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Billy Adventure

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Pokemonmaster Bill

Agnet of Umbrella
well i been posting these on the Aimes spoillers so here is my frist ep

The Adventure begins
It was a sunny day in the small town of Pallet. A young Boy was running towards Professor Oak’s lab. The young Boy was saying I am going to be late and I woke up 2 early for getting my first Pokémon from the professor. I need to get their before the others get there. He trips over a rock and falls right on his face. Hey Billy are you all right said a young girlish voice. Billy gets up and said yeah he looks over at the gate and sees his friend Jamie. Billy starts to walk over to the gate. Jamie says that the Professor will be down to let us in soon. Billy then asks where is Lance? Jamie then responds and said it couldn’t come today because he got the flu. Billy says huh so he gets the last Pokémon I guess. Jamie says well I guess so. Professor Oak comes to the gate and says Welcome guys. Billy and Jamie says hi to the Professor. Professor oaks says are you guys ready to pick your first Pokémon. They both say yes and they start to walk up to the lab. Once they get into the lab Professor Oak says well here are your Pokémon you guys can choose from. First up is Bulbasaur. Professor starts to talk about it. Then he says the next one is Charmander and oak does the same thing and talks about it. Ok then that’s it which one then. Jamie then says wait Professor where is Squirtle? Oh said the Professor. Lance pick it when I came over to his house when he called me and said he was sick with the flu. Huh said both Jamie and Billy. Ok then said the Professor, ok then ladies first Jamie who are you going to pick. She said well that not a hard chose. I am picking Bulbasaur. Well Billy said Professor Oak that’s means that you are getting a Charmander. Billy said well it was probably going be my pick any why so yeah. Professor Oak says well here are yours pokeballs and your Pokedex. You guys can start your journey when you guys want to. So Billy and Jamie leves the lab. Billy tells Jamie that he’s going home to get ready to go. She says well then see you round sometime then. Billy says the same thing. They apart ways. Billy says well I might as well start becoming friends with Charmander. Billy takes out Charmander pokeball and sends him out. Billy says to Charmander that we are going to be great friends. They start to walk home to get Billy’s stuff and say goodbye to his mom. They do so and they start to head towards Viridian City.
Next Ep: Billy vs. Lance! Charmander vs. Squirtle
Billy get’s to Viridian City and Signs up for The Indigo league. He also finds Lance and his Squirtle and they battle.
Next Ep: Billy Catches a Pokémon
Billy gets to the Viridian Forest and finds a Pidgey that is stealing food from him. Will he be able to capture the bird?
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