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Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Kreis, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Kreis

    Kreis Still Dirrty

    If you already own the games, go ahead and post anything that you have done in them here. You can post about beating a gym leader, encountering a legendary, losing a battle, etc.

    -You may only post 1 time every 20 posts. This is to prevent people from trying to increase their post count, and also to help you provide content to your post. Just don't spam now!
    -Do not ask questions here. This is not the help thread, which you can find here: Black 2 & White 2 help thread.
    -Each post must contain 3 sentences or more. Don’t just post “Caught Pidove.” This is obviously you either being lazy or trying to increase your post count.

    Each of these rules will be enforced. If you break a rule, expect your post to be deleted, as well as expect an infraction waiting for you in your PM box.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2013
  2. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Well, this is ridiculously long for a play-by-play of the first fifteen minutes. I'm just slow and long-winded though.

    So, I can read and understand Pokemon names, move names, item names, yes, no, and assorted other words in Japanese. Then again, everything else is superficial.

    I woke up one day and Prof Juniper asked if I wanted to use Kanji or not. Lolno, hiragana and katakana please. Chicken scratch is preferable to alien runes. So I'm a girl named まな - a Princess Leia fan so hardcore that she's had hairy tires surgically attached to either side of her skull - and decided to wander the land beating passerby into submission with my supernatural pets and taking their money in order to start up my college fund.

    Your rival (Named Sonic the Hedgehog Shoe... Okay, Hyu) is ridiculously hyperactive. He ran around talking to me repeatedly for the short while I've been with him. With that and his hair, he's obviously a Sonic the Hedgehog expy.

    I met Alder in Sangi Town, who pounced on me from a clifftop and began circling me in a rather predatory manner. He brought me to his house, then sent me on my merry way. I found a farm of Mareep, and got paralyzed. Over. and over. After nearly ragequitting, suddenly, Rival out of nowhere! Challenges me again, even though all my Pokemon are at 10 HP, I have no potions, and everything is paralyzed. I resign myself to having to trek back from the Pokemon Center.

    But his Tepig used Tail Whip over and over with one Tackle, despite being level 8 and knowing Ember. I finally managed to Tackle him to death. I rifled through his pockets and took my money. He then ran away crying, and jumped into a hay bale so I wouldn't see the tears streaking down his face. Deserves it for having fail AI.

    I spent a long, long time wandering around in my vain attempts to catch a Riolu, which I'd had vague hearsay appeared in the area. Gave up because I never particularly liked Riolu anyway. Also because running to the Pokemon center every time I got paralyzed by one of the Mareep horde was wearing very, very thin. I found a Herdier along with someone dressed like good ol' graysuit Team Rocket, then he chucked a Poke Ball at me. He failed to catch me, because he didn't even weaken me first like a total tool. He then ran off, and Shoe chased after him. He'll probably get eaten by Rattata and Zubat while he Tail Whips them to death.

    With a dead end before me, I went back to see Alder again. He went into his house, and I followed. Inside, I met two schoolchildren that he'd kidnapped or something. Alder then forced us to fight for his amusement. I'm a good sport, so I Vine Whipped the brats into submission... then a fat Elvis impersonator gave me a medal, because the aforementioned violence against passerby for money is highly prestigious in Poke-land. Elvis then blabbered on. I assume he's some sort of inane CoD crossover, and he'll give me more medals as my killstreak rises. These will obviously let me sic Kyurem on whoever next calls me a gay noob. That, or this is supposed to be an Achievement system. Platinum, here I come!

    Lastly for the day, I went all the way back to the starting city to see Cheren, who's grown up nicely despite still wearing ridiculously tight pants. Only Burgh can pull off pants like that. After annihilating a pair of Gym Trainers who both used Patrat and Lillipup, I walked up to him and challenged him for my first gym badge. Despite the fact that I've always liked Cheren, I still kicked his face in for using a Patrat and a Lillipup instead of anything useful and awesome like Dunsparce, Audino, or Porygon. Grabbed my Basic badge, looted Cheren for a TM and some cold hard yen and continued on my merry way, saddened that a once-great rival had been reduced to the power level of a Youngster, albeit the top percentage of Youngsters.

