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~*Bishie Thread*~

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé (Hidden)' started by Shadowfaith, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    Bishie Thread, Version 2.1


    Welcome to the Bishie thread [V 2.1], here you can claim your own Anime or Game character, as long as it isn’t taken by someone else.

    This thread is just a carry on from the last, so all who have claimed may keep their Bishounen. I may start a brand new thread some other time, when I have figured out a way to separate those who still want their Bishounen, from those who are not active anymore so that their bishounen can go back up for grabs.

    But until then, this thread is just a clean up.


    I want:

    -You to check the list and actually check if they have been claimed or not. It is alphabetical now, so it wouldn’t take you long.
    -You to be an active member and thus not leaving as soon as you get it.
    -You to provide, the name of your Bishie, its Japanese name if possible and the anime/game it is from.
    -No talking and discussing your Bishie’s in the thread, you claim and then only come back when you want to change it.
    -No flaming! “I wanted him!”
    -You to only claim ONE Bishie. Not two, not three, ONE!

    People continue to just give the English name of the character then want, and then someone else would come along and claim the same Bishie under its Japanese name, so in future, give me both English AND Japanese name.

    Another problem is when, people claim stuff like, Shiny Pokemon and Young versions of the Bishie and such….THEY ARE ONE PERSON/ CREATURE! So there will be no more of that.

    And also, if your claiming, MAKE SURE YOU ARE STAYING ;;>>

    Bishie’s…all you need to know:

    Bishie is short for Bishounen, which is a Japanese term referring to the "pretty boys" of anime and games, but to make things fairer, I will allow Anime Girls for the boys ^_^ and also creatures

    This thread allows both anime AND games, so claim whatever you wish. So that means no American Cartoons/ TV shows, movies or real life peoepl.

    Also, you may claim Pokemon Bishies too, I find it would be best to host this thread here as placing it in Pokemon Anime would be limited to only Pokemon XP

    Anyway, the reason of this is nothing special, I just thought it would make a fun idea to own your own anime Bishie (Obviously not literally as I would be at the receiving end of complaints and such from the actual owners...and I don’t want that XP)


    Rules are that you are only aloud 1 Bishie and if a specific Bishie is taken, no one else can have it, so it's first come first serve I'm sorry. If your preferred Anime character has been taken, then you will have to choose another one. Look at the list before posting.

    Now when you have claimed your Bishie, you can put that you own it in your sig, but please specify that you had it from the Bishounen thread. It's just a fun idea that’s all ^_^

    I also want no flame wars!!!


    Poster 1: I claim Ash
    Poster 2: But I want Ash!
    Poster 1: Tough
    Poster 2: £$%^*(

    Ok, I want none of that, be a sport and just choose another Anime character. There are only one of each. If it does turn into a flame war, then it will be closed.

    Last thing, umm I want no spam, specify which Anime character you want and why and then do not post again. You will then be added to the list, but if you want to drop your Anime character, then PM me and I will remove it and you may then choose another one if you wish ^_^

    NEW RULE: If you do not think you will be staying at SPPF; then do not bother claiming. There maybe many people, who would like to claim the Bishie you have, just keep that in mind.

    Along with this rule comes the 2 month rule. If you would like to claim a bishie that is owned by someone that hasn’t been on for 2 months at the least, then you can request to claim that bishie AS LONG as you give me proof that that person has not been on for 2 months. I’m not going to go looking through them all and seeing if they haven’t been on, if you want the Bishie that much you will give me evidence, then to make sure, I myself will do a small search on that specific person and clarify it, only then will you have your Bishie.

    Also if you want to drop/change your Bishounen, post it here, DO NOT PM ME!

    The List Link!

    SPPF Bishounen List

    The above link leads to the Bishounen list, hosted by my account at Livejournal.com.

    The reason over this is because the list was to long to post here, and it extended over the aloud number of characters.

    Click on the link to view the list.​

    Also, I have had some people asking if they could help and those people are:

    Meg-chan, Jenni and Manjoume

    To the helpers: I will update the first page list as often as I can, and if you are having trouble posting the updated lists (can’t post because of the character limit), then PM it to me and I will update the Livejournal entry. But until that problem arises, continue to post the updated lists as you would before.

    When the problem does arise and you can’t PM it to me either (I’m not sure if the character limit is the same for PM’s), then PM me, and I will PM you my E-mail so that you can send the list to me via that.

    But again, until it arises, just post the list here, as you would.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2006
  2. ~*Myuu the Ryuu*~

    ~*Myuu the Ryuu*~ The epitome of grace

    W00t first reply.

    I claimed Manafi, but under the name of XD001emerald. Can that be changed to ~*Rekkuza Ryuu*~?
  3. Freeze Knight

    Freeze Knight super cuno

    Claimed Fearow/Onidrill from Pokemon...
  4. Megg Lavender

    Megg Lavender Inactive

    Claimed Gray Michael Vincent from Battle B-Daman.
  5. I claim, hmmmm Sakura from Pokemon.
  6. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    This is not a place for you to re-claim them, you have already claimed them Oo, please read the post all the way through, please...the list is there under a link. This is just a carry on, I re-made it because the other one was a mess.

    Rekkuza and Torky, your names will be changed.
  7. ~*Dairuga*~

    ~*Dairuga*~ Banned

    Can I claim Pan from DBGT
  8. Megchan

    Megchan God IS in Control

    Please read the first post, and check the list. Because Pan is already claimed.
  9. Um, I looked on the list for the Bishounen and it sais my old name "Scar" owns Seras Victoria, but I changed my name to Hohenheim of Light.
  10. vaporeon89

    vaporeon89 power of vapor

    Claimed Carue from One Piece

  11. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Well, I still have Tracey (AND INTEND TO KEEP IT THAT WAY). I would just like to have it changed to my user name now.

    medea10 --> Medea
  12. Cutiebunny

    Cutiebunny Frosty Fashionista

    I checked the list and didn't see it, but let me know if I'm claimming someone else's man/furry-

    Jin/Jiin - Samurai Champloo

    Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, Pretty Samy

  13. Megchan

    Megchan God IS in Control

    You can only claim one.

    *Is starting to wonder if anyone is reading the first post*
  14. hIrAm

    hIrAm Well-Known Member

    Most likely not. xD Oh, so if we change our name, we must come here to tell you to change our name on the list? :\
  15. Megchan

    Megchan God IS in Control

    Yes, it really helps us. Espically if someone wants the bishie you have and says you don't exist.
  16. Ah I thought this was like last time when it was remade XD My bad *wonders off*

    EDIT: Thanks for changing it ^^ Woops kind of forgot I changed my name XD
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2006
  17. magnemiteZ

    magnemiteZ Banned

    Well, I claimed the Heaven's Smile from killer 7 on the old thread; I guess I will have the again.
  18. Locke Yggdrasill

    Locke Yggdrasill Eustis on reddit

    Stri, even though I rarely have to use my powahs, can I still help out? I'll attempt to be more helpful than in past threads. ;o
    Fighting Master, this isn't a restarted thread; it's the same list, it's just restarted becasue the old one was too large and sluggish. (Kind of. :p)
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2006
  19. Cutiebunny

    Cutiebunny Frosty Fashionista

    Oh, I thought it was one furry and one bishie.

    Then I'll settle with Jin. Thanks.
  20. Altair

    Altair Guest

    I would like to help here as well.
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