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Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Kreis, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. J Ken

    J Ken RAVE

    Just finished training my Bonsly and I realize I got the wrong Ability. Now I'm working on getting a new one.
  2. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    Black 2: Trained Zweilous to level 64, it evolved into Hydreigon and is now done. Also trained Volcarona to level 70, which means it is done as well, and Latios to level 75. So I only have one final Pokemon to train before I am done with the training.

    White 2: Traded over my trustworthy catching-Smeargle from Black 2 since I will need it to catch legendaries and other stuff in the game. Then I went to the basement of the Seaside Cave since I wanted to catch a Shuckle. I met one quite quickly and captured it. Will probably get the legendaries next, though I have a few more preparations to do...
  3. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I headed over to the Dreamyard after I battled at the restaurant in Striaton City. I captured some wild Pokemon in the tall grass, then I went down to the old lab area and I battled some Scientists and other trainers when I arrived at the back portion of the Dreamyard. I left the area after I had collected all the important items, then I went south to Route 2 after I stocked up on supplies in Striaton City. I battled more trainers down there and I was able to clear the area pretty quickly. I captured a wild Granbull in the Hidden Grotto that was nearby before I arrived at the gatehouse that led to Accumula Town. Once there, I visited the nearby buildings and I talked to everyone. I swapped Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, then I went south to Route 1. I encountered a couple of trainers there, and I also fished and captured a wild Feebas. I Surfed until I arrived at Route 17 and I saved the game there.
  4. Tenilius

    Tenilius Well-Known Member

    Threw a few female Scraggy's on the GTS in an attempt to get a hidden ability female Shroomish for Techician Breloom and Poliwag for Drizzle Politoed. After checking back the next day I recieved a Shroomish with its hidden ability Quick Feet and average IVs and an almost flawless Poliwag (30/30/31/31/31/31 IVs) with its hidden ability Swift Swim very happy that I got them both on the first offer for each.

    In other news I finished levelling the last of my team to Lv100, my Electivire. Next step is to breed for a good Subway team and train them for EVs.
  5. Paladin of Arceus

    Paladin of Arceus Grey Warden

    Dis: My DS system is too old to connect to modern wifi systems, so I can't download Keldeo.

    Dis: The DS Lite that I play Black2 on had to recharge this morning, so I couldn't bring it with me today to try to download Keldeo.
  6. amittal12

    amittal12 Sceptile Maniac

    I played Black 2 and did the same stuff that I did in White 2 last week.I checked out Accumula Town which was very boring.Then I went to Route 1 and defeated some of the trainers on the route and arrived in Nuvema Town.There wasn't much to do but I went to Cheren,Bianca and Hilbert/Hilda's house and also to Juniper's Lab.I got the Super Rod from Cedric Juniper.I continued my journey on Route 1 and defeated all the remaining trainers there and went to Route 17.Here,I defeated some of the trainers and got to Route 18 through the currents.I defeated the trainers there though the Veterans were difficult.I met Pastoria Gym Leader,Crasher Wake here.I got the Magma Stone here that I will use to awaken Heatran.Through the currents,I reached P2 Laboratory where there wasn't anything.I saw the Plasma Frigate boarded there and went inside.I went up to Colress and he challenged me to a battle again.

    Vs Colress
    -He started with Magneton and I sent out Probopass.
    -Magneton's Volt Switch did some damage and switched to Rotom-W while Probopass's Earth Power didn't affect Rotom-W due to the latter's Levitate.
    -Rotom-W's Hydro Pump missed while Probopass's Power Gem did little damage.
    -Rotom-W defeated Probopass with Hydro Pump but lost some HP due to Life Orb.I sent out Serperior.
    -Serperior's Leaf Blade did some damage while Rotom-W used Will-O-Wisp to burn Serperior.Serperior was hurt by its burn.
    -I used Burn Heal to cure Serperior's burn while Colress used Full Restore to heal Rotom-W.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Serperior's Leaf Blade did high damage while Rotom-W's Hydro Pump did some damage.Rotom-W lost some HP due to Life Orb while Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Serperior defeated Rotom-W with another Leaf Blade.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.Colress sent out Magnezone.
    -Serperior's Aqua Tail did little damage while Magnezone used Thunder Wave to paralyze Serperior.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Magnezone's Flash Cannon did some damage while Serperior's Aqua Tail did little damage.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Magnezone defeated Serperior with another Flash Cannon.I sent out Magmortar.
    -Magmortar defeated Magnezone with Flamethrower.Colress sent out Metagross.
    -Magmortar OHKO'ed Metagross with Flamethrower.Colress sent out Klinklang.
    -Magmortar OHKO'ed Klinklang with Flamethrower popping its Air Balloon.Colress sent out Beheeyem.
    -Magmortar's Flamethrower did some damage while Beheeyem used Calm Mind to raise its Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense.Beheeyem's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Magmortar's Flamethrower did some damage while Beheeyem used Recover to heal half of its HP.Beheeyem's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Magmortar's Flamethrower did some damage while Beheeyem used Recover to heal itself.
    -Magmortar's Flamethrower did some damage and burned Beheeyem while Beheeyem's Psychic did heavy damage.Beheeyem's Leftovers healed it a little but it was hurt by its burn.
    -Magmortar's Flamethrower did some damage but it was knocked out by Beheeyem's Psychic.Beheeyem's Leftovers healed it a little but it was hurt by its burn.I sent out Swanna.
    -Swanna's Surf did some damage but it was defeated by Beheeyem's Psychic.Beheeyem's Leftovers healed it a little but it was hurt by its burn and fainted.I sent out Scrafty while Colress sent out Magneton.
    -Magneton's Flash Cannon did some damage while Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick did massive damage.
    -Magneton's Flash Cannon did some damage but it was knocked out by Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.

