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Bestest Bike?


Now on vinyl
3rd gen's Acro Bike, for sure. Gotta love those wheelies!

In terms of music, 2nd gen and 3rd gen


Gangrenous Creature
I liked the Mach Bike. XD I used to like the Acro...but I prefer speed over stunts because I normally use my bike for hatching eggs. :3

As for the bestest jk song it'd be GSC def. xD Though I like BW's a lot as well.


Well-Known Member
Definitely the sinnoh bike. It had almost everything that the hoenn bikes had without having to fly back to mauville every time you wanted to change speeds, which was really annoying. I think the hoenn bikes were the worst just because of that.
Laughing at those who thought I didn't mean to put bestest there. Didn't think about putting the music in but i was indifferent anyway :D