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Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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3 hours into white 2, and ran into a shiny magnemite, Yes!


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Chapter 2

- Defeated Roxie's band of trainers easily
- This time around, i actually struggled through Roxie's Whirlipede.
Killing my Emolga. I actually took it down with Rock Slide with my baby Larvitar.
- Went to Pokestar Studios
- Haha, Mr. Stu Deeoh
- Damn SO BORING in the studios. Brycen owned me, lol.
- Released film, best film ever!
- Me, Roxie and Hugh VS Plasma Grunt, owned them
- HM01 Cut from Roxie
- At route 20, beat the grunt
- Ask Pop Roxie to take us to Castelia
- Awesome night scene going to Castelia City
- Free Bike from random clown, cool
- Quick Claw from the girl
- Damn, Castelia gives everything. The old man just gave
me an exp.share
- Analytics, second clown
- 3rd clown found
- TM45 Attract from girl
- Amulet Coin, thank you wise old man
- Damn i havent found 40 Pokemon, what does the scientist give you?
whatever, got charcoal upstairs.
- Town Connector, meet Bianca and get the Dowsing Machine
- Items, ex.TM70 Flash from glasses man and rare candy from clown, revive
- Beat GAME FREAK Nishino's Clefairy
- Beat GAME FREAK Morimoto's Three Monkeys

Chapter 3

- Traded my newly caught Patrat away for my Staryu egg
- Went to the gym to check it out, no Burgh
- Met IRIS outside the gym
- Find Iris and Hugh and go down the Castelia Sewers
- Items, ex. TwistedSpoon, X Special, Rare Bone
- Beat the 2 Plasma Grunts and shut their mouths in a duo battle alongside Hugh
- Hatched my Staryu egg and gave it exp.share, leveling up so fast
- Met Burgh down in the sewers
- "Bugging Me" - Burgh. LOL, hes a bug trainer. The puns in this game :p
- Hugh gives HM04 Strength and leaves. Weird hair scientist pops out of nowhere
- Damn i love Burgh new theme of his gym, - Fresh Water from guy
- Beat all his trainers with my Larvitar really easily and Staryu's leveling like crazy
- Wait, wth. Why is Burgh in a random room full of colors, lol. Oh wells
- Beat his Level 22 Swadloon and his Level 22 Dwebble with my Emolga, forcing it to get some exp
- Leavanny was a pain in the butt for me. Damn Sitrus Berry, Swarm and Struggle Bug
- Thank god for Revive, finally Larvitar takes him out with Return with help from scary face and my silk scarf
- TIP: Keep and hold Rare Bone till' very later to remind you that you can sell the bone for double the price
of the price in the market to a man later in-game.
- Tried to find a lot of trainers and pokes in Castelia Sewers to train Staryu, now Star is my strongest :eek:,
easiest to level up
- Went to PC, healed and saved

Well, that was a long episode. This is how my team stands so far:

~ Level 22
@ Amulet Coin
- Shock Wave
- Pursuit
- Quick Attack
- Double Team

~ Level 23
@ Silk Scarf
- Return
- Rock Slide
- Bite
- Scary Face

~ Level 24
@ Mystic Water
- Water Gun
- Rapid Spin
- Recover
- Swift
wouldn't having a larvesta on your team decrease your team's hp due to the sandstorm?
Larvitar =/= Larvesta. Furthermore, Larvitar doesn't get Sand Stream until it becomes Tyranitar.

Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 11

Acc: Went around and battled a horde of missed/dodged trainers, exploring with the Dowsing Machine along the way.
Acc: Found where Azelf hangs out on Rte.23, decided not to try to catch him just yet.
Acc: Found Yancy's lost Xtransceiver, received many calls in many different locations; most recent one was Rte.9.
Acc: Found the Lunar Wing in the Strange House, found out what that teleporting ghost girl was doing on Marvelous Bridge in BW1.
Acc: Circled around to Icirrus before getting tired and flying back home.
Acc: Taught my Gen4 Blaziken Thunderpunch. Also found that Iron Head and Signal Beam are very cheap, at 4 Red Shards apiece.

Acc: Received the Treehollow Key from W2.
Dis: Have not yet tried to obtain the Tower Key to send to W2.
Dis: Have been temporarily ignoring B2 to focus on completing W2.


