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Big Brother 1 - You're in the House!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by pikalax, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Non-players, you have an opportunity to make your voice heard inside the Big Brother house! Simply watch this thread to see when there is a poll, then vote in the poll and watch your voice be heard inside the Big Brother house. Players may not participate. Neither may the host.

    HoH II to begin Monday 2/28 8:00 PM EST

    **NOTE: Dollar amounts are for RP use only; they will not be given to you in the real world. There is a 1:1 exchange rate between Big Brother Bucks and any other currency used in the RP Forum, and a 1:0 exchange rate with any real currency.**
    This game was rejected from the GAMES section because it's too much of an RPG.

    Fourteen Pokemon will walk into a house with their sights set on a $500,000 prize. But only one will emerge victorious; the others will just emerge. Each week, the contestants must fight for food, luxuries, and most importantly, power. Who will win the Big Brother competition? This is...

    So here's how it will work. Each week, there will be three competitions: the Head of Household, the Power of Veto, and the Have/Have-Not. The competitions will be based on skill, strength, or speed. Here's what's at stake in each competition:

    Head of Household (HoH)
    The winner of this competition will be crowned the HoH for the week. Free from the threat of eviction, the HoH must put two house guests on the chopping block. At the end of the week, the other house guests will vote to evict one of these two. Only in the event of a tie may the HoH vote.

    This season's twist!
    There will be two Heads of Household each week. Each HoH will nominate only one other player for eviction. In the event of a tie, the evictee will be chosen by my random draw; neither HoH may vote.

    Power of Veto (PoV)
    The winner of this competition will be given the Golden Power of Veto. This enables the holder to veto one of the two nominations including themselves for that week only. If the Power of Veto is used, the HoH must choose a replacement nominee.

    Have/Have-Not (H/HN)
    This is just a fun competition to make life inside the house more difficult for some players. The losers of this competition will become the Have-Nots for the week. They will be forced to eat slop, take cold showers, and sleep in the Have-Not bedroom, the single most foul and disgusting room in the entire house. Do try to win.

    At the end of the week, the house guests will PM me their vote on who to evict. Neither nominee may vote, and the HoH may only vote in the event of a tie. Other than that, all remaining players MUST vote. The person with the majority vote will be evicted.

    The Jury
    Ultimately, the winner is decided by the Jury. This will consist of the last seven players to get evicted from the game. When we get down to the final two, the Jury will vote for who they want to win via PM to me.

    The Saboteur
    All but one of you are here to win the $500,000 grand prize. One of you will be playing a different game - the mysterious and elusive Saboteur. The Saboteur's job is to create as much chaos as possible by performing three acts of sabotage each week. Strike when least expected, and leave confusing messages. If you make it to the halfway point, you will be awarded $50,000. However, if you get evicted before then, you lose everything, and your identity will be revealed to the remaining house guests.

    Pandora's Box
    Every now and then, the HoH will be tempted with Pandora's Box. This box tempts you with a prize, but beware - for every reward, there are consequences. Opening Pandora's Box can release something bad for you, your house guests, or the entire house.

    Other Perks
    There will sometimes be bonus items offered through events such as Pandora's Box. Use them wisely.

    The Diary Room
    Each week, you must express your thoughts about the events in the thread. These thoughts must be expressed in italics. Anything in italics will be disregarded in the roleplay as it is said in the privacy of the Diary Room. In the show, this room is used for the characters to discuss their private thoughts to the host. These thoughts are shown only to the audience.

    Great, so how do I sign up?
    Simply post the following form in this thread:
    1. Name:
    2. Gender:
    3. Species (up through GenV):
    4. Stats (integers adding up to 100):
      • Speed
      • Strength
      • Skill
    5. Tell me a little about yourself. What kind of player are you?:
    6. What would you do with half a million dollars?:
    7. Give a quick bio about your character. (5 sentence minimum):

    All posters must be active in the game thread from the start of the first week through their own eviction. No exceptions.
    All challenges must be completed in a timely fashion. When I announce a competition, make sure you're online for it within 24 hours of its scheduled start time.
    From time to time, I will PM you a script. You must then post it in the thread, making any changes that are necessary as indicated by me.
    Once you are evicted, you have two hours to post your farewells, and then your character must exit the Big Brother House. You may not post there again unless asked otherwise by me.
    All Forum Rules apply. That means no SPAM, no double-posting, and no flaming.
    All RPG Forum Rules apply. That means no one-liners allowed.
    The first two offenses will be warnings. At the third offense, I will send the landlord in to take you out, and you will be excluded from the jury.

