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Bisasam used Max Revive on Pokémon Link!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Bisasam, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Bisasam

    Bisasam Bulbasaur

    Bisasam used Max Revive on Pokémon Link!

    Hi everyone!

    Since many users (including me) knew and loved Pokémon Link, I decided to take over the game (and make some new rules).
    Treeconator11 stays the co-owner like in the previous Pokémon Link.

    Version 1.0
    Version 2.0
    Version 3.0

    The goal is to find the similarity between a set of 4 Pokémon (e.g. they all know a certain attack, have all the same base stat in one of the categories...)


    • General forum rules apply as usual
    • You can guess up to ten times per set
    • The set has a difficulty from 1-5 (1: the easiest, 5: the hardest)
    • You can ask for a hint once per post (but get less points, see below), I can give up to five hints per set
    • The one who guessed correctly gets points according to this "formula": Difficulty*(6-number of hints given).
      Example: Somebody guessed a set with difficulty 3 correctly after I've given 3 hints. He will get 3*(6-3) = 9 points.
    • For those who don't like this point system, there is also a win count, as we know it from the old Pokémon Link.
    • If you want, you can send a set of four Pokémon to me, maybe I'll use it once. Of course you can't guess your own sets.


    Archive 1
    Archive 2

    1. mitchlord (98 points)
    2. Articuno13 (48 points)
    3. Dramatic Melody (47 points)
    4. ~Dragon_Master~(42 points)
    5. Dabottle (39 points)
    9. PamperedPersian1 (34 points)
    7. The Thunderbird (27 points)
    8. zhanton (24 points)
    9. Sheimi-Shaymin (21 points)
    10. Weakling (16 points)
    10. mimefan (16 points)
    12. MegaGalvatron (15 points)
    12. Visual (15 points)
    14. Treeconator11 (12 points)
    14. zandgaia (12 points)
    15. Master Blastoise (6 points)
    17. fongerman (4 points)

    1. mitchlord (6)
    2. Dramatic Melody (4)
    3. Articuno13 (3)
    3. ~Dragon_Master~ (3)
    5. The Thunderbird (2)
    5. Dabottle (2)
    5. zhanton (2)
    5. Sheimi-Shaymin (2)
    5. PamperedPersian1 (2)
    10. fongerman (1)
    10. Treeconator11 (1)
    10. Weakling (1)
    10. zandgaia (1)
    10. mimefan (1)
    10. Master Blastoise (1)
    10. MegaGalvatron (1)
    10. Visual (1)

    Aipom | Gligar | Beautifly | Infernape

    Difficulty: 2
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2010
  2. Articuno13

    Articuno13 RBY Master

    All are found in eterna forest.
  3. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    Can I make my co-owner return please? If yes, thank you much.

    All are a brownish color?
  4. Bisasam

    Bisasam Bulbasaur

    @Treeconator11: Of course you can, I'll edit it into the first post.

    Current wrong guesses:

    1/10 Articuno13
    1/10 Treeconator11
  5. All are the thirteenth in their regional dex. =)

    And thanks for reviving Link!
  6. The Thunderbird

    The Thunderbird Dreams come true


    They're all the 13th Pokemon of their respective generation listed in the national dex.

    Spearow is the 13th Pokemon listed in the Johto dex, not Noctowl.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
  7. Dittoman97

    Dittoman97 Piplup?

    Well, they all can be found (Or there devolved forms) Before the regonal forest...
  8. Bisasam

    Bisasam Bulbasaur

    The Thunderbird was right and gets 12 points!
    Sorry, Dramatic Melody, you were very close but as The Thunderbird said, in the Johto Dex, Spearow is the 13th.

    Next set will be there in a minute.
  9. Articuno13

    Articuno13 RBY Master

    All 4 might hold an Oran Berry in the wild.
  10. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    All 4 can learn Rock smash
  11. Rheine

    Rheine Cipher Pol No. 9

    They are considered sucky by people?
  12. Bisasam

    Bisasam Bulbasaur

    Articuno13 was right!
    Maybe it was too easy for difficulty 3...

    New set will be there in a minute.
  13. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    All have an appearance in the anime?
  14. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    All have or another form OR a Pokemon Line who is different:
    Unknown A-Unknown B to ?
    Elekid - Magby
    Diagla - Palkia
  15. Bisasam

    Bisasam Bulbasaur

    @rosso: Every Pokémon except Porygon2 and Porygon-Z had an appearance in the anime.

    Current wrong guesses:
    1/10 rosso1111
    1/10 zandgaia
  16. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    @Biasam: I meant where they had special attention... and it was meant to be for the last set.

    Set 3: All made their first appearance in a different generation?
  17. Articuno13

    Articuno13 RBY Master

    None can breed.
  18. BynineB

    BynineB Wielding Übersaw.

    None are in the Hoenn Dex.
  19. Bisasam

    Bisasam Bulbasaur

    And another win goes to Articuno13!

    The next set will be there soon, this time, it should be harder.
  20. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    All have some sorts of armor?
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