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Big Brother SPPF

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Silver Soul
: I knew I made the right call by keeping Swimmerson in till jury. I considered him my greatest threat since day 1, but I also knew that he was a kindred spirit who’d vote for the better player :cool:. To my fellow SSJ members, thank you for voting for me! To the resistance scum who chose to try thwarting me through their bitterness (*imagine the following voice is Rotiart’s*):

With that out of the way let’s begin the SPPF Big Brother after party!


Silver Soul
: Au revoir my fishy friend; may a chorus of Jigglypuff sing thee to thy rest!


Silver Soul
so, since it's done, are signups open again?
I’ll make a new thread for it in a few days. I’m hosting next season!


Leaked footage
Glen: I am free once more! Can’t say the same for the Meloetta. But yeah congratulations!

Jasmine: Huh? I can open a wormhole again! *accidentally opens a wormhole near the other security guards, Glen, Sam, and Janice*


Benson: Ah crap.

And I can only do this once...****.

Glen: Oh come on. I had a life here!!!

Sam: I see a shining blanket of pleasure.

Janice: I can’t ESCAPE. GAH *all get sucked into the Ultra Wormhole*

Rodney Long: Dude get back here. Come on, you three *Rodney, Snack, Sign, and Carpet the newly caught Meloetta follow the rest into the Ultra Wormhole*

Nigel the Raticate: What the hell is all of this noise? I swear I have the worst neighbors *falls into the ultra wormhole as well*

(To be continued in Season 4...)
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