    I'm currently moving forward, dreading Homika/Roxie/Whatever her English name is because I don't really keep up on the news. Poison type sounds like a pain to deal with with a Snivy. I've considered catching one of the Psyduck I found, but decided not to. I'm too lazy to train it to Confusion, and I never liked the little things anyway. I wish I had my beloved Butterfree... Compoundeyes accurate Sleep Powder took me through the E4...
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012
  3. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Eldritch Abomination

    I just arrived at Undella Town. The place really changed. I tried to enter in the underwater tunnel, but some Janitor did not allow me, it seems that he is cleaning the place, so... I decided to backtrack a bit, I don't really want to rush in the game. I though it was time to catch a new friend for my team: A Lopunny. I am at Castelia Garden now, waiting for the cute bunny to appear, but I only saw Audino up to now.

    After that, I plan to find some shards and catch a Skarmory in Rebirth Mountain.

    My team up to now:

    - Zoroark, lv 35.
    - Magnezone, lvl 35.
    - Garbodor, lvl 37.
    - Sigilyph, lvl 24 :'(

    In the box:

    - Serperior, lvl 39.
    - Jellicent, lvl 30.
    - Others.
  4. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    Alright, I've finished everything regarding Castelia.

    I cleaned the sewers of those nasty Plasma guys and decided to catch myself an Eevee. Sadly however, I could barely stumble upon it and the first time I stumbled upon it, I accidentally crit. hit it so it fainted. I lost my nerves and decided to go with my second choice, which was Grimer, and named him Ooze. I was also incredibly impressed by Burgh's gym which looks spectacular now, definitely one of my favorite gym designs ever - especially with the chilling music, it fits it so much! And Burgh's very own chamber was just ... I was speechless - such creativity, I loved everything, I loved the colors!

    Ooze was the star of this gym as he took care of Swadloon and Leavanny, though I used my Bolt (Flaaffy) to help him take out that annoying Dwebble. Got my third badge and headed towards north where I encountered Akuroma and then Belle.

    Belle gave me an Itemfinder and Akuroma ... he gave me a bunch of paralysis. Seriously, his steel types are annoying.

    Mainly because I have nothing to counter them with. :/

    Current Team:

    Servine/Lord - male
    Flaaffy/Bolt - male
    Ooze/Grimer - male

    Eh, they need more training! xD
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012
  5. mitchman_93

    mitchman_93 AND IT WAS THIS BIG!

    -Started yesterday, fell in love with the game from the menus. Also love the route presentation!
    -Got going, and the music is great throughout. Best music to date.
    -On route 20, going to Sangi Ranch, leveled up Oshawott to level 8. Still nothing worth capturing.
    -Sangi Ranch! What the hell at the gateway code, when its in the same area....whatever.
    -RIOLU IS THE FIRST POKEMON I SEE OMFG <3. ........................Critical Hit tackle. **** my life.
    -Beat the rival and now off to chase him. Au revoir SPPF.
    -Something tells me the seasonal changes are gonna be huge for route 20.

    Oshawott-Level 8
  6. water trainer

    water trainer Knuckle Trainer

    I've just defeated Roxie, got the Toxic badge. I got beat by Roxie the first time haha


    Pignite - lv. 20
    Pidove - lv. 14
    Riolu - lv. 13
  7. Torosiken

    Torosiken This is a title.

    So far, started with a Tepig and it was a female ^^ So I named her Pobu.
    Caught female Azurill, named her Riri. Spent time to catch a Riolu and named him Dareru.

    Challenged Cheren, lost at first try.
    After won against Cheren, went to Roxie's and following the rest things. Tepig evolved here.

