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Bestest Bike?

What was your faveourite bike of the pokemon games you played? Why do you think this? It it because you liked the gear change? The hopping? Or the easy maneuverability?

What do you think is the best bike overall?

Example- My favorite is the bike of Hoenn because you can go fast, and hop about like mad too



Gamer Extrodinare
Bestest? Don't you mean best?

And I believe the Acro Bike is fun too.

Also, which Hoenn bike is your favorite? They have 2.


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I really loved the acro bike, hopping was fun. But I also liked the gear change in Sinnoh.

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
I very rarely use the bike but both Kanto and Johto had the best bike music.

Sinnoh bike was the best with the gear change and Unova was the worse with it's poor control.

Hoenn is somewhere in the middle.


Castform Fanatic
Mach Bike,I think it runs faster than others.Good for sliding mud and broken floors especially the ones in Sky Pillar.I missed these ideas in Generation 3.


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Acro Bike from Hoenn because wheelies are always awesome and it's not like you could just stay with one bike in order to unlock everything. I hope they bring back the Mach/Acro swap mechanic in Gen VI.


Lorelei's Apprentice
My favorite bikes were from 4th gen.

My least favorite bike was the one in BW. I had soooooooo much trouble with the bike in BW because it was hard to move just one space and I couldn't get through doors because I kept passing it which was really, really annoying -______- I had to actually take the time to get off my bike in order to go through doors....This was also the game where I used the bike the least. (Which was also really annoying because I had to hold B to run unlike HGSS)

in 4th gen DPPt and HGSS, the bike wasn't immediately fast and accelerated so it was much easier to move just one space.

As for usage, 1=2=3=4>>>>>>>>>>>>>5

Best music in my opinion 4>1>5>2>3.
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I actually think the movement on the 5th gen bike is wonky but it's all about that mach bike.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I haven't messed around with all the bikes (like with B/W, I did a little in Pearl), so with the ones I do like, it's Hoenn's Acro Bike. That was a fun one to have. Though if we go with the bicycle theme, it has to be G/S/C's theme.

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
Mach Bike,I think it runs faster than others.Good for sliding mud and broken floors especially the ones in Sky Pillar.I missed these ideas in Generation 3.

It's the same speed as the Sinnoh bike in second gear.


Hoenn for the music and the swappability - Hop like mad or zoom.


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I like the one in D/P/Pt! It has two gears, I use the first gear when I'm riding in a city or town, and use the second gear for everything else.

lol. I remember once I was riding my bike irl and tried going over this HUGE hill. Switching to the lower gears only makes it harder so use the first three gears!


I liked the Sinnoh bike the most. Since I actually enjoy biking in real life, the gear changing feature was something I could really appreciate due to its realism. Conversely, the Sinnoh bike music is my least favorite. I think if I were to rank the bike themes, it'd go 2 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 4.

The Unova bike was my least favorite. It's much too fast.

Silver Bolt

Undying flames
I really liked the Acro and Mach Bike. It was pretty fun just hoping around or going really fast. And that music was my favorite bike theme.

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Hoenn took a really unique take on the concept of bikes in the games. Having said that, I like the Acro and Mach Bikes the best.
Plus, the mechanics they introduced (and never really brought back) in those games were great, too. Really made me love using the bike in those games.

The Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova bikes are all the same for me. Sinnoh's bike has gear changes, yeah, but I didn't really use it often.