzzles in Half-Life.
Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal

Launch Site

Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

The Whole Game

The Whole


Ski > You
Best: Way to many to count, but hacking my way through "The Arbiter" comes close.
Worst: Two levels. Lyran's Hold on Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
The Library from Halo 2. Grr... When I want suspense and freakish things, I CAN AND WILL PLAY RESIDENT EVIL AND FATAL FRAME!

Deoxys & Jirachi

the factory level in sonic 2 game for gba cause i always fall and dont know where to go i hate it

Sonic 15

well i like these levels!
sonic CD: quartz quadrant: all acts, i can beat all the Sonic CD teams times! im quick!

sonic 1: (ms) labyrinth: all acts
great music and a good level.

Sonic & Knuckles: flying battery
great music, and great design. a fast level also.

Sonic heroes: casino park & bingo highway
really cool levels and fast ones.

Sonic heroes: egg fleet
music sounded cool.

now the worst ones:
Sonic CD: Wacky Workbench act 1
i kept swearing my head off at this, when doing time attack

Sonic 1: spring yard
i never really liked this level

Sonic heroes: mystic mansion
i really hated this one. just trying to find a way out and it lasts like 15 mins.


Best levels: My opinion

Lava Reef, Sonic 3 and Knuckles
I loved this level, especially as Tails.

Angel Island, Sonic Advance
The music in this level is just simply cool and it was great.

Highwater Pass(both), Kid Chameleon
I loved the music and it had a good mix of replayability.

Sandopolis Zone, Sonic 3 and Knuckles
When you had to pop open the capsule to release the ghosts, it's all fun from here....for me, at least.

Worst levels

Hills of the Warrior I, Kid Chameleon
For some weird reason, I always got stuck near the middle of the level.

Plethora, Kid Chameleon
Hated it.

The fight with Eggman, Sonic Battle
No matter how hard I try, I could never beat him. Ever.


best level
any of the original doom levels where you have the BFG

any timed lvel jus pure stress


revelations1 17
Worst level was the level in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle where you play as Rouge and have to get 3 Chaos emerald shards or something in 5 minutes. SO ridiculous....

Best level was the Earth levels in Halo 2. Talk about teh awesome...


Iblis Wings
Shadow The Hedgheog


Circus Park. The atmosphere is very well done and the level is funny as hell. Especially when Eggman says, "Don't ruin my robots cute little clown act that might blow you to bits!"

Sky Troops. Pretty fast level if you know what you're doing. And the missions are pretty fun and the music beautifully fits.

Cosmic Fall. This level is fast, unique, and has an awosome techno music. Plus any stage that goes real fast, and gives a ton of tension is real good.

Mad Matrix. This level just says speed, coolness, and fun! Blowing up bombs, stealing data, solving color puzzels, and a nice themes for the stage plus having Espio as a partner is cool.


The Doom-Kinda too hard for my taste and a bit tedious if you don't know what to do.

Lost Impact-Same reasons for The Doom
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zonic the hedgehog

Steve said:
Worst level was the level in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle where you play as Rouge and have to get 3 Chaos emerald shards or something in 5 minutes. SO ridiculous....

Whatchu talkin' bout', boy? ;P

That level can actually be beaten rather easily. You don't even need to hit the switches! All you've gotten do to open the safes up easily is do a spiral kick next to them.

Wes said:
Mad Matrix. This level just says speed, coolness, and fun! Blowing up bombs, stealing dtaa, solving color puzzelses, and a nice themes for the stage plus having Esp[ioas a partner is cool.

I agree about Espio. Not just because he's one of the coolest characters, but because he's the only character (besides Sonic) that actually attacks the damn enemies. Other partners will just stand there and wait to be hit. XP


Iblis Wings
Actually Tails attacked along with Amy...they're just not as good as Espio and sonic but whatever continue guys with your best and worse levels.

Another new best level for shadow.

Air Fleet-It's hard and the missions are some of the best! In the dark mission you can actually kill the President! Now that is something you don't see everyday from Sonic Team!
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Eternally hating D/P

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
=Stone Tower Temple
Excellent puzzles, high difficulty, excellent music, like it.

=Final Dungeon
Tough as nails and really fun despite being uber-short. Need all masks to clear it entirely. You can do any of it's four sections in any order. By the way, Majora's Mask is one of the few games where you don't need to go throught the entire final dungeon to get to the last boss ; if you're feeling lazy, you can skip it all and go straight to the last boss.

=Great Bay Temple
Am I the only one who found the puzzles there to be fun? Feature one of the game's hardest mini-bosses also. Liked the high-tech theme for the level as well as the music here.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
=Forest Temple
Difficult puzzles, interesting boss, good music and graphics, good ambiance. A winner we have here.

Pokemon 1 (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)
=Pokemon Mansion
An interesting maze. Contains lots of background story pieces about the game's ultimate Pokemon. Too bad that they pump the tension up for the encounter with that same Pokemon in the late parts of the game... and makes the game ends when you become the champion, leaving that ultimate big bad Pokemon become little more than a side-quest (unstead of him being the actual last boss as it should have been... altought that same Pokemon did end up becoming the serie's official villain and the last boss of most 3D games despite being missing in all 2D games, plot-wise).

Super Mario Sunshine
=Hotel Shine #1: Manta Ray Boss
This game is bashed too much. Anyway... Super Mario Sunshine is no cakewalk, especially compared to past Mario games, and it's never more apparent than in this level ; the Manta Ray is one of the hardest bosses in a platform game ever for a reason.

=All Retro stages
Good music and interesting graphics as well as skull-crushing difficulty here. A winner in my book.

Paper Mario 2
=Chapter 3
Everyone likes this chapter for some reason... and for an even stranger reason, I'm one of those people who like it. The first challenging chapter of the game... and not the last, far from it!