    Arrived in Castelia. Azurill and Riolu evolved. Azurill turned into male, then I went for the name rater... (Riri for a male? XD)

    At the moment is grinding for the third gym ;)
  8. XGallade

    XGallade Well-Known Member

    I just got through the sewer part in Castelia city. Damn those grimers and zubats. It's Gen 1 all over again! D:

    I somehow had a ridiculously hard time with both Cheren and Roxie. Cheren just beat the crap out of my Snivy and Lilipup, who were both level 12 at that point. Granted, his lilipup was 13 and spammed Work up till he OHKO'd me, but man that was so fail...
    Roxie was just plain annoying since poison > grass, and Servine didn't know any normal moves. I finally beat her when i smartened up and gave him Return :D.

    Oh yeah, and I managed to get a Riolu. Who's been arguably useless to me ever since i caught him. Evolve already! xD
    My current team:
    Servine: Level 20
    Riolu: Level 15
    Herdier: Level 18
    Seewadle: Level 2 (Only for Cut, lol)
  9. Bardische

    Bardische Elegance.

    I just stopped playing for a while because at first I didn't want to defeat Elesa (because her theme is sexy as hell).

    But then I realized I couldn't beat her, so right now I'm training my Growlithe and Lucario. Lucario has yet to learn Bone Rush, which is an absolute plus for her Pokemon (except Emolga)

    Dewott just learned Aqua Jet, and Shell Blade is now gone (no regrets)

    And I managed to kill a shiny Liepard. Great, just great. Oh well...T_____T
  10. Draknir

    Draknir Team Popplio

    I'm sorry, but wow.

    Got the game yesterday, and, well, I've been playing non-stop. Rather than Nuzlocke it, as was my intention, I opted for just a normal playthrough. Started with Snivy, seeing as how its my favorite of the Unova starters. Managed to get a female on without trying. Beat my rival easily, and went through what I assume is the tutorial stuff. Caught a Purrloin to use as a Cut slave later on. At the Sangi Ranch, I beat my rival after catching a Mareep to use. After that, I finally managed to find a Riolu. Saved the Herdier, and battled the trainers Alder had me battle. Beat Cheren with Snivy and Mareep at Lv.12 and Riolu at Lv.11. Funny, since Riolu was actually switched out during the battle with Patrat only to defeat Lillipup after it defeated both Snivy and Mareep. Made it to Virbank City and caught a Koffing to use. Before battling Roxie, I trained my entire team to Lv.18, with Snivy and Mareep evolving. I had hoped to defeat everyone in her gym with Koffing, but it was defeated by Whirlipede. Beat Roxie, though, and did the stuff to get to Castelia City. After clearing out the Sewers, I decided to train before fighting Burgh. Riolu evolved at Lv.24, surprisingly. Beat Burgh really easily with Koffing, and made my way to Nimbasa City. Trained everyone up to Lv.30 before beating Elesa, with Flaaffy evolving. Caught a Ducklett to use as a Surf and Fly slave until I actually get things that can use them. Got every one up to Lv.32. Clay's gym now owns all of my hate, though I finally managed to get through it. Beat Clay easily, though Servine was Lv.34 at the start of the battle. Easily beat the World Tournament using Servine for most of it, though Lucario was used. Servine got to Lv.36 fighting New Plasma, and thusly evolved. Beat the rest of them easily. Made my way through Chargestone Cave and to Mistralton City after getting my entire team to Lv.38, with Koffing evolving. Beat the trainers leading up to and in Celestial Tower for training. Beat Skyla with Ampharos, and got to Yamaji Town. Made my way through Rebirth Mountain and to Undella Town. Battled Cobalion using Ampharos. Paralyzed it and knocked it into the yellow. I then braced myself for being forced to use the Master Ball like I did in my Jp. White. Then the game trolled me and allowed my to catch it on the first Ultra Ball. After that, I made my way up to Lacunosa Town and beat New Plasma there. Now, I'm currently exploring the Village Bridge in hopes of catching a Lapras. I'm also going to train, seeing as how trainers are at almost the same level as my team.