    Colress gave me Master Ball for defeating him.I healed my Pokemon after the battle and made my way out of the Frigate.I defeated the remaining trainers on Route 17 and 18 and got the few items.Then I flew back to Nuvema Town and saved the game.


    [​IMG]Lv.68 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Outrage/Aqua Tail/Aerial Ace) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    [​IMG]Lv.70 Female Hasty (Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Focus Blast/Psychic) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

    [​IMG]Lv.69 Male Naughty (Crunch/Hi Jump Kick/Head Smash/Zen Headbutt) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Wide Lens

    [​IMG]Lv.69 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Ice Beam/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

    [​IMG]Lv.68 Male Lax (Power Gem/Earth Power/Thunderbolt/Bulldoze) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet

    [​IMG]Lv.69 Male Quirky (Return/Close Combat/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch) Ability:Immunity Held Item:Silk Scarf
  7. Bathrezz

    Bathrezz Well-Known Member

    I have a few spares if you wanted to trade one of your other event pokemon for it.
  8. Noctali

    Noctali Umbreon

    Beat Drayden a few days ago, wasn't that hard since I ended up teaching Samurott Blizzard. Afterward I had to deal with Team Plasma's shenanigans and all that. Now I'm in Humilau City. I really don't think I'll have too much of an issue with this gym since I have Ampharos. I also evolved my Growlithe recently, which is now an Arcanine (I cant' remember if that I mentioned that last time).
  9. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    I caught a Hippowdon at the desert resort and I decided to get another one to trade to that girl in Accumula, when i encounter a second Hippowdon it was a shiny one. I had difficulty trying to catch it and it was in red health with burn status and was about to faint. I was forced to use Master bal, thats ok since I got all the legends thats in the game.
  10. Mokepon22

    Mokepon22 Well-Known Member

    So far I have several Pokemon running around in the Entree Forest, stocking em up until I get Pokemon Y :D

    Did couple trading between my White & White 2 with the help of the GTS & persons on here :)

    Completed my collection of Dream Radar Creation trio as well as my starters collections, only Squirtle & Cyndaquil are left to be fully evolved

    Caught 2 Chinchou at Undella Bay, a level 50 jolly Seaking, found a Venonat in the Hidden Grotto which I SR'd over a thousand time for the right nature & IVs -_-

    Transferred a timid Togepi & Mamoswine that knows Avalanche from Platinum, gonna evolve Togepi later

    Been training my Metagross, Salamence, Gallade, Swampert & Golurk

    Bred couple Icicle Crash & Avalanche Swinubs, saving one for Pokemon Y and using one for an in-game team
  11. Paladin of Arceus

    Paladin of Arceus Grey Warden

    hahahahahahahahaha!!! Omg my sides!!! Bahahahahahahaha!!! Omg im dying!!! *gasp* ... Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dis: I've quit playing B2 and W2, and may have to quit Pokémon altogether if I can't get X/Y and a 3DS to play them on, which I don't think I can. I'll still keep in the loop regarding release news and the fan community, but with nothing more to do on any of my current Pokémon games, I'm effectively finished with the entire franchise to date, and blocked from playing new Pokémon games for the foreseeable future. I will miss Pokémon dearly and try to follow updates as long as possible, but even when I can no longer do so, I will always be a fan at heart, and cherish my memories until Death calls my name.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2013
  12. silver_phoenix

    silver_phoenix Fluffy Pokemon Trainer

    I started battling at Black Tower and I got a Kanghaskan from the Dream World yesterday. waiting for a few hours to go in the Dream World again.
  13. Douchemon

    Douchemon Scientist

    After 2 Evenings of breeding i bred myself a near Flawless Pansage. Feel pretty good :) Nearing my 400 Hours of gametime aswell. And still hunting that darned Skill link Cincino in the grotto.
  14. kilroy40

    kilroy40 Brock 'n' Roll

  15. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    I have not been very good at journaling my adventures. :(

    But! I do have some news on what's up in my journey. I've been prepared for the Winter Friendly Wi-Fi Tournament for the whole week, so I've been replenishing my shards in the mean time, since I've pretty much extinguished my Yellow Shard stock. I thought you could only get shards by losing at the PWT, but then I found out you could Funfest Mission by yourself, so I'm now rolling in the shards. :D

