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Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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Sceptile Maniac
I played Black 2 and did some stuff.I went to Reversal Mountain and caught Heatran in an Ultra Ball.It is Male and has Calm Nature.I then went to Black Tower and attempted Area 2 and was easily able to clear it winning 1 Calcium as reward.I then went to Undella Town where I met Hugh.He gave me HM Dive and challenged me to a battle which I easily won.After he left,Zinzolin came over and gave me a script for reading the text of Abyssal Ruins.I saved after that.

Vs Hugh
-He started with Unfezant and I sent out Swanna.
-Swanna's Ice Beam did massive damage while Unfezant used Swagger to raise Swanna's Attack and confuse it.
-Hugh used Full restore to heal Unfezant while Swanna hurt itself in confusion.
-Swanna's Ice Beam did massive damage again while Unfezant's Facade did some damage.
-Swanna knocked out Unfezant with Ice Beam.Hugh sent out Bouffalant.
-Swanna's Surf did high damage but it was defeated by Bouffalant's Wild Charge who took some recoil.I sent out Scrafty.
-Scrafty defeated Bouffalant with Hi Jump Kick.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Hugh sent out Emboar.
-Emboar's Hammer Arm missed and it was defeated by Scrafty's Zen Headbutt.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Hugh sent out Simipour.
-Simipour's Surf did some damage but it was defeated by Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Hugh sent out Flygon.
-Flygon's Earthquake did some damage but it was defeated by Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Hugh sent out Eelektross.
-Scrafty OHKO'ed Eelektross with Crunch.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.


Lv.71 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Outrage/Aqua Tail/Aerial Ace) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

Lv.72 Female Hasty (Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Focus Blast/Psychic) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

Lv.72 Male Naughty (Crunch/Hi Jump Kick/Head Smash/Zen Headbutt) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Wide Lens

Lv.71 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Ice Beam/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

Lv.72 Male Lax (Power Gem/Flash Cannon/Earth Power/Thunderbolt) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet

Lv.71 Male Quirky (Return/Close Combat/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch) Ability:Immunity Held Item:Silk Scarf
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1 more day ^^
On my way to Village bridge Mitzi, my meinfoo who was my newest 6th team member died so now I'm using Butch, my roselia. I'm now in Opelucid city praying that I can beat Drayden with nothing good against dragon types >.> Current team:

Tabby the gigalith lv 40
Bill the swanna lv 43
Harry the gothitelle lv 41
Merry the confagrigus lv 43
Ricky the seviper lv 43
Butch the roserade lv 43


hey trainer
Journal Entry April 9th, 2013

PKMN Trainer Justin
ID No. 28317
Pokedex 460
Time 529:02



Went to the real life Pokemon Center today in Yokohama. First time in a few months, as usual. Spent soooo much money there. I think when you convert the money I spent nearing $100 on Pokemon merch, although some of it was for other people. But mostly mine haha.

But the reason I bring this up on my White 2 Journal Entry is that this trip was pretty influential to what's going on in Pokemon White 2 for me.

First of all, made some decent headway in my Join Avenue. I asked two (level 10) NPCs to drop their (Nursery and Dojo) shops so that I could get some Japanese players to take over their shops. Probably not the best choice, but I like having real people man my shops. Looks like I'll be spending some time in the Magnemite Coil! xP

But also, when I was shopping, I noticed the store's limited selection on plushes. So I decided to just grab an Eeveelution. I originally went with Eevee, cos I wasn't entirely sure on what my favorite Eeveelution was, so I didn't want to decide. But after walking around the store a few times, I decided that I really, really wanted Glaceon. So I put Eevee down and grabbed Glaceon. Now this is relevant to my journal entry because I want to make all of you who actually read these things jealous I decided that I wanted to breed myself a Glaceon on my White 2 cart. So that is now my current objective, particularly because I need to get all the Eeveelutions for my White 2 Pokedex anyways. This'll be helpful! (I named my plush and my eventual Glaceon Isles, by the way, referencing the band Isles and Glaciers cos they have a very cool, wintery sounding name).

So now I am just hanging out at the Day Care Center, waiting for a good Eevee to pop up. :) I'm also kind of just reevaluating teams, trying to find a solid team to rely on in the upcoming International Challenge - April!