    Current Team:
    Serperior-Lv.45-Strength, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Coil
    Ampharos-Lv.44-Power Gem, Charge, Thunder Wave, Discharge
    Lucario-Lv.43-Work Up, Quick Attack, Dark Pulse, Force Palm
    Weezing-Lv.42-Gyro Ball, Tackle, Sludge Bomb, Flash
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012
  11. Aura Flare Riolu

    Aura Flare Riolu Cutest Riolu around!

    OMG! While checking out the Hidden Hollow, I found and caught a Shiny Female Sap Sipper Marill at the Sangi Ranch Hidden Hollow! Awesome!

    I have 6 badges right now and I'm training for Drayden.

    Samurott Lv38
    Lucario Lv38
    Magmar Lv37
    Jolteon Lv41
    Vibrava Lv38
    Zoroark Lv36

    Definitely need to grind for this...
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2012
  12. unstopable373

    unstopable373 Well-Known Member

    So a run through really quick, I started with Oshawott since it was the pokemon I started with in pokemon white, always thought Samurott looked pretty cool. So I got to Sangi Ranch after leveling Oshawott everywhere, I got it to lvl 11 until I found my Riolu (took maybe 15 minutes), trained it, took it to Cheren, lost the first time won with a crit water gun the 2nd time. Get to the 2nd city and had a little trouble there, again lost the 1st time and got a para hax the 2nd time with Oshawott almost done (I'm loving my Oshawott atm), afterwards it evolved in Dewott. Got lost for a moment in the 2nd city until I got over my pompous self and actually looked at the map to find out that they didn't replace the 1st 3 cities (which I thought that was what happened :p) got to Castelia City and it took forever to find and catch an Eevee. Got to the third gym, and my counter from Riolu onto Leavanny won me the match pretty much (after that it was Dwebble vs weakened Riolu and Dewott.)

    Took a while to find Trapinich, but I used a repel with a lvl 21 mincinno to find it (took awhile before I find out that's what I pretty much had to do to find a trapinich), got to the 4th gym and trapinich pretty much owned every trainer up to Elesa (who wasn't to hard, but I had to lose some pokemon so Trapinich could revenge kill). After that, I evolved Eevee into Jolteon.Meet up with team plasma and got N's zoura who I thought about using, but decided against it. Beat Clay with Dewott and Trapinich (although Excadrill was a bit of a pain), got to the PWT and entered with Lucario,Trapinich and Jolteon (who evolved earlier, I think before Clay). My strategy was to Volt Switch with Jolteon to either Lucario or Trap and proceded to sweep, which worked out pretty well. After, I went to relic castle and got the Larvesta on steroids (or as some like to call it, a lvl 35 Volcarona)

    Then I get to Chargestone cave and was very disappointed that not even Achroma (or whatever his name is) was even in the cave, considering that I thought he was a perfect fit with the place. But got Ferroseed, and left the cave for Mistralation city, I really liked that gym since you had to be aware at all times what's going on or you have to start all over again. I beat Skyla with Jolteon and Volcarona pretty easily (still Volt Switching at this time) get to the desert area and figure I minus well replace Ferroseed with Skarmory (after taking a while to find the right Ferroseed anyways) took a while to find Skarmory, but found one at lvl 38, go into the cave with Bianca and got some decent training and Trapinich evolved. After I battle my rival I decide I will replace Dewott with a Jellicent (which was first a lvl 40 Frillish). Catch it evolve it, get to route 11 and Virizion jumps right out at me begging me to deliver it from it's misery of looking for a home, I paralyze it, weaken it, throw two dusk balls at it and it's mine. I replace it with Lucario (who I didn't want because of so many people using it, but I needed a fighting type early). Get to the 7th gym, find out I'm 10 levels under lvled (well atleast Jolteon and Volcarona are) and decide to start training so I have an easier time beating Drayden also want to evolve Vibrava before I battle him so I get Flygon with Dragon Tail. Skarmory will probably play a huge part in beating him because of Spikes and it's steel typing along with it's excellent defense

    My team as it stands now:

    Jolteon-lvl 39
    Skarmory-lvl 39
    Jellicent-lvl 41
    Volcarona-lvl 38
    Vibrava-lvl 39
    Virizion-lvl 45
  13. SoraNight

    SoraNight The sky is the limit

    I'm on my way to Oplucid City, which I will probably never get to. This breeder keeps challenging me to a battle and her Emogla paralyzes my Pokemon every single time I pass her. I finally got by without getting paralyzed. Then Virizion jumps off a cliff to challenge me. I fly back to Lacunosa to get Pokeballs, only for the breeder to paralyze me again!

