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Big Brother Houseguest Face-Off (cooldown 30 Minutes)

Allison (BB CAN2) 6 -
Nicole (BB US18&16) 4
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 10

this isn't the allison from season 4 this is a boring one who was on big brother canada


Silver Soul
Allison (BB CAN2) 6
Nicole (BB US18&16) 3 -
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 10

Eh she was pretty, but yeah she’s no Rodney Long.


non existent straw hat rikachu
Allison (BB CAN2) 5
Nicole (BB US18&16) 2 -
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 10

Wasnt she involved with an epic veto ceremony?
Allison (BB CAN2) 4 -
Nicole (BB US18&16) 2
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 10

i honestly don't remember. i should rewatch that season it was very good


Silver Soul
Allison (BB CAN2) 4
Nicole (BB US18&16) 1 -
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 10
Allison (BB CAN2) 2 -
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 10

What are you talking about, taillow? There are still two houseguests left in this match


Silver Soul
Allison (BB CAN2) 0 -
Rodney Long (BB SPPf3) 9

All hail Rodney Long!
Allison (BB CAN2) eliminated
Nicole (BB US18) eliminated
Rodney Long (BB SPPF 3) advances

Mike Boogie (BB US 2 & 7)
Danielle (BB US 3 & 7)

Janelle (BB US 6, 7 & 14) advancing
Enzo (BB US12) eliminated

Tyler (BB US20)
Jen (BB US8)

Dan (BB US 10&14) eliminated
Paul (BB US 18&19) advancing

Maggie (BB US6)
Britney (BB US 12&14)

Chicken George (BB US 1&7) eliminated
Brett (BB US20) advancing

Vanessa (BB US17)
Howie (BB US6&7)

Derrick (BB US16)
Eric (BB US8)

Jillian (BB CAN1) advancing
James (BB US6&7) eliminated

Jon (BB CAN2)
Jun (BB US4)

Will (BB US2&7)
Jerry (BB US10)

Jason (BB US3)
Ika (BB CAN2&5)

Keesha (BB US10)
Godfrey (BB CAN3)

Talla (BB CAN1)
Memphis (BB US10)

Paras (BB CAN6)
Emmett (BB CAN1)

Maggie (BB US6) 10
Britney (BB US 12&14) 10
Maggie (BB US6) 8
Britney (BB US 12&14) 8 -

Britney is hilarious but Maggie is one of the best players. The way she turned The Sovereign Six against each other was great


Silver Soul
Maggie (BB US6) 7 -
Britney (BB US 12&14) 8