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Birthday Baking (PalletShipping one-shot, G)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tadashi, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Yeah, this is just a quick little one-shot that I was tempted to make. I've been into birthdays lately, lol. And what better way to exploit than by making a fluffy OTP fic?

    Title: Birthday Baking
    Author: Tadashi
    Archive: You're looking at it
    Rating: G
    Pairing: Ash x Gary (PalletShipping)
    Word Count: 670

    Please enjoy, guys~

    Ash's POV​

    Bowl… bowl… gah, where the hell is that bowl?!

    … Oh, hey! Sorry, I didn't see you come in. You came at a pretty bad time, sorry to say. See, it's Gary’s birthday today, and I was trying to make some cookies for him…

    SHUT UP! At least I tried, okay?!

    So anyway, I'm not having such a great time with these cookies, mostly cuz I can't even find a good mixing bowl. Cereal bowls do not make for good mixing bowls, but I have to use one of those anyway. I swear, you'd think that mom wouldn’t hide the baking tools from me… Well, okay, after last time, I'd see why, but come on, I'm not that bad at baking!

    Oh well, the batter's as good as it's gonna get. I think there's a few eggshells in it, and a raisin may've wandered into the chocolate chips, but it's still good. I just hope I don't get the cookie with the raisin in it… yuck! Now to turn on the oven and stick the cookies inside… woops, almost forgot to grease the cookie sheet! … There we go. Now it's going in the oven!

    … I better clean the batter off the walls while we wait.

    * * *​

    beep beep beep beep beep beep

    Crapcrapcrapcrap! Nooo, this cannot be happening! I can smell burnt chocolate! Cough cough! OUCH! Dang it, I forgot to wear an oven mitt! Okay, here we go… no! Noooooo, they're ruined! Wait, that one's still okay… and that one can have the burnt scraped off… oh man, this sucks! I left them to burn and now it's too late to make another batch!

    God, this is the worst day ever! … Now I have to scrape off burnt cookie dust. Maybe I should've just bought him something… you can't choke on something like… like a scarf, or a Poffin case… I know that he's gonna choke on one of my cookies, I just know it.

    Ding dong

    Oh man, please let that be mom at the door…

    * * *​

    "Hey, Ashy-boy."

    … Crap.

    "What smells like smoke?"

    "… Me. I picked up smoking."

    "Well, I wish you wouldn't. It's a filthy habit,” Gary flashed me a 'yeah right' smile and made his way into the house. "So, I'm here. Where's this 'big surprise' you have for me?"

    "Who says it's for you?"

    "It's my birthday, Ash. I'm pretty sure it's for me."

    "You're so conceited."

    "Doesn't stop you from keeping me around," Gary called after me as I stomped into the kitchen.

    "Well, it's not ready yet, so stay out of the kitchen!"

    "You burnt it, didn't you?" The smugness in Gary’s voice was unmistakable.


    * * *​

    By the time I got the cookies all scraped and bagged, Gary had laid himself down on the couch and turned on the TV's movie channel. 'Sure, come on in and treat my house like it's yours. Cuz that's totally how you act as a guest.' He didn’t even notice me walk into the room until I promptly sat (lightly) on his tummy.

    "OOF!" I promptly moved away once Gary doubled up in mock pain. "Thanks for that, Ash."

    "I live to please," I grinned at him. "So, you want your gift or what?" I extended the gift bag to him, from one end of the couch to the other.

    "Thanks," he warily took the gift and held it for a moment. "Should I put on hazmat gloves before I open this?"

    "Just open the dang present!"

    The wrapping paper fell away and Gary nodded appreciatively. "So, that's the source of the burnt chocolate smell in your house."

    I puffed my cheeks indignantly, but Gary smiled warmly at me. "They're great, Ash. Not bad for your first try. Thank you." Before I knew it, I was swept up in a tight, warm hug.

    I opened my mouth to say, 'actually, I've been making practice batches all week,' but this was better. Why ruin one of the best moments in my life?


    Yeah, nothing special, innit XD Again, just a random fluff I had floating around in my head.

    Later days!
  2. L0v3 is Evol

    L0v3 is Evol Active Member

    ;136;Hello Tadashi,

    ;194; Heheheh, first review!
    There's nothing wrong with it..but personally, I think that Ash is not a hard on himself as you portrayed. But maybe it was to help get the shippiness out...?

    ;136;And my favorite part was:
    Cutie Pie-ness! The story in Ash's POV makes everything cuter ;049;!
    So, all in all, good one shot ;222;

    L0v3 is Evol
  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    This was cute Tadashibabes~
    Ash making cookies for Gary is a yummy prompt and you portrayed it really nicely. I liked how you wrote to make it look as if the reader was still in the same room as Ash in the beginning there.

    Great dialogue too. Loved it, really cute.~

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