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Black 2 Team for elite four (Suggestions to change anything)


Flygon Trainer
Hi everyone,

First off, thanks for viewing and hopefully giving suggestions for my team.
Second, When I play in-game I don't bother with natures, IV's, Abilities or EV's, IMO it takes all the fun out of the game when you have to muck around catching tonnes of the same pokemon and hoping you get the right nature ect.
Thirdly, I'm currently about to enter victory road.
Fourthly By the time I get to the elite four all pokemon will be at least level 55.
Finally, I can trade pokemon to white to teach moves as I have all the TM's in white.

Here is my team:

Haxorus lvl:52 :612:
Dragon Dance/Swords Dance
Dragon Claw
Rock throw

Simipour lvl:49 :516:
Ice Beam

Skarmory lvl:48 ;227;
Keen eye
Steel wing

Arcanine lvl:50 ;059;
Flash Fire
Flare Blitz

Magnezone lvl:51 ;462;
Flash Cannon
Volt Switch
Signal Beam

Lucario lvl:52 ;448;
Inner Focus
Hidden Power Grass
Force Palm
Aura Sphere

Please Place feedback and honest opinions I won't the best team possible.
If possible no swaps I like this team but am aware of it's obvious fire weakness so I an compromise


le quant-à-soi
Rock Slide > Rock Throw on Haxorus for more power. Also, go with Earthquake > X-Scissor to hit Steel-types and for better coverage alongside Rock Slide.

Fly / Rock Slide / Toxic / Roost works well on Skarmory. Spikes is very iffy in-game; Toxic is generally more useful, imo.

Wild Charge > Flare Blitz or Flamethrower on Arcanine. There's no point in running two Fire-type moves; go with Wild Charge over one of them so you can hit Water-types hard.

Thunderbolt > Discharge on Magnezone for more power.

Ground + Fighting share similar coverage on Lucario, so there's no point at all in running two Fighting type moves and a Ground type move. Instead, go with Work Up / Shadow Ball / Aura Sphere / Ice Punch. Work Up boosts both your offensive stats. Aura Sphere for STAB, and it gets near-perfect coverage alongside Shadow Ball. Ice Punch to hit Dragon- and Ground-types.


Psyched Up
Staff member
I'm very sure Haxorus can't learn Rock Throw.

Also, Mold Breaker is a much better ability for Haxorus.


Flygon Trainer
Thanks for the feedback. Will make some changes thanks
You're right shine Haxorus can't learn rock throw I meant to put it as rock slide

Generator Genesect

super robot!
i've beaten the elite four and it is pretty hard so i'd suggest levelling up your pokemon a bit before battling them,like i did. if you want, i can let you borrow my genesect to help you! :3 genesect: hey! you've done that before with your friend! how do you think i feel? me:(locks genesect into house and forces it to a timeout for being rude)


Well-Known Member
For Haxorus
Use Dragon Dance instead of Sword Dance to sweep your opponent Pokemon by gaining Attack and Speed.

For Arcanine
You can use Extream Speed instead of Crunch to finish off weak opponent.