    Username: Name/Gender/Species. Spd/Str/Skl
    01. FireTypeLover: Burner the male Magmortar. 11/79/10 ***Evicted Week 1*** {Jury}
    02. crazysteve1001: Vapor the male Vaporeon. 30/25/45 *EXPELLED WEEK 1*
    03. Luxrayess: Jay Tanaka the male Mienshao. 27/04/69 *EXPELLED WEEK 1*
    04. moviezackiel: Z the male Infernape. 33/33/34
    05. voidhawk: Switch the male Weavile. 45/20/35 *RESIGNED WEEK 2*
    06. Epwna is a Sceptile: Shore the male Salamence. 35/35/30 *EXPELLED WEEK 1*
    07. GloomintheMasterBall: Mimi the female Shiny Illumise. 22/5/73 *EXPELLED WEEK 1*
    08. Kissmygrass96: Scept Guadalupe the female Sceptile. 72/11/17
    09. *Jean Grey*: Celeste the female Houndoom. 10/10/80
    10. AlexG123: Saaphyri the female Blaziken. 30/35/35 *EXPELLED WEEK 1*
    11. Devastator2000: Inspector the female (?) Buizel. 40/10/50
    12. MugoUrth: Dennis the male Grumpig. 30/25/45
    13. Kissmygrass96: Clay Terracotta the male Rhyperior. 32/60/18
    14. moviezackiel: K the male Charizard. 45/45/10

    Week 1

    The fourteen HouseGuests are lined up outside the Big Brother house. This is the first time they've met each other. They are not allowed to talk to one another until they are inside the Big Brother House. Let's speak with them now.

    "Hello, HouseGuests. In just a few moments, I will send you all into the Big Brother House. You will each choose a bed, and that will be your bed for the week, so move quickly and choose wisely. Please enter the Big Brother House now."

    Inside the Big Brother House we have:
    3 King-sized beds
    4 Twin-sized beds
    4 Pint-sized beds

    We also have two other bedrooms in the house but we'll get to those later.

    The first Head of Household competition will begin place Friday, December 10, 2010. See you then.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  2. Luxrayess

    Luxrayess Sound(?) asleep...

    A short, slim, mustelid figure stepped inside the old house. His black business coat looked meticulously prepped today, and he carried a messenger-style laptop case slung around his side. A Blue-Tooth apparatus also was placed on the fighter-ferret’s left ear. The Kojondo wasn’t exactly equipped with fine-tones muscles, nor did his violet fur have the healthiest sheen. But his eyes shone brilliantly, hinting at his wit, shrewdness and intelligence.

    This was Jay Tanaka.

    Jay reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his precious 8GB PokiPhone. He skimmed through his apps and activated one entitled “Wi-Fi Search 2.0”

    “This place had better have free internet access. My work depends on it, after all.”


    Jay’s phone suddenly rang. The Caller ID identified the caller as his friend, Kale. He accepted the call, slipped his phone back into his pocket, and began to rant on his Blue Tooth. The hallways echoed as his voice rudely broke the silence.

    “<’Sup, Kale? …Yeah, that’s right. Five-hundred thousand. …What do you mean ‘there must be some catch!?’ Winning this thing should be a piece of Poffin. …Yeah, just searching for a bedroom with good Wi-Fi. I’m getting some signals, but it’s rather weak. …Shoot! The Master suites aren’t any good! They have the best beds, too! …No, Kale, I’m not gonna do all of my web surfing from my PokiPhone. You try writing documents on a little touch-screen! …Yes, I do wish I had a PokiPad right now. But when I win this little game, I won’t have to worry about money any—hold on! I’ve got strong Wi-Fi signals coming from this room! Talk to ya’ later. …Bye.>”

    Jay opened up the door and inspected the room. The room was small, and the bed’s size was fit for a child. Luckily, Jay was pretty short for a Kojondo. He figured he could still get a decent night’s sleep if he scrunched up his knees and slept in a fetal position. This room had good Wi-Fi, and that was all that mattered.

    Jay slipped off his bag and coat, sat on the bed, and opened up laptop in order to update his firewalls.

    Jay Tanaka has chosen a Pint-sized bed.
  3. crazysteve1001

    crazysteve1001 How can you hate it?


    Back in Phoenix Arizona, he recieves a regular sized envelope and a large envelope. In the regular envelope had a letter saying he made it to big brother, in the large one had his key he will be wearing in the house.