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Defeated Black Tower under 3 hours. (Don't know if that is fast, but I gained 600.000 PokeCash :-D)
SR'ed for a Jolly Likes to trash about Shiny Gible. (Took me half a hour.)
EV trained my Shiny Gible (It has perfect atk IV.) It now has 252 Atk, 252 spd, 4 hp.

Now going further to complete my Black2 pokédex, sad thing is that I have to do newgame on my pearl, since that I'm stuck in a void.


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In White 2,I went through Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest and defeated all the trainers there.I then challenged the gym.I defeated all the trainers,healed and challenged Elesa.She wasn't easy but I defeated her.She started with Emolga while I sent out Dewott.Emolga's Volt Switch did heavy damage and it switched to Flaffy.Dewott's Razor Shell OHKO'ed Flaffy.Elesa sent out Emolga again.Emolga knocked out Dewott with Quick Attack.I sent out Darumaka.Emolga's Volt Switch did heavy damage and switched to Zebstrika.Darumaka's Rock Tomb did some damage and reduced Zebstrika's Speed.Zebstrika defeated Darumaka with Volt Switch and switched to Emolga.I sent out Crobat.Emolga's Quick Attack did little damage while Crobat's Venoshock did some damage.Crobat's Venoshock did some damage while Emolga's Volt Switch did some damage and switched to Zebstrika.Zebstrika's Pursuit did little damage while Crobat's Venoshock did some damage.Zebstrika's Sitrus Berry restored health.Zebstrika knocked out Crobat with Flame Charge increasing its speed.I sent out Trapinch.Trapinch defeated Zebstrika with Bulldoze.Elesa sent out Emolga.Elesa used Hyper Potion to restore Emolga's HP while Trapinch's Rock Slide did heavy damage.Trapinch took little damage from Emolga's Pursuit and knocked out Emolga with Rock Slide.I won the Bolt Badge and got TM Volt Switch which I taught to Elekid.I defeated two Team Plasma Grunts and went to Route 5.Bianca showed me and told about Hidden Grottos and gave me HM Fly which I taught to Crobat.I defeated all the trainers on the route and went through Driftveil Drawbridge to reach Driftveil City.Elekid learned ThunderPunch and I tutored it Ice Punch.I defeated Team Plasma Rood as well.He started with Herdier and I sent out Darumaka.Darumaka did some damage with Fire Punch while Herdier used Work Up to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Darumaka defeated Herdier with another Fire Punch.Rood sent out Swoobat.Swoobat's Air Cutter did some damage while Darumaka's Rock Tomb missed.Swoobat's Air Cutter did some more damage while Darumaka's Rock Tomb did heavy damage.Swoobat defeated Darumaka with Heart Stamp.I sent out Crobat.Crobat knocked out Swoobat with Bite.Rood gave me my sixth and final team member,a Zorua.It is Male and has Hasty Nature.I went to Relic Passage again and bought many Super Repels.I went Shard Hunting and after some time got enough Red Shards to teach Fire Punch to Trapinch.I also trained Zorua on Route 5 to bring it to the levels of my other team members.I went to teach Trapinch Fire Punch but I found that it can only learn Fire Punch as a Flygon.I saved the progress.


Lv.29 Male Serious (Razor Shell/Water Pulse/Revenge/Tail Whip) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

Lv.29 Male Mild (ThunderPunch/Ice Punch/Low Kick/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Expert Belt

Lv.29 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Fly/Wing Attack/Bite) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

Lv.29 Male Naive (Fire Punch/Dig/Rock Tomb/Thrash) Ability:Hustle Held Item:Charcoal

Lv.30 Female Sassy (Dig/Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Bide) Ability:Arena Trap Held Item:Quick Claw

Lv.29 Male Hasty (Snarl/Foul Play/Dig/Fury Swipes) Ability:Illusion Held Item:Eviolite

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
I trained my team to level 33 (well Servine and Trapinch) and I evolved Elekid whislt training. I will add pictures, but not now. I might begin B2 as well.