    Samurott-lv. 46

    Lucario-lv. 43

    Arcanine-lv. 45 (Finally learned Flare Blitz and Outrage)

    Vibrava-lv. 43
  14. Too Funk to Druck

    Too Funk to Druck I am America

    I'm just gonna start from Virbank. I beat Roxie pretty easily, using Flaafy with Thundershock and Thunder Wave. Did the Pokewood stuff, and apparently made a good movie. I don't even know what happens in it so OK. Beat the Plasma grunts at the port, but then I got lost since I wasn't paying attention. Once I found out where I was supposed to go, I beat the other Plasma grunt, and then headed to Castelia. I ran around and talked to random people hoping to get items seeing as I didn't understand what anyone was saying. Got to the sewers, beat all the trainers and Plasma grunts, and I am currently attempting to catch an Eevee and train my team up a bit.

    :502: - Wat? level 20
    ;448; - Reese level 20
    ;180; - Mary level 19
    ;058; - Gruff level 19
  15. rckstr

    rckstr Well-Known Member

    Trying to get the 3rd badge.
    Servine lv26
    Riolu lv 23
  16. kaorusquee

    kaorusquee escaper of reality

    Started with Oshawatt, male. I have been running through things pretty quickly for me, because I wanted to see the game^^ Anyway, I just beat Skyla. Totally loved her gym. Reminded me of the avalanches in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Now I am going to stop for a bit and train, well, maybe.
    Current team:
    Dewott Lv. 29
    Magnezone Lv. 36
    Lucario Lv. 26
    Leafeon Lv. 31 (traded him to Black to evolve him)
    Trapinch Lv. 29
    Growlithe Lv. 26
  17. aclover

    aclover VICTORiOUS

    I started my game yesterday, I left off just before entering the sewers in Castelia!
    I've got a good start, traded over my Seel and Swablu eggs after beating Cheren with my Tepig and Sewaddle! :3
    I then caught a Magnemite after I got to Virbank, traded my team to black, trained up there and traded back.
    So all my team are around Level 20, and the sewers look like they're going to be fun(!)
  18. ShadowPierson

    ShadowPierson Member

    Finally got my pokedex seen number value up to 400+ So proud of myself xD I know it isn't much.
    Then my Obtained value just got too 325+ Almost there! I seriously can't wait.

    I just wish B/W Had many more pokemon to catch. Hopefully BW2 Will! :D
  19. R_N

    R_N Better Name GET

    It seems you're talking about your BW1 Pokedex. That would be better off here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...appenings-Thread-(check-first-post-new-rule!)
  20. Shuleek

    Shuleek Shiny Hunter Wannabe

    Started playing Black 2 a few days ago, but I'm advancing slowly. Not because I find the game hard, just because I like to keep it slow and enjoy the game. So, at first I picked Oshawott (As I already tried Snivy - I LOVE Snivy - in Black and I've seen my girlfriend use Tepig in White). As I don't really like Oshawott's design, I quickly evolved him (before Homika's gym). I aslo started trayning Venipede and after I defeated Homika I learned about Riolu, so I went back to get him also :D While training him on Route 4, SURPRISE SURPRISE, I ran into a shiny Darumaka! I thought for a while of using it in my team, but decided I like it better unevolved. Riolu is now Lucario, Venipede is Scolipede (although already boxed) and on my way I also got my hands on Trapinch and N's Zorua. Now I'm standing in front of 5th gym, that's gonna be fun :D
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2012
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