    Vaporeon's lined up outside the big brother house along with thirteen other pokemon he's never seen before. He sees people he knows will be hard to beat and some he knows will be easy pawns to form an alliance. As the doors open he belines towards the best rooms. He seems to be the first to claim a king size bed. I'm so psyked to win this game he says to himself hoping no one over heard him.


    Sorry im not really good at role playing i hope this doesnt affect my chance to win.
  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant


    Celeste smirked as she stood outside the Big Brother House, surveying her thirteen other housemates. "This is it, my breakout." She thought to herself, stroking the Sableye eyeball-studded collar she designed for herself. She eyed her housemates, taking note of those she knew she wouldn't like before she made her way into the Big Brother House.

    Scarlet. Deep scarlet was the color of bed Celeste so much desired. She made her way towards a big, grand door and placed her paw on the handle. "Please let there be some nice beds...." She murmured to herself as she pushed the door open. Three king-sized beds stood before her, one of them, of the deepest sea-blue, occupied by a particularly good-looking Vaporeon who was sleeping peacefully. She shifted her gaze towards the bed in the middle, which was a deep scarlet, placed her luggage beside it, and instantly leapt on it. "Perfect, just perfect." She thought to herself, smiling as she had claimed the second king-sized bed.

  5. voidhawk

    voidhawk Blergh!


    Switch stood lined up with the other contestants outside the Big Brother House. "some of these chumps sure do look strange. They aren't from around here, are they?"

    As the house was opened, most of the contestants scrambled to find the best room. two of the king-size beds were claimed almost instantly (both the blue and red ones) leaving only the last, bright yellow bed. "no way am i sleeping in a bed with a jolteon motif..."

    As other contestants rushed past him, trying to find the best rooms, Switch turned into the nearest room. "Perfect!" The room was a deep blue-black colour with a twin-sized bed, the violet covers matching Switch's own colours nicely. "Yes. This will do nicely!"

    Jumping up onto the bed and lying down, Switch closed his eyes, taking delight as he listened to the sounds of arguments breaking out over the last King-sized bed. "Pathetic..."

    [OoC] Switch has claimed a twin sized bed in the "dark-type room"
  6. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    I must remind all HouseGuests that there is no Internet access, and the use of cell phones, PDAs, or other communication devices is strictly prohibited while inside the house as per the rules of Big Brother. The point is, you're COMPLETELY cut off from the outside world.

    The first pint-sized bed has been claimed!

    All three of the king-sized beds have been claimed by at least one Pokemon! Remember, these beds are big enough for TWO HOUSEGUESTS!!
  7. GloomintheMasterBall

    GloomintheMasterBall Dungeon Explorer

    Mimi walked up to the Big Brother House and saw some of the contestants already chosen their beds. "So I got to get the bed that's fit me well."

    Mimi knew she was picking the right one, the pint sized bed since she was a bit more than small enough to fit in this bed so she put a red sheets and pillows with a oriented patten that has a proud Gyarados on it. So she put it on there. "Perfect this the way I love it!"

    She saw some other contestants fighting over three king sized beds so she didn't mind since she's just needed a bed to fit her and the pint sized happens to be the one.
    Mimi has claimed the second pint-sized bed.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  8. Luxrayess

    Luxrayess Sound(?) asleep...

    Dang. Oh, well. Nothing I can't handle. I hope you don't mind that I do a second post to tweak my story. Jay will still be residing in his dinky little bed.


    Jay finished his software updates and was ready to check his e-mail. Alas, when he tried to use his internet browser, he got this message:

    Mozilla Vulpix cannot connect to the internet. There may be a problem with your connection. Please try again later.

    >>>Click here for troubleshooting help.

    Jay pressed the refresh button several times, but to no avail. He muttered some curses under his breath. The Wi-Fi was working just fine a minute ago... He pulled out his PokiPhone and used his Wi-Fi search app again. The Wi-Fi signal was gone completely. Maybe he could use the internet from his phone? Alas, he noticed there were no signal bars on his phone either. He peered outside through his bedroom window, and saw that the nearby cell phone tower had mysteriously toppled over.

    "That explains why my phone is not working... but where is my internet?"

    He opened up the door and stepped into the hall. He noticed a note had been taped on his room's door handle outside. The kimono-ferret read the note:

    Dear Mr. Tanaka,
    I seem to have forgotten to inform you of the rule of
    'no electronic communication with the outside world
    during the game'. As such, I have deactivated my
    wireless internet devices that were previously running
    in my house.