Shining Cobra
Castelia Sewers

After spending the past few days in the Pokéstar Studios I finally beat Team Plasma in Virbank City and continued to Catelia City with Hugh.I decided to do the TP sidequest first and went to the sewers...with Hugh.Here it al started.After countles of battles with Rattata and Zubat I encountered a Grimer(I have a rule that I have to encounter each Pokémon that is accesible in the area), but most notable a SHINY RATTATA.I had out my Flaafy and Hugh his green snake of devil.I used Thunder Wave on S Rattata and Hugh used Wrap on it.Till this point it was all okay.But then I had to faint Grimer and guess three times what happened.Hugh's moon walking snake killed the S Rattata with it's Leaf Torando of Death.So Rattata is one of the few shinies I actually like the looks off and in the many battles with Rattata and Zubat, where he kept attacking Zubat, he now kills the S Rattata!I just wanted to punch him.There was also no way to faint his Servine, because Flaffy's ThunderShock wouldn't do it and if I was switched for Growlithe, I wouldn't be able to do it, cause that bastard snake is faster.
Well, there goes a shiny I actually wanted...
After that I completed the sewers and TP, but I'll never look at Hugh and mostly his green moon walking demon of a pokémon...

jireh the provider

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Seriously, after fighting ghetsis here, forget my fear with rayquaza! He just nearly brought me to death! Why can I release my team members?


The Ghost of Tsushima
I've accomplished the following things since my last post:
  • Won the Driftveil Tournament
  • Encountered Team Plasa
  • Went through Chargestone Cave, Trapinch evolved in the process.
  • Caught a couple of N's Joltik and Ferroseed while looking for a Tynamo.7
  • Arrived in Mistralton

Current Status
On my way to Celestial Tower

Samurott "Takeru" lv.37
Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.35
Haunter "Ophelia" lv.36
Houndoom "Midnight" lv.36
Magneton "Gamma" lv.34
Vibrava "Horizon" lv.35

I've accomplished the following things since my last post:
  • Did some level grinding in Celestial Tower and route 7.
  • Beat Skyla
  • Arrived in Lentimas
  • Did the Strange House sidequest
  • Went through Reverse Mountain
  • Arrived at Lacunosa
  • Evolved Haunter and Magneton

Current Status
Currently level grinding in Village Bridge. I'm aiming to get them to around lv.46 - lv.47.

Samurott "Takeru" lv.44
Infernape "Sun Wukong" lv.43
Gengar "Ophelia" lv.44
Houndoom "Midnight" lv.43
Magnezone "Gamma" lv.44
Vibrava "Horizon" lv.43


Sceptile Maniac
Seriously, after fighting ghetsis here, forget my fear with rayquaza! He just nearly brought me to death! Why can I release my team members?

Ghetsis doesn't have Rayquaza.He has Hydreigon.And if you mean how to release Pokemon,its simple.Deposit the Pokemon you want to release in the PC.Then go to Move Pokemon.Select the Pokemon you want to release.There will be a 'Release' option.Press it and confirm the same and the Pokemon will be released.But you can't release a Pokemon if its the only Pokemon you have.


Custom title: If specified, this will replace the
I come out of Reversal Mountain and encounter Hugh and defeated him. On the way to Laconusa Town, I caught an Absol and once I reached there, Zinzolin and the Team Plasma Grunt challenged me and Hugh to a battle where I came up victorious. Next I head to Village Bridge where the Man wanted his 1,000 win. I easily defeated him with my Samorott and Drifblim. Opelucid City came after that, where I headed to Route 9 to Audino grind my Pokemon to take on the gym. After level grinding, I head over to the gym where I took out the first trainer, the Defense lady and the Triple Battle man. I start my gym battle off nicely where my Gigalith pitted against his Druddigon. I first set up SandStorm to have Druddigon take a little damage every turn. After SandStorm my Gigalith stayed strong to 2KO Druddigon with Rock Slide while factoring SandStorm damage. I switch out Gigalith for Drifblim to take on Drayden's Flygon. Things didn't go so well as Shadow Ball wasn't enough against Flygon and was 2KO by Crunch. Samorott was sent out next and took two Earth Power's and striked back with two Aqua Tails, fainting Flygon. Drayden then sent out his Haxorus to fight against my Espeon. Haxorus took over 50% damage from Psychic but recovered from Sitrus Berry and set up Dragon Dance. Espeon used Psychic again bringing Haxorus to red HP, where he uses Dragon Dance again. Selecting Psychic again Haxorus had enough speed and fainted my Espeon with Assurance. Magmortar was up next and used Clear Smog, removing Haxorus's stat boosts where Dragon Tail missed. I use Clear Smog again and Haxorus landed a hit on my Magmortar but was burned due to Flame Body. My Krookodile was dragged out and I used Dig to avoid another attack to watch Haxorus take damage from its burn and Dig landed, fainting Haxorus thus I got the Legend Badge.