    Beyond that, I've been breeding Pokemon for my friends. I promised them some Pokemon for Christmas, and I've been really bad about getting it to them, so I'm gonna have to get back on that. Sometimes, I feel like I have too much to do in Pokemon. I want to breed the Pokemon I want to have in my in-game, so that I can EV train them and possibly use them in Competitive Battles too, so I have a lot to do. :p

    Still nowhere near completing the Pokedex though. :(
  16. silver_phoenix

    silver_phoenix Fluffy Pokemon Trainer

    I got to Floor 6-7 in Black Tower but got wiped out by the boss! Now I'm going through it again. All of my Pokemon are at 70 or up so it's really not that hard. I am also playing Hard Mode.
  17. I just lost my streak in the Battle Subway. >.< I was at 51. Dragonite had trouble setting up against Hippowdon due to the sandstorm hindering his recovery, and then, when I got to the second Pokémon, it was a Gigalith with a freaking Custap Berry. I suppose that, if I were more familiar with the Subway's Pokémon, I would have known to Protect against the berry, but I didn't, so I lost Dragonite. I managed to kill off the Gigalith with Durant, but then the next Pokémon was Terrakion, and Truant hindered me really badly. So... Yeah, I lost. I'm going to try again, though.
  18. Sheevera

    Sheevera Fire Trainer

    I just beat Team Plasma and am about to go to the Elite Four.
  19. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    I chose Oshawott as my starter and caught Riolu. I defeated the first six gym leaders and am about to go get Juniper from the tower. I also got Keldeo on both versions
  20. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Big post incoming! I've spent a week in the Alps and I've got a week's worth of progress to splurge out:

    On the plane over I found time to play pokemon and realised I still hadn't done Skyla's gym. I realised I had the oppourtunity to fight Skyla, a pilot and Flying type gym leader, in a plane hangar themed gym while inside a real plane flying at 30,000 ft in the air. After comprehending the awesome, I did her gym. Initially I found the trainers were about 5 levels above me, so I trained on Route 7 up to 34-5 and also got a Lucky Egg from Juniper. Skyla was thankfully a bit of a pushover really, a nice breather after Elesa's curbstomp and Clay almost destroying me too. Braviary destroyed Swoobat and Magneton owned Skarmory but Thundershock was too weak to beat Swanna and Maggy got KO'd by a crit Bubblebeam. Swanna was weakened enough that Frillish could Ominous wind it to death. I got the Jet badge and frankly being blown out of the gym is one of the funniest moments in the game. I'm glad to see Skyla still doesn't give a damn about trainers' safety.

    I grinded through Celestial Tower before heading over to Lentimas. The pokemon in Reversal Mountain scared me a bit and even wild pokemon escaped my repels because my team were still so low levelled. Even now at the village bridge they're only lvl 38. I evolved my Magneton into Magnezone to help with the difficulty.
    Once I got to Lentimas Town, Darmanitan and Serperior evolved as well and I taught the latter Dragon Pulse. I think I might not teach it Aqua Tail. Getting shards is tough and I really like Leech Seed. Meanwhile, Braviary still waits for Superpower.
    Reversal Mountain was annoying to traverse as my pokemon were still too low leveled to avoid some wild pokemon battles. Still bianca was a good partner with that beast of a Musharna. On my way I got the Shadow Ball TM before exiting towards Undella. I still haven't properly explored the Strange House because of wild pokemon.

    Undella looks awesome and it's summer music is as upbeat as ever and I finally get another battle with Hugh and that awesome music. He really needs a better team, but he is an excellent rival in terms of personality, always unleashing rage and whatnot. I headed up on to the massive route 13. I found it weird that Cobalion was just chilling in the middle of the route, but gosh that route is big. I will explore route 14 and Undella bay later if I need the exp.
    finally made it to Lacunosa and reheard the stories of Reshiram and Kyurem. I'm surprised GF included the Lacunosus cloud reference, so kudos to them. I also got to battle Zinzolin. A bit of a pushover with his Cryogonal but whatever. Hugh runs off and I explore Route 12. I don't like this route because of how boring it is. It's just a big square. Feels a bit meh after the grandeur of Rt 13. Ah well.
    I stopped at the Village Bridge and headed to the Join Avenue to rank up some shops. Notably I got the gym to rank 4 unlocking HP lvl 8. Serperior appreciates that.

    Finally, on the way back from the Alps I completed the Everlasting Memories series in pokestar studios. That finale was quite dark and saddening, what with F-00 being as suicidal as a robot can be. I am loving how deep some of these plots get.
    As a result of completing the series I got my 50th medal. woot.

    Next I'm catching more pokemon. Those pokestar movies got me about 100,000 P and I've got a fresh stock of Ultra Balls hungry for catching.

    EDIT: Oh cool, 2000th post in the thread.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
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