    Also, a giant Salamence has just accidentally annihilated
    the local cell phone tower. I've called for maintenance,
    but their schedule is booked for at least two months or so.
    As of now, cellular phones under AP&T's plan will not work
    around here.

    Sorry in advance for any inconveniences this may give you.

    The Land Lord

    Jay wanted to scream. No phone calls? No internet?? He banged his head against the wall in frustration. Maybe he should have chosen one of the king-sized beds. He looked inside the rooms and saw that all three of them were occupied. They each had room for one more guest, but Jay declined the possibility. If he was going to win, he needed to plot in the privacy of a single bedroom. He sulked back into his room. He was thankful at least the electricity still worked. The no-internet factor aside, his laptop was viable for use. And his app-filled PokiPhone could still work like a PokiTouch...

    He began to search around the room for a place to stash his tech-toys... where no thief could find them...
  9. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Thanks to Luxrayess for pointing out that I made a mistake. The following beds are still available:

    1/2 of two King-sized beds and the whole (2 Pokemon) of the third King-sized bed
    3 Twin-sized beds
    2 Pint-sized beds
  10. Epwna is a Sceptile

    Epwna is a Sceptile The epic turnip king

    {OC} I'll take one of the twinn beds. And ladies and gentlemen, my first RP:

    [IC] Shore walked into the house, excited. "I can't wait to show Trael the house!" He exclamed. A lot of people didn't know this, but Trael has always been sort of sh. He HATED admiting it.
    He saw a Kojondo who looked frustrated. " Umm, a-h--hey, can I use that computer? I need to IM my brother" Shore said timourously. "Sorry, no access" the Kojondo said. "O-okay" Shore said.
    No communication! He can't talk to his family, the only people who liked him. He lied in his application about having a lot of friends. He sadly stared out the window onto the frost-covered ground. It was a soft gray, influenced slightly by the earth beneath. It was like someone dipped a paintbrush and painted a waistland of shimmerind white, leaving it barely translucent.
  11. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Hello everyone.


    Scept and Clay stood next to each other in the line to get in the house. Clay looked around and saw a fw people to avoid, but most looked trustworthy. Scept thought mostly the same thing until she saw a salamence. He looked so much like her brother it reminded her she would have to spend so much time away from her family.

    Finally, they weretold to go in and find a bed. As the two of them wandered through the hall they saw some contestants walk through an extravagant pair of doors. Scept dragged Clay through the door and nearly fainted when she got inside. The room was huge with three large beds on it. One red, with mightyena laying on it. The second was blue with a vaporeon on it. And the last was a yellow.

    Clay went to the yellow one and started talking to Scept. "Hey, Scept mirada. Una cama king-size. Es lo suficientemente grande para dos personas. ¿Quieres estar juntos como los viejos tiempos. ¿Recuerdas cuando éramos niños y que pasaría la noche en mi casa?" {Hey, Scept look. A king-sized bed. It's big enough for two people. Want to stay together like old time. Remember when we were kids and you would spend the night at my house?}

    "Claro. Apuesto a que este será grande, al igual que en los viejos tiempos. Ahora, le motivos me disculpan, tengo que ir a hablar con alguien." {Sure. I bet this will be great, just like old times. Now, if yu will excuse me, I have to go talk to someone.} Scept replied. She dropped her stuff off at the bed side and went out the door. She just had to find that salamence.

    After about a few minutes of looking of looking, she found him staring out of a window. "Hola!" She greeted cheerfuly to the dragon. "Mi nombre es Scept. ¿Cuál es el tuyo?"{Hello! My name is Scept. What is yours?}

    Anything in {}'s is a translation. Only characters that can speak spanish will be able to understand it. Also, remember for if you want to talk to one of them, Clay speaks english and spanish but Scept can only speak spanish.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  12. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    [IC] Outside the Big brother house stood yet another competitor named Denice. Denice had nothing with him but a book, a back-pack, and a pair of glasses. Frankly, Denice was kind of nervous about entering the house. He didn't know what the others would be liked. But Denice didn't have time to sit outside, he needed to go inside. Like everyone else, the first order of business was to find a bed, and it was his turn to choose. Being a Grumpig, he was relatively large so he decided to pick a Twin-Sized Bed. As he chose his bed, he decided to take off his backpack and lie down and daydream. ...But he could barely hear his own thoughts over the sound of someone banging their head against the wall. That got him thinking whether he would enjoy his stay or not. Since he couldn't daydream with so much noise, he tried reading to see if that would be easier. He picked up the book that was next to his back-pack and started to read, with nothing else to do.
  13. FireTypeLover

    FireTypeLover Mr. Soul Stealer

    Again, since I was accepted with no remark, I'll assume I'm allowed to talk to Burner and give him advice. My words are in BOLD.Also, if possible, no one else can hear my remarks to Burner. Like his conscience or something.

