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Biggest 'ouch' moments


i have a wacked sis
once in a baseball game I got hit with a pitch like 60 miles per hour right on my pressure point. I was on the ground crying for like ten minutes.
But then I sucked it up and got to first and eventually scored.

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I was hit by a school bus. Worse part was that it happened when I was an adult and I was crossing in the cross walk after the "walk" light came on. I'm 6'3"...I don't know how he didn't see me. Thankfully he wasn't going fast enough to kill me, but it sure was a surprise getting thrown off my feet.

This didn't happen to me, but it happened to my little brother and exactly how it happened is a mystery to this day. My friend and I were racing around our apartment building on our bikes. Well my little brother came running at us as while we were making a pass. Somehow he was able to launch his leg inside the spokes of my friend's back tire. It broke his leg and launched my friend from his bike. The only way I could possibly explain it is as if my baby brother (he was 4 at the time) was able to perform Liu Kang's Flying Bicycle Kick to my friend's bicycle.

This is another thing that happened to another of my brothers, also at a very young age. When my family finally moved into a house, we had a lot of woods in the back yard. I was doing dishes at the time, but apparently my youngest brother found an arrow in the woods. He apparently also thought it was a good idea to go sledding with it. Needless to say, when he hit the tree at the bottom of the hill, that arrow went straight into his mouth. It pierced the roof of his mouth and was extremely close to piercing his brain.


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me and my four year old cousin were playing tag. I was hiding behind a bush, with my head sticking out so he could catch me and win. Unfortunately, I turned around for a second, and there he was holding a big sharp rock, which he promptly drove into my skull. My skull was fractured. Ow.


Well, one time during the winter me and my brother were going sledding down this huge hill, and somebody had had the genius idea of piling a bunch of snow at the bottom like a ramp, so me and my brother thought it would be fun. I ended up going flying off and landing a little ways away where I slammed my head on some big, sharp rocks sticking out of the snow. >.<

Another time I was riding my bike and I thought it would be fun to go down this rocky hill as fast as I could. I did, and I hit a big rock on the way down and went flying off over my bike and landed on this patch of rocky ground. I actually wasn't hurt much, though, bizarrely.

Note to self: Stop thinking that going as fast as I can down steep slopes will be fun.


hmmm, i had this friend of mine that i like...she is so beautiful, smart and i think she's perfect ;D

when she knew that i liked her, she started talking to me less...and after one week, i saw her holding hands with another male...it's her boyfriend...this really hurts...

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hmmm, i had this friend of mine that i like...she is so beautiful, smart and i think she's perfect ;D

when she knew that i liked her, she started talking to me less...and after one week, i saw her holding hands with another male...it's her boyfriend...this really hurts...

Aw, man, I feel your pain. Every time I start liking a girl, she ends up going out with some d-bag or someone who is way cooler than me...

Now for some painful memories that I don't want to bring back, but I will to solve my boredom...

Once when I was 4, my mom, my sister and I were playing stickball, my sister swung the stick an WHAM! 7 stitches right on the hairline on my forehead...

And once, about three years ago, I was riding around an ATV, I was going a little fast down this hill, added the fact that I can't operate motorized vehicles for my life, a swerved and crashed into some barbed wire and some trees. I actually knocked one tree down. :D
Good thing that my aunt just passed med school earlier than this event, 'cuz I stumbled to the house and my leg was dripping in blood, she just looked, said "Oh," gave me a paper towel and some antibiotic and sent me on my way. The only damage that was done to me was that I had a tree fall on me, and my leg was cut up by the fence, I still have the scar.


Aw, man, I feel your pain. Every time I start liking a girl, she ends up going out with some d-bag or someone who is way cooler than me...

thx and you're right ;_;

ok, another painful moment, now physical pain not emotional pain...

i stepped on a glass fragment, i was barefooted...it didn't hurt at first, i didn't feel anything...but when i saw some "bloody footprints" on the floor, i looked at my right foot and it was full with blood!!!....i washed it on the bathroom and the bleeding didn't stop!!! i wasn't afraid of blood btw....after maybe half an hour...i was growing pale and my mother noticed it....i was almost fainting because of loss of blood, she hurriedly took me to the hospital and i was asleep that time...maybe due to fainting because of loss of blood...and when i woke up, i saw my foot, bandaged...i almost died those times...thanks to God i didn't...my mother told the whole story, my foot was operated and it was icky...the surgeon opened the wound at my right foot and searched for the glass fragment i stepped in to...it hit a vein and they have to take it off immediately...i cannot walk due to the pain...after a month, it was fully healed and i can walk again :D....i learned a very important lesson here...DO NOT WALK AROUND BAREFOOTED....

