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Better sprites in R/B than Yellow


Dragonite, Fearow, Nidoking/queen, Dugtrio, Dodrio, and Mewtwo. They all looked so fierce in R/B.


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Personally, I didn't like Mewtwo's sprite in R/B, its lanky arms just didn't appeal to me. But I do think Nidorino had its best sprite in R/B. Although Nidoran (male) did have the eyes that most other Pokes had that just turned me off. Although Nidoking looked so fierce in R/B compared to Yellow. Rhydon had a similar pose in Yellow that just doesn't look menacing, but in R/B that sprite of him just walking up to you with the look on his face was really intimidating.


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I prefer Mewtwo's Red/Blue sprite way more than Yellow. Although, I must say I did like Arcanine's Yellow sprite better.
love how charmeleon looked like a cow from behind i have to agree with the dragoinite sprite and same with gengar b4 it was like nightmare causing


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The sprites are what really put me off the 1st generation games. But personally I think in general that the Yellow sprites are better then the R/B/E ones.


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I liked Arbok's spirit the most in R/B.