Now listening to: Paramore's new self-titled album, Paramore.


1 more day ^^
I beat all ofthe trainers in the Opelucid gym yesterday, but in the process, Ricky died D= Now I'm using Cyrano, my pawniard.
Current team:
Tabby the gigalith lv 44
Bill the swanna lv 43
Harry the gothitelle lv 43
Merry the confagrigus lv 44
Butch the roserade lv 43
Cyrano the pawniard lv 40
Sally the patrat
Joey the dewott
Bree the raticate
Jay the magmar
Del the krockorok
Sprocket the klink
Mitzi the meinfoo
Ricky the seviper


Well-Known Member
Currently at route 12! Im training up and more :D
Taking a while and oh look I found a wild level 40 heracross! WICKED! His a keeper. Well depends if zoroark makes him faint... Zoroarks just stalling him out with a faint attack but failed and fainted! Bye zoroark!NO I PRESSED RUN WHHYY?!?! I go back to heal up zoroark who's currently level 49. Hopefully I overlevel my team to level 50 before Drayden. Haxurus if gonna take care of drayden I think. He already is 2 levels higher than draydens haxurus.
I start training zoroark to level 50 and samurott up 2 levels. Saving game.

Master Ask

I am your Greninja
I got my White 2 team up to minimum lvl 97 and maximum 99. Working on completing the National Dex. More than halfway done, but I have ~500 Pokémon to transfer over from White 1 after I catch 500 Patrats on White 2 (lol). So I should be finishing the dex pretty soon :)


Well-Known Member
Whew! Im on a role today! Leveled all my team to elvel 50, I had to do it to lucario and ampharos since they werent level 50. I adventured to Ocupled City and battled the Defense Girl in the gym. She was such a pain, using dragon dance then a protect and finished off with a critical hit on duel chop! I bet her then went to battle the next person. Pretty easy haxorus beat her whole team! Healed up then went to Drayden. Whew he was pretty easy. Killed druddigon with dragon pulse in 2 hits. Haxurous in 2 hits and his last pokemon in one dragon pulse. Great job Haxuros. I gave him Bulldoze to replace Slash because he was very good so he got a promotion (and also hekp to take away electric types)
I made my way in the marine tube. I didnt bother looking around I just rode m bike through it. When i arrived at the next city I healed up and quickly took on the gym. It was quite easy even without ampharos. (I dont know if I used him!) I headed to the Plasma Fridgate and solved the puzzle. I got really annoyed knowing I was on a wild goosechase with no fly so I headed to Giant Chasm on foot. No reples. No fly. Really annoying. Got the card key and guessed the code. i got luckey there PHEW!
Battled more team plasma grunts! Boy, they're annoying. I entered Colress's room quickly saved before the battle because it smelt fishy and I wanted to be sure. The battle was easy but he hit a volt switch on Arcanine all the time. And it killed my Samurott as I forgot it had discharge! *Facepalm* Im currently in Ghetias's room talking about Hugh's sisters lost purloin from 5 years ago! Can't he get over it? It doesnt even remember him or her and its a liepard. Well Hugh sure is a bother but at least he doesnt spam battle you like after your gym badge Bianca or Cheren,maybe both will spam battle you. My teams levels are all level 55 or 56 maximum. Quiete satisfied by that! Need more training though and if I fail the E4 or champion (probably not Iris is so easy) I might need backup (Level 100 zoroark AKA the staller and if all fails just be nice and us fury swipes if not, faint attack and beat this guy) :D
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Sceptile Maniac
I played White 2 and did the same stuff that I did in Black 2.I went to Reversal Mountain and caught Heatran in a Luxury Ball.It is Male and has Lonely Nature.I then went to White Treehollow and attempted Area 2 and was easily able to clear it winning 1 Zinc as reward.I then went to Undella Town where I met Hugh.He gave me HM Dive and challenged me to a battle which I easily won.After he left,Zinzolin came over and gave me a script for reading the text of Abyssal Ruins.I saved after that.