Edit: forgot he used the Hyper Potion after being on red HP.
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Did some Join Avenue bits in Black 2. Also finished up the main campaign of Pokemon Dream Radar so now I can move Landorus over to it. It was ridiculously easy.


It's a mystery.
I've had this game since the release, but I've been progressing slowly compared to my friends, including my boyfriend, who were able to finish this game in 3-5 days. xD I wish I could've started posting sooner, but I was busy with college and I already got pretty far in this game on my own time. I suppose I can just start going through small updates.

Recent Activity [as of 10/18]:
  • I just finished going through Reversal Mountain with Bianca.
  • I am currently doing more level grinding in the routes surrounding Undella Town.
  • Recent captures: Boldore, Skorupi, Frillish, Jellicent (both DW and non-DW), Wailmer, Remoraid, Mantyke.
  • Recent evolutions: Krokorok → Krookodile

Current Party:
  • Samurott♂ - Level 48
  • Krookodile♀ - Level 40
  • Volcarona♂ - Level 39
  • Ampharos♂ - Level 37
  • Skorupi♂ - Level 35
  • Unfezant♀ - Level 32

Miscellaneous Progress:
  • # of Gym Badges: 6
  • Unova Dex: 136/300 (seen); 49/300 (owned)
  • National Dex: Not yet acquired.
Towers & Caves

So I defeated all the trainers on the way to Celestial tower, even a triple battle. For some reason Triple Battles have been challenging for me, I don't know why. Anyways, Celestial Tower was annoying because my Pokemon kept on fainting, and I don't like when they get cheated out of EXP, so I had to keep returning to the Pokemon Center and heal them up. I know there's a Nurse but you don't encounter her until you're pretty much done. I also received a Lucky Egg from Juniper, meaning I can now use two Pokemon in battle instead of one, as I'd only like to use the Pokemon that has the Lucky Egg equipped or else I feel like I'm getting less EXP than I should be.

So, after clearing the Celestial Tower, my entire party was higher leveled than 6 in my PC, so I had a major party shift, which now included Horsea and Braviary. That meant I can fly and Surf at the same time! So with that I decided to return to Driftveil so I could get the stuff in the water, and I encountered the Mistralton Cave. I would have never skipped such a thing after first obtaining it, but I only did because I completely forgot it was still open, I thought it was closed down due to Cobalion leaving. So I went in and defeated all the trainers, and even the cave journey was worth it because I got Rock Slide, a move a lot of my Pokemon with useless attacks could learn, so it was helpful.

I then went back to Mistralton and defeated all the trainers to the east of Celestial Tower, and now I am high enough leveled to take on the gym which I will be doing next time!
I'm almost at victory road, I've realised that my team is VERY underleveled:
Weezing lvl 48
Ampharos lvl 49
Zoroark lvl 50
Flygon lvl 49
Arcanine lvl 52
And last but not least Azumarill lvl 52

My brother is also underleveled, he is at Undella Town and his team is:
Magnezone lvl 39
Magmar lvl 33
Lucario lvl 32
Tranquil lvl 30
Sandslash lvl 32
Scorupi lvl 34


Finished the Big monster, timegate traveler and love and battles movies, so I decided to take a break and head to PWT and try out the Unova Leaders Tournament. For Singles, I decide to go with:

-Close Combat
-Aura Sphere
-Force Palm
-Dark Pulse

-Ice Beam

-Signal Beam
-Silver Wind
-Fire Blast

I don't know if luck had to do with it, but my matchups were against Clay, Marlon and Cilan, all of which I won.

Gas Snake X

Arbiter of Time
A lot has happened since I posted last... Where to start....
-I stomp through Team Plasma and smack down Ghetsis once and for all
-Went to the Victory Road and completely explored it.
-Battled the Pokemon league and completed the main story with the following:
:497: - Level 78 :521: - Level 39
:571: - Level 60 ;055; - Level 40
;448; - Level 60 :546: - Level 33

Now I'm gonna look for a second DS to send over Black 1 pkmn


i dont know anymore
Art I've been trying to catch a jolly or Adamant Tapinch for too long now!!! It wasting my time! I'm sure I could have passed the next gym or more if not for this stop...
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