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Bird Watcher's Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by EFG_Poke_Master, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. EFG_Poke_Master

    EFG_Poke_Master Infernape King

    Calling all bird watchers. This is a club where bird watchers can post their sightings and generally talk about birds.

    1. Serebii Forum rules.
    2. No insulting other people's findings.
    3. Stay on the topic of birds.
    4. No posting unless you are a member or want to become a member.
    5. No swearing.
    3 rules broken is a 1 week ban, and 10 rules broken is a permaban.

    Avocet= Owner
    Curlew= Co-Owners (first 3 person to join)
    Willet= Admins (200 posts)
    Yellowlegs= High Rank Members (100 posts)
    Dunlin= Normal Rank Members (20 posts)
    Peep= New Member (Beginning)​

    If you can make a banner (preferably with pictures of birds) it counts as 100 posts if it is accepted.

    If you find a bird in your area that is very rare for your area, it is worth 20 posts. Also in you see a bird that has never been seen in your state or country before, it is worth 100 posts.

    The owner (me), co-owners, and admins inforce the rules.








    Hope you enjoy this club!

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