    Burner gazed at the house and then at the thirteen other people.

    "Hello, HouseGuests. In just a few moments, I will send you all into the Big Brother House. You will each choose a bed, and that will be your bed for the week, so move quickly and choose wisely. Please enter the Big Brother House now."

    From his invitation he had obtained a few days ago, there was quite a few different beds.

    "I'm claiming an empty king-sized bed!", Burner yelled. A Kojondo glared at him. "Hey, are there cameras in here! Hello, world!"

    The Kojondo sighed and walked away, frustrated with Burner's remarks. As was I.


    Burner ignored me completely and continued yelling about how he would win. He entered the house and jumped into a free king-sized bed.

    "A bed fit for a king like me!", Burner yelled happily.

    As you can see, I have chosen a King-sized bed.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  14. Luxrayess

    Luxrayess Sound(?) asleep...

    I think you can get dibs on a king-size, FTL, but you'll either have to be sharing it with either Vapor the Vaporeon or Celeste the Houndoom.

    Jay put away his laptop and went back into the hallway to do some more people-watching. From the multi-plex master suite, he heard the boorish Magmotar triumphantly announcing, "<A bed fit for a king like me!>"

    The kimono-ferret peered inside the suite and saw the over-sized fire-oni happily flopping on the scarlet bed on his back. The seductress Houndoom, who claimed the bed earlier, was pinned underneath him, squirming and screaming in protest. Jay smiled smugly.

    "What a perfect couple."

    He went further down the hall and saw a Sceptile trying to converse with the Salamence he had encountered earlier. In Spanish.

    Jay pulled out his PokiPhone and browsed through his apps in search of a translation program. There was a calculator app... a currency conversion app... lots of mini-games... but no translation app. Curses!

    Jay wished more than ever he had his Wi-Fi back.
  15. Epwna is a Sceptile

    Epwna is a Sceptile The epic turnip king

    [IC] "Umm, hi?" Shore said. This Sceptile was crazy. But it reminded him of his only friend as a kid, Tilio. He walked back over the Kojondo. "H-Hi, I just want to know what your name is. I want at least one person to be my friend. See, my only friend back home got murdered by a wailmer. Yeah, apparently he was bludgeoned by a rubber duck or something like that.Oh yeah, back to your name, what is it?"
  16. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    [IC] With all the commotion, Denice could not read either, so he decided to go where all the comotion was and saw a Magmortar on a bed, with a Houndoom underneath. Denice wasn't sure how to handle the situation, so he tried doing it calmly first. "Umm, excuse me," he said to the Magmortar. "You seem to be on top of someone." But that didn't seem to work. He kind of wanted to shove the Magmortar off the bed, but he decided to save that as a last resort. Denice ran back to his backpack, and took out a box of cookies his mom packed him. He went back to the Magmortar, stood right in front of him so he could see the cookie and waved it in his face. After that, he threw the cookie in hopes the Magmortar would go after it.
  17. moviezackiel

    moviezackiel Well-Known Member


    Z was ready for the competition. He and his best friend K decided to come together to the Big Brother house. As he ran into the house he saw a couple of the other contestants. A Vaporeon and Houndoom had already taken two King sized beds. Z looked around at a seemingly frustrated Kojondo muttering something about no internet. He walked around and found a yellow King sized bed. The last one.

    "Z do you want to share the King sized bed with me" K asked.

    Z looked at K like he was crazy. I mean he knew K was trying mean well but sleeping with him would be just weird. They had known each other for forever and it would make Z very uncomfortable. But Z didn't want to hurt K's feelings so he made up an excuse quickly.

    "Nah the color really sucks. I mean who would want to sleep in a bright yellow room."

    "Oh okay then" K said sounding very disappointed.

    Z looked for anything else but he saw a Magmortar running around screaming
    saying he was going to win and then taking the yellow king sized bed. Z immediately didn't like him but he didn't say anything. He saw a nerdy looking Grumpig with a book. Finally he found two twin sized beds right next to each other. One was light green the other one blood red.