Vs Hugh
-He started with Unfezant and I sent out Electivire.
-Electivire OHKO'ed Unfezant with Wild Charge but took some recoil.Hugh sent out Bouffalant.
-Electivire's Wild Charge did high damage but took some recoil and was defeated by Bouffalant's Earthquake.I sent out my Flygon.
-Flygon defeated Bouffalant with Outrage.Hugh sent out his Flygon.
-My Flygon OHKO'ed Foe Flygon with Outrage but got confused due to fatigue.Hugh sent out Eelektross.
-Flygon's Outrage did heavy damage while Eelektross's Dragon Claw did some damage.Eelektross's Leftovers healed it a little.Flygon snapped out of confusion.
-Flygon defeated Eelektross with Outrage but got confused due to fatigue.Hugh sent out Serperior.
-Serperior used Coil to raise its Attack,Defense and Accuracy while Flygon's Fire Punch did some damage.
-Serperior defeated Flygon with Leaf Storm but its Sp.Attack fell.I sent out Samurott.
-Serperior OHKO'ed Samurott with Leaf Blade.I sent out Crobat.
-Crobat's Cross Poison did some damage while Serperior's Leaf Blade did little damage.
-Hugh used Full Restore to heal Serperior while Crobat's Cross Poison did some damage.
-Crobat's Cross Poison did some damage while Serperior's Leaf Blade did little damage.
-Crobat knocked out Serperior with another Cross Poison.Hugh sent out Simisear.
-Crobat flew up high.Simisear's Rock Slide missed.
-Crobat's Fly did heavy damage while Simisear's Rock Slide did some damage.
-Crobat knocked out Simisear with Cross Poison.


Lv.71 Male Serious (Surf/Ice Beam/Grass Knot/Megahorn) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

Lv.71 Male Mild (Wild Charge/Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Earthquake) Ability:Motor Drive Held Item:Expert Belt

Lv.71 Female Sassy (Cross Poison/Fly/X-Scissor/Zen Headbutt) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

Lv.71 Male Naive (Flare Blitz/Earthquake/Rock Slide/U-Turn) Ability:Sheer Force Held Item:Charcoal

Lv.71 Female Sassy (Earthquake/Outrage/Fire Punch/U-Turn) Ability:Levitate Held Item:Soft Sand

Lv.72 Male Hasty (Night Daze/Hidden Power Fighting/Flamethrower/Grass Knot) Ability:Illusion Held Item:BlackGlasses


I just got the strange ending in the 'Brycen man strikes back harder' movie, and oh my God! That was the cutest ending ever !!!! I'm not going to spoil anything, but I can tell how to achieve it...? unless y'all know, or know how to use google...
Aaaaaand I'm a moviestar famous all over Unova..

And hey, my Umbreon reached lv. 81 today too. It was a good day
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I flew over to Nimbasa City in order to battle some trainers at the Small Court and Big Stadium, then I flew over to Accumula Town and I headed south to Route 1. I used Surf and I went all the way to Route 18 and I caught a couple of Hoppip that appeared because of an outbreak. I then headed over to the P2 Laboratory area of the route and I boarded the Plasma Frigate. I battled Colress there again and I flew over to Victory Road. I bought some items at the Pokemon Center there and then I went over to Nacrene City and I revived a couple of fossils at the Nacrene Museum. I left a Omanyte and a Kabuto at the Day Care Center on Route 3 afterwards and I went to Pinwheel Forest after that. I spent some time there looking for a wild Pansage, then I went past Skyarrow Bridge and I arrived in Castelia City. I battled the trainers at the Game Freak building and then I saved the game.

Master Ask

I am your Greninja
Today, April 13, 2013, I legitimately have captured all 649 Pokémon on White 2, Kyogre being the final one ofcourse. ;) Obtained my Shiny charm along with it. :)


Well-Known Member
Made my way up victory road! HUZZAY! TO VICTORY MY POKEMON FRIENDS. O figured I dont wanna use my old Black 2 easy team on the E4 I'll use my new team as they have been with me this whole entire time while the others were boxed away in white until the E4. I finally passed victory road without healing one bit from a docter or anything really! 3 pokemon were fainted samurott had 100 hp left and arcanine and ampharos had half their HP remaining. I cant believe I forgot I had to beat Hugh before the E4. I forgot about it since on my other black 2 playthrough I forgot about Hugh and started doing the pokedex until I complete it! Finally using 2 of my 20 revives just for back up and I dont trust Nurse Joy that much after seeing her look in black and white in the anime. I healed up then went to the E4. Beat Catlin first since she was easiest. I had a level 60 zoroark and ampharos that had a signal beam and a samurott with x scissor even though Zoroark worked much better. Quite satisfied with my teammates here so ill challenge the ghost girl then the dark vampire guy and last but not least my worst enemy of them all Marshal the zoroark breaker,lucario breaker and just has an annoying team to stall me out on! UGH~!
Current team
Are these good types to have on a team?


