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Big Brother - Season 16


Yay! Derrick won! He was one of the houseguests I was rooting for since the beginning. Though I got a bit nervous around the end since I thought Cody might have had a chance to win.

I'm not really the biggest fan of Donny, but I guess he's worthy of AFV. It kind of irritated me how he played the game the week of his eviction and how he acted bitter in the finale. I mean, I somewhat understand Jocasta (she revealed in a backyard interview that she had a deal with Cody, plus the whole "fake praying" thing had to do with the skit Frankie made and Derrick's impression of her, which I thought was uncalled for).

Either way, I loved watching the season (and seeing Frankie not get into the Top 3)! This was my first season of Big Brother. Here's to many more!


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Derrick deserved to win. Might be the best player to win this game. Jocasta and Donny were awkwardly bitter.

Can we appreciate how Frankie didn't get into the top 3 for favourite player?
The look on is face was priceless. I hate him almost as much as I hate Andy from last season. Probably even more.