    "K I found us some beds" I yelled at him. K walked over and immediately ran into the red one to unpack. I knew red was K's favorite color so he let him have it. Green was actually his favorite color but this is bad for fire types so he just pretended it was red. Only K knew his real favorite.

    He walked into the room and started unpacking getting ready for the competition ahead.

    Z has chosen a twin sized bed.


    K entered the Big Brother house nervously. He and his best friend Z had both entered the competition. K looked and saw a couple of the other competitors who were an annoying Magmortar, a frustrated Kojondo and a nice looking Houndoom. As he wandered around he found a King sized bed. Maybe he and Z could share it. He always wanted to share a bed with Z in it.

    "Z do you want to share the King sized bed with me" K asked.

    Z looked at K weirdly but then said

    "Nah the color really sucks. I mean who would want to sleep in a bright yellow room."

    "Oh okay then" K said sounding very disappointed.

    The truth was K was disappointed. K loved Z more than best friends but he could never tell him. He was always afraid that Z would hate him so he just kept his mouth closed.

    "K I found us some beds" Z shouted at him. k went over and saw a blood red room he instantly ran into it. He loved red so much and it was even his favorite shade. He sat down in it and it was so soft. He then began to unpack.

    K has chosen a twin sized bed.
  18. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    "Umm, hi?" The slalmence said turning away. Scept hung her head shame, she couldn't talk to anyone other than Clay. She continued walking through the house, eventually going back to her romom. When she got there the houndoom from before was lying on the bed, getting a massage from a Magmortar. The Vaporeon was still lying on the bed. She went over to Clay, who was sleeping on the bed, and poked him.

    "What?!" Clay yelled. Scept backed away a step. Clay looked up and immediately apoligized. "Lo sentimos Scept, yo estaba muy cansado y no quiere decir que gritar. De todos modos, ¿qué era tan importante que tenía que despertarme?" {Sorry Scept, I was really tired and didn't mean to yell. Anyway, what was so important you had to wake me up?}

    "Yo quiero que me enseñe a hablar Inglés." She said. {I want you to teach me how to speak english.}

    "¡¿Qué?!" Clay said. "¿Por qué ahora? Usted nunca ha estado interesado en el aprendizaje de Inglés antes." {Why now? You have never been interested in learning english before.}

    "Acabo de hacer." Scept responded. {I just do.}

    "Muy bien. Vamos a empezar entonces." Clay said, cracking his knuckles. {Okay. Let's get started then.}
  19. Luxrayess

    Luxrayess Sound(?) asleep...

    Careful about who Shore makes friends with, Epwna. Jay isn't exactly the nicest person in the world.


    "<Jay,>" the fighter-ferret replied.

    "<Um... you have a last name or something like that... Jay?>" asked the Salamence.


    "<That's Japanese, isn't it?>"

    "<Yes. I have Japanese lineage. Grew up in Unova, however.>"

    "<...Right. Um about that friend thing...>"

    "<Most people don't walk up to random strangers and ask to be friends, you know.>"

    "<Oh, sorry...>" The Salamence turned away sadly.

    Jay suddenly remembered the cell phone tower that had been crushed by a Salamence earlier. He was skeptical this soft-spoken guy was the same dragon who took away his cell phone service, but nonetheless the Salamence had to be stronger than he was. Jay knew he failed miserably at any task that required physical prowess. He called back to the Salamence. "<Hey! You!>"

    The sheepish dragon turned his head and look at Jay again.

    "<I won't guarantee anything to you, but I'll keep you in mind. I'll call--er--see you later if I need anything.>"

    "<Oh, thanks Jay!>" said the dragon. His face had lit up again.

    "Bingo. One sucker to play on my side." Jay suddenly remembered he had forgotten something very important. "<Oh, never caught you name. What is it?>"


    Jay smiled, took Shore's picture, and made a new contact file in his directory.
  20. pikalax

    pikalax I had it coming...

    Hello, HouseGuests. Just so you know, not all of you are in it to win it. There is a Saboteur among you. This crafty character isn't trying to make it to the end, though their victory would still win them the half-million-BB-Buck grand prize. Their job is to wreak as much havoc in the next five weeks as possible. If they make it past the fifth week without being evicted, they will win 50,000 BB Bucks. However, if you manage to evict the Saboteur before that point, they will walk out of the Big Brother House empty-handed. So be on your guard, HouseGuests.

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