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A short list:

-Broken arm
-Glass embedded in foot
-A big-ass splinter
-inhaled toilet cleaner
-Bleeding out of every orifice imaginable
-Multiple (plastic, thank you)balls to the crotch


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It was my freshman year of high school. A few of my buddies and I were free-skiing before our school ski team race. We decided to do some tree skiing. We saw a huge rock that looked like it could be fun. A couple of guys jumped down and said it was okay. I went to jump, but when I jumped, I was leaning too far forward. I was basically parallel withj the ground in the air. I must have landed on my arm or something, because I broke it in four places (including a chunk of my bone just floating around in my arm). I hit the ground rolling too. If one of my friends hadn't stopped me, I most likely would have gone straight into a tree. I now have two plates and twelve screws in my left arm. Obviously, I missed the race and the rest of the season.


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Well, the most painful thing that happened to me was a nasty hit to the crotch by my little brother, he threw a triceratops dinosaur and 2 out of three spikes hit me directly there..I forcibly threw up bile since I didn't eat anything that morning.


hmmm, i had this friend of mine that i like...she is so beautiful, smart and i think she's perfect ;D

when she knew that i liked her, she started talking to me less...and after one week, i saw her holding hands with another male...it's her boyfriend...this really hurts...

drake you should see it different, any girl that is filthy enough to do that to a man in love will NOT be your true love. those are called bitches and you should pray that her boyfriend will find out in time that she's using him.
no, people like that leave a trace of broken hearts, just try not to get involved in cases like that.
I was 6 or so, and I wanted a piece of watermelon. Well, my aunt was asleep (and she was the only one home at the time)... so I decided to cut myself a slice. I grabbed the biggest possible kitchen knife, got on a stool, took out the watermelon, and tried to cut it. Well, the melon was wet, so the knife slipped and cut my middle finger. It didn't hurt so much, but it was bleeding like crazy. I hurried and cleaned everything up, and wrapped my finger in paper towels.

The funny thing is, I never told my aunt that I did that.

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This happened a lot over the summer. I went swimming a lot, which for me, meant diving boards! I finally was able to do a flip of the boards. Yay. But after a while, I was losing my mojo, so I lost focus, I jumped, thought I would flip, nope. I thought I was twisting with my flip, which scared me a lot. So I ended up hitting my back... a lot...


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when i was 3 i fell face first into the fire place, split my skin open in the middle of my eyebrow, it got shaved and stitched that night...............
or when my friend thought it would be a good idea to throw one of those small bouncy balls at me as i was sliding down the stairs on a hamper lid.. It hit me in the crotch and i couldn't get up for like 15 min

edit: forgot about the rock thats still in my foot, doctor said its restricted by muscle and would be very painful to get out, so painful he recommened not to get it out....
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Hmm, well, once when I was probably 8 or 9 I decided it was smart to ride my bike in the rain. I slid over a patch of mud, right over a drop off, falling a fair distance down onto sharp rocks... and then my bike ended up on top of me.

During 6th grade I was sprinting on the track, popped my knee out, and landed in all the wrong way at a decent speed, breaking both my wrists on top of it.
I got a jag for India... Hepatitis+Typhoid vaccine.

The nurse didn't tell me it was to be injected into my muscle (if she did, perhaps i wouldn't have almost fainted and thrown up as i usually do when i think things are going into a blood vessel) so when the needle went into my thin arm it hurt like buggery! The most painful injection i have ever had. =P

I also fell on my foot but i think already said that on this thread.

When i was really young i fell off a climbing frame, i remember my arm being sore but i cannot remember if it was just badly sprained or broken a little bit.

OH i remember when playing rounders (baseball for scottish kids) we were using a traditional heavy wooden bat, it was really old. My friend Florina was taking her swing and everyone had been TOLD to drop the bat after the swing nicely on the floor or place it quickly down. However Florina let go of the bat at the end of her swing meaning it had the momentum of it and it went flying into my shin >.<!

at my primary school during recess, I was hanging out with my mate and his gf. The gf started doing cartwheels, then she did one and kicked my head. she knocked me out, and I had to go home.
Another time, me and a couple of friends were doing some jumps on our bikes. There was this massive jump and they were all scared to try it, so I got a massive run up and then got heaps of air, but I landed wrong and my bike flipped over. I couldn't walk and one of my pedals were bent 90 degrees.


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i was holding my baby nephew and he swung his back and hit me pretty hard in the nose.


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Only one I can think of is when I was 2 years old, I had just come to America, and it was my first time at a mall. Well I ran in, bumped into some guy, and fell onto the floor, and cracked my chin open. Blood everywhere.