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Bibarel Gnaws Best! (525)


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Bibarel for the 1st, man they were really laid back Pokemon... Bibarel really resembles a beaver very well compared to its pre-evolved form. It was cool to see Croagunk save Brock from falling to his doom. It was hilarious to see Machamp carrying 3 rocks, and the gang's Pokemon struggling with one, but Happiny made carrying 10 rocks look effortless and easy. Bibarel looked cool in its special headband.



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I Just Watch This Episode and loved it
But The Only Bad Thing About It Is The Master comming back



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I thought this was an OK episode. I like this episode's Character Of The Day Isis, she was kinda cute. Brock, as usual fell in love with her. It was funny to see Brock almost falling off of the bridge, but Croagunk saved him as always. Later They met a Bibarel, who was hard worker before.....but now he dosen't want work that much. Brock tries to get Bibarel back to work by feeding it some food, but it dosen't work and goes back to sleep again. It's was surprising when COTD Isis revealed that she's a professional Pokémon breeder, I wasn't expecting anthoer breeder in this episode. So Ash and the others tries to help out the stone cutting work with their Pokemon.
Team Rocket made another attempt at stealing Pokémon, but this time they wanted Machoke and Bibarel which was a good change from their countless attempts of stealing Pikachu or Piplup. But their plan backfired and they got blasted off by Bibarel and Pikachu.
The rest of episode felt........boring, but I'm glad Ash, Dawn and Brock got headbands for their help with the stone cutting work.
Funny how Brock can spot an attractive woman from like a mile away. :)


This lazy Bibarel was a redux of the lazy Mr. Mime from Kanto except slightly cooler due to its headband. I liked the animation. 6/10

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I normally find Bibarel boring, but the one here was cool when it defeated the construction agent's pokemon hee hee. I liked seeing the group's pokemon help with the stone cutting as well and how they got those sashes in the end.
Eh, decent filler I guess. I liked to see Bibarel's debut and the builder guy was weird and the Fighting-type Pokemon didn't seem to be well-trained. But the re-appearance of Aggron was certainly welcome.


I was glad that we saw Takeshi use some of his Pokemon Breeder knowledge, such as when he made food for the Goriky and Kairiky at the bridge construction site, and for Isis's Beadull. The fact that Beadull was a stonecutter was amazing, and I chuckled when we saw Usokkie, Naetle, and the others cut blocks even though they were the wrong size.


It was funny when Bibarel ate Brock's food and then went back to relaxing. Sudowoodo was awesome and it's those moments that make me realize how awesome DP would be with more Sudowoodo.


As simple as I found Beadull's design to be when I was a kid playing Diamond version for the first time, I now find it spiffy. So I kind of wish that the Beadull seen here had been wild and that Takeshi had captured it.


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So the bridge that they were building was flawed by design and Bibarel knew this and that's why it stopped working on the bridge. Pretty good plot. Team Rocket was the usual cannon fodder in this episode.