Well-Known Member
As I left Nimbasa, I ran into Hugh confronting Team Plasma. I helped Hugh in battle. After they fled, Hugh informed me that Team Plamsa stole his sister's Purrloin when he was younger. He thanked me for helping and healed my Pokemon. I then arrived at Route 5. Before could explore, Bianca appear and gave me a tutorial on hidden grottoes. I followed her to one. It contained a dream world ability Minccino, which I caught. After Bianca left, I defeated Heartbreaker Charles in a battle, giving me access to the Charizard Drawbridge and Driftveil City.

I crossed the bridge and arrived in Driftveil City. Making my way to the Pokemon center, I witnessed a Team Plasma member bullying another member. Apparently, Team Plasma split into two factions, one that follows N and another that follows Ghetsis. N's team wants to protect Pokemon while Ghetsis wants to take over the world.

Kall El

Well it's been quite a while since I've BW2 as I'm currently vacating in Hoenn's Frontier.
However I did get all my Pokemon from previous generation/games over to BW2.
I have quite a list of Pokemon from each game and it's been fun using them in Isshu.
Needed to train a few them and evolve them like Blastoise.
Will probably pick up from here and go challenge Alder, E4 rematch and N soon.


Never Say Forever
Black 2: Decided that the next thing I'm going to do here is to get enough BP to buy all of the TMs that are available at the PWT and Battle Subway. I decided to try the Subway this time around since I have completed most of the PWT. I entered the Super Single Line with the team I used for the PWT, have won the first 14 battles so far, will continue tomorrow to see if I can beat my previous record.

White 2: Traded over some EV-trained Pokemon from Black 2, then I entered the Subway here as well, with a team of Dragonite, Gyarados and Lucario. I started with the Single Line, and won all 21 battles, which unlocked the Super Single Line. Continued with the Double Line, adding a Gengar to the team. I won all of the 21 battles here as well, giving me the right to challenge the Super Double Line. Tomorrow, I'll try the Multi Line and see if I can complete it as well.


Well-Known Member
I managed to catch Tornadus on the Dream Radar the other day, now I'm working on getting more orbs for the other two...

At the moment I'm between challenging the PWT (currently challenging Johto), working on my Join Avenue (Raiety) and finally trying to catch Virizion, seeing as I already have one from the previous players game. :p It's just been standing there on Route 11 for months.

One question, if I defeated it earlier at level 40 something, and it wasn't shiny, is it possible to be shiny now it's level 65? I don't know if it resets as a separate Pokemon or anything.
White 2: After training at Route 7 and the Celestial Tower, my Pokemon were ready to take on Skyla. I easily got my 6th badge with the help of Ampharos, and I have now landed in Lentimas Town to start my journey to solve the mystery of the dragon Pokemon. I'm quite excited to see how the story will turn from here, and I'm now training around Reversal Mountain. I can't wait to see what kind of fire Pokemon live around there. (^∇^)


PokeMaster JoeyII
national dex complete

i finished my national dex finally :p. uploaded video to youtube of me getting the shiny charm and the certificate from gamefreaks.

now i think ill take a little brake; then jump in too raising joint avenues levels, fighting white tree forests last person and then beating the elite 4 for a second time. might also battle N.


pain in the ***
I spotted Black 2 at the used game store yesterday. Just the game card, no case or manual, $30. Was not sure I wanted to get it. Then I started watching a Pokemon Black walkthrough on YouTube and realized "OMG I must have this game!" After an entirely sleepless night and morning (thank you so much for that, wretched dog who walks up and down the hall for hours >.<), I took some old games into the used game store to trade. I ended up getting Black 2 for an equal trade. Once I stop cackling madly, then I'll see about actually starting to play it.

I also brought home a male Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens) with pure black scales, but I don't think that counts
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