=Chapter 8
The final dungeon is long, hard, and features some very interesting puzzles (especially in the second part, the Riddle Tower). The game's final battle is an insanely difficult 5 phases-long marathon against three different bosses with only a single opportunity to heal between phase 2 and 3. The difficulty of the game's final battle is refreshing after the disappointment that are most final bosses in recent RPG games.

Super Smash Brothers Melee
=All of Adventure mode
From the 3D remakes of Mushroom Kingdom and the Eternal Glacier to the heated boss fights as well as featuring one of the most fiendish and impressive final boss in a video game, SSBM's Adventure mode is pure bliss... too bad the story isn't really there.

Doom 64
The proof that big things sometimes come in small packages. You think that you are THE Doom master? This level shall prove you otherwise in a brutal and humiliating way as you get 0wn3d by it's clever traps for the 60213th time. Attempts to force you to use your brain like in Barrel-o-fun from Doom 2 and unlike the later, actually succeeds while still being fun and not dependant on luck (altought you will probably need lots of luck to get throught it).

Super Mario Brothers: Lost Levels
=World 9-3
The real, actual final stage which you can access only if you never used warp zones during the entire game. This level is extremely ominous, having no background in the SNES version and being strangely built, with no puzzles and enemies... The final Bowser fight is a strange one... I won't spoil it but know that due to a certain pattern in the boss's movements, fireballs won't help you nearly as much as it did with other versions of Bowser. All in all, one of my favorite stages.


=Pretty much the entire single-player game
Same room repeated 4000 times with the same enemies in. Enemy AI or not, the repetition is brain-crunching. A lack of a decent end boss (I do not count the "final fight" in the engine room of the ship as a boss fight) and a frustrating, poorly-designed final escape are one of the worst offenders in this game. Play in multiplayer or else.

Kirby: Canvas Curse
=World of Drawcia
The final level in most Kirby games is always short and is nothing more than a preparation screen of sorts for the final boss. Canvas Curse's final stage is very bad unfortunately. It's too long to count as a preparation screen of sorts and too short to pose any real challenge. Furthermore, it's boring to look at. The only good side is the music here, which is ominous and in the mood... but that's not a saving grace... far from it. It only makes me cringe thinking that this level should have been much more. At least, the final confrontation with Drawcia and 02 at the end of the level are worth the torture of playing throught this...

Pokemon 1 (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)
=Rock Tunnel
I despise this dungeon with a passion. The difficulty level here is just wrong ; either the wild Pokemon and trainers totally destroy you the second you step in, either you breeze throught the dungeon... but breezing is not the right word since this dungeon is painfully long.

=Saffron City Gym
Teleportation puzzles... I need to say anything else?

Megaman Battle Network 2
=WWW Area
Protecto are the most frustrating enemies ever to grace a game... except maybe Game Guy from Mario Party 3. This tells A LOT about this level...

Doom 2
Imp spots you, Imp fires fireball, boom goes the player. Need I say more? Should have been a lesson of discretion for those dumb "finger stuck on rapid fire button" players... and turns out as a test of luck.

=Icon of Sin
Ominous music and starting place... but once you get in there and meet the boss, it comes off as a joke. Once you clear the arena of the billions of foes awaiting you, the boss actually comes off as even more of a lamer than the Spider Mastermind from the first game. Too bad. The extra final boss which you access using the wall clipping cheat is a lamer too.

=Beaver Fall stages
A bad game... but poor level design reach it's climax in those awful, awful stages.

Pokemon Stadium
=Prime Cup Tournament (Round 2)
Both Pokemon Stadiums have a very good Gym Leader Castle game modes and have a tough as nails final boss (Mewtwo)... but both also feature a horrendously cheap Stadium mode. While Pokemon Stadium 2's Stadium mode is bearable in the way that only one of the Tournaments (the Poke Cup) is really a chore, Stadium features three out of four... and among those three tortures, the second round Prime Cup takes the cake for worst offender. When you run into a Chansey that can beat up both your carefully trained Mewtwo and Mew all by itself, you know that there are problems here. This isn't a case of using Walls, Sweepers, and Spikes incorrectly ; face it, the computer in Pokemon Stadium cheats to such a point that it's not funny (Surfing Raichu anyone? Ground Pokemon using Thunderbolt anyone?).

Well, that's all for now...


More good levels:

Sky Chase in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Really unique. You are on top of a plane, dodging and detroying every enemy in your way.

Secret Bonus Level in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Many fun things to do there, but you'll need to obtain every gem and every egg to get there. You can find this superflame/fly powerup here and fly around, shooting fireballs at UFOs. Snowboard in a race track, shooting stuff at your opponents, and fight the Sorceress while driving UFOs. Best PS1 level ever out of many other good ones.

Tampa in Tony Hawk's Underground. Big level and the perfect place for a battlefield. You can climb up to a roof of these huge two buildings.

Abandoned Ship in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. A really fun place to explore without fear of running into annoying wild Pokemon.

Goldenrod City in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal-Really fun place to be in. Many places in it to see.

Great Bay Shore in Zelda: Majora's Mask I love to turn into a Zora and go high speed underwater.

Bird's Peak Rock in Zelda: Wind Waker You can use a Hyoi Pear to lure one of the seagulls and control them. Now you can fly as much as you want until you decided to quit or get hit by one of seven of those huge birds chasing you. LOL.


Mush! Mush!
HP PoA -
Buckbeak Challenge L5 - That took me heaps goes to do.
Any that involve Imps or Gremlins or whatever they are - I hate those things.
The one where you had to save Ron from Shrieking Shack - Stupid Charmed Skeletons.