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Black 2 Team for PWT and Battle Subway

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by ShyRanger, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. ShyRanger

    ShyRanger New Member

    This is my main team idea for using in the Battle Subway and PWT. Any advice, replacements for Pokemon/moves, or other criticism is well-needed, just don't be a jerk about it.

    Gengar - Levitate - Focus Sash
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Focus Blast
    Destiny Bond
    -He will attack with great power, no doubt eventually be reduced to 1 HP or near, and finish off with Destiny Bond

    Escavalier - Shell Armor - Quick Claw
    Iron Head
    Swords Dance
    Iron Defense
    -One of my two main tanks, when he's fighting something he resists very well )which is alot), he spends time buffing up.

    Machamp - No Guard - Iron Ball
    Stone Edge
    -Standard Strong Machamp, no real surprises.

    Charizard - Blaze - King's Rock
    Air Slash
    -Outrage to serve for anti-Dragon and also last resort when no other moves work and/or Charizard is near faint and it doesn't matter.

    Swampert - Torrent - Expert Belt
    Ice Beam
    -Scald is to fight more Physically-Defensive Pokemon and possible burn.

    Glaceon - Snow Cloak - Lax Incense
    Water Pulse
    Ice Beam
    -Ice Beam is for if Glaceon doesn't have to or doesn't have time to set up Hail/Blizzard.
  2. Bigheaded

    Bigheaded King of the Wooper

    erm, you do realise the subway and PWT are 3 pokes vs 3?

    Your gengar is solid for it. I'm not really sure about the rest. The charizard could work with a life orb over a kings rock, as you should be aiming to OHKO 90%+ of poke's.
    Same sort of thing for swampert, expert belt only adds 20% and only if it's super effective. I think something with a choice band/specs will fill this slot better.

    Glaceon is too slow/weak for it and has exceedingly poor coverage. Heck, 90% of water types wall you.
    Machamp set is a surprise to me actually. Not really sure i like the iron ball fling, as you have to put up with attacking last till you use it.
    Escavalier requires too much setup, for an example of a setup team, look at my current gen 5 team. Depends what you're against but still, if you get critted, all that defense you may have grabbed is useless, as crits bypass boosts.

    Check the sticky and take a peak how other people managed 50+ streaks. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...ing-Hall-Now-With-Singles-Team-Building-Guide!
  3. ShyRanger

    ShyRanger New Member

    Thank you for your response, here's mine.

    First, yes I know Battle Subway and PWT are 3 Pokemon, however the Double and Triple Battle versions ask for 4 and 6 Pokemon respectively. That was something I forgot to mention is that Charizard, Swampert, and Gengar are my prime triple battle choice since Swampert can stay in the middle and wall while doing a massive EQ that doesn't affect the others.

    One thing you missed is that Escavalier has Shell Armor, meaning in nulls critical hits. However, your criticisms for Machamp and Glaceon are accurate in retrospect.

    So here's my edit, can you (and anyone else) look it over.

    Gengar, Charizard, and Swampert still remain in the team (I will alter their items)

    Magnezone - Sturdy - Focus Band
    Flash Cannon
    Magnet Rise
    Volt Switch
    -I know Magnet Pull mgiht be a better ability for him, but seeing how I have Charizard, Heracross, and Swampert: Steel-types aren't really a worry to me. Since he is one of my defenders as well, I figured Focus Band is a good idea (Sturdy already acts as a Focus Sash)

    Heracross - Swarm - Choice Scarf
    Close Combat
    Night Slash
    Rock Slide
    -He was my first choice over Machamp, but I thought Escavalier was superior, but your criticism makes sense.

    Hydreigon - Levitate - King's Rock
    Dark Pulse
    Dragon Pulse
    Rock Slide
    Heat Wave
    -My reasoning for the King's Rock on him is that he's already so strong, plus he has two moves that already have increase flinch so this stacks. Also he will no doubt KO multiple Pokemon and say in for consequtive opponents, meaning the whole "You can only use the move you choose first" issue of choice items is kinda unappealing. I know you can just switch but still.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  4. Bigheaded

    Bigheaded King of the Wooper

    I will apologize in advance if this doesnt make sense as i'm not at my best (i.e had 8 pints lol)

    Even with 8 pokes i still havent worked out your 4v4 or 6v6 in terms of doubles/triples. From your current wtf are you using??

    Personally 100% of the time i would send out gengar first. He is amazing to try and KO the opposing poke to KO the opposing poke with, to switch out of, or to destiny bond with. Even in doubles he's still strong.

    The other 3 are still a mess in doubles.
    Who do you send out with gengar?!
    Magnezone is a bit slow, he will still "work" due to sturdy but then you question why focus band?! Charizard somewhat works well with gengar but just "lacks" something which most dragon/steels have. I would say a "general resistance to everything" is why. Possibly higher BST (base stat total).
    After the first round it's still a sense of confusion and choice. Who have i selected as my backup? do they counter what i'm facing?

    This is what makes doubles/6v6 so hard. It's too hard to predict what you're opponent can do and how to counteract this. As an example my solo team would be absolutely annihilated before i reach 30 wins.
    This is also why yanmega is so overused in doubles, is because the AI focuses it. This means you can 99% of the time guarentee the opponent to attack yanmega which allows you to get a speed boost on yanmega and you other poke to do a "free turn" to setup, attack, or setup a sub.

    So in answer to your answer, i ask "wtf" is going on?!
    Who are you sending out as your initial poke's? Why does it work? What happens why X poke is KO'd? Why is Y poke chosen to replace?

    Even as it is, I can't even work out the 3 pokemon you use in super singles.

    In this specific instance i need more explanation. Even if i'm not in the best thought pattern if it doesn't make sense. I'll have a look another time though, preferably put a reply in before then explaining who you use in 1v1 with 3 pokes, 2v2 with 4 and 3v3 with 6 of your choice, why not any other possibly "stronger" pokemon instead?! i.e latios instead of hydrigon, if you can't answer that, then test it or ask us!

    Post up here any response and i'll have a look!
    sorry for possibly not the most coherent response ;)

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