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beta movie trailers


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When watching these trailers compared to the final trailers it really amazes me how none of the scenes from the beta trailer ever make it in. In the 2nd one it makes lawrence look more evil and the third one made it look like it was going to be about mewtwo and not the unkown. Why do you think they make these trailers only to not use them later?


Its called marketing. Use really spiffy scenes that make no chance to be in just so you can build up hype.

Jesse GS the II

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The trailer for Myuutwo's Counterattack is one of the biggest mind****s in Pokémon history. You know, the one that depicts an adult Kasumi and the blue-haired marina lady sitting on a hillside with a little girl and Satoshi's Pikachu spotting Pokémon silhouettes in the clouds... I honestly have no idea what that was all about.

Blackjack Gabbiani

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I have a slight idea about what was going on with the movie 2 preview. The rumors back then were that the villian was going to be a mad scientist. When the movie came out and he was an art collector, it was dismissed as bullcrap, but then a production sketch got translated and it said he had "frightening scientific knowledge"...so it might have been true at one point.

The people on WareWaCollector (link in my sig) have theorized that maybe Zero is what Jirarudan was originally supposed to be like.