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Billy vs. SNAKEMAN: An Anime Parody RPG

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by tcorbett, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. tcorbett

    tcorbett Member

    There's this browser game I've been playing for a good while now that I wanted to tell people about. It's a free anime parody RPG that draws heavily from Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, and Code Geass, as well as having little bits of hundreds of other anime thrown in. Now, I had seen the ad for BvS several times over the last few years. Always wondered what the hell it actually was. One summer, I got bored and finally clicked the link. Haven't turned back since.

    This game, in it's own way, is amazing! Being an anime parody, there's a lot of silliness in the Missions and Quests, like how they managed to take TWO seasons of Bleach and boil it down into one Quest by cutting out the unimportant parts. Another example is the mission "Turn on a Robot Girl! How do you activate her?" Succeed and it says, "You kiss her and she awakens with a smile! SO CUTE." Fail, and you get "You push her 'on' switch. WRONG SERIES. She hits you. HARD!" :) Steel Angel Kurumi and Chobits. Even the character names can be funny and ironic. Emosuke is Sasuke from Naruto, Anonymous is L from Death Note, and Mister Six, "the half-brother-kinda-but-not-really of Shorty!" is Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach.

    One of the biggest surprises in the game, though, is the fact that it has a well written storyline. I played BvS for like two years without realizing there WAS a storyline. But then, some new content came out and everything just clicked for me. The story was hidden there the whole time and was actually GOOD.

    As for the game itself, it has some elements of an MMO, but most of the game is done on a single player basis. You're the star of your own anime. You start out as a Genin ninja of little skill and one of your first tasks is finding a Village. Most of the game is done with Missions and Quests, but as you progress along, you find so many other things. Like Zombjas, a zombie survival game within the game.

    The MMO elements come into play with your Village. Through your Village, you can interact with the other people in your Village. Also, you can attack other Villages to steal resources and money from them. You can even track down and fight other players directly. Or just write their name on a Note Page and hope for the best. :) And one day if you decide to make your own Village, you might be able to blow it up and transform yourself into a giant monster that attacks other Villages while still being the ruler of your own Immortal Realm.

    I have three characters. My main character is HirumaTeri, the Leader of the Immortal Realm Tengoku Village. My other two characters are Terao, the Vice Kage of Cyberpunk Village, and Lanthan, the Vice Kage of Pokemon GS Village. All three are of the Protagonist rank and are in the Top 100.

    I have achieved Cobra Kai, the step past Bankai, as a Reaper. I have made The Trade in order to get my own Note, see people's life lines, and even mind control Village Leaders into lowering their defenses before I invade them. I have been to the Eye of the Storm. I have the Power of Greass and my own Knightmare Frame. I've traveled the Fields and saved a legendary hero from the dark powers that corrupted him. I've even joined with other Ninjas to battle giant creatures that threatened the whole world of Billy.

    Anyway, long story short, you can find Billy vs. SNAKEMAN here.

    Now, I'm doing a recruitment drive for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Village (Pokemon GS for short), a Village of Pokemon players.. The first 11 people to join the game using that link will get a Newbie Gift Pack of things that will make things easier for you starting out. Providing you join Pokemon GS Village, of course. Just join the Village and post a message mentioning this post. With Lanthan, I'll hook you up and show you the ropes.
  2. PSX_Cheatster

    PSX_Cheatster Banned

    the main coder is 11DBHK? Wasn't there a user by that name on this forum?

    I can't help but wonder if this really isn't a not-so-subtle drive to expand the game.
  3. tcorbett

    tcorbett Member

    11 doesn't know that I came here looking for players. Seriously doubt he'd mind, but this was all me and Rafael, the Kage of Pokemon GS.
  4. Kreis

    Kreis Still Dirrty

    No videogame discussion here in misc.
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