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Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

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All I did after I beat Clay was head off to Route 5.
I went to Charge Cave, then to Mistralton.
I went to Celestial Tower, caught a Litwick, had a meh ability, caught another.
I trained my team of six from level 30 or so to level 35 on Route 7.
Now I'm in Mistralton.

:496: Servine (Name: Jalorda) w/ Miracle Seed - lvl 35 - Male - Calm Nature - Ability: Overgrow - Slam, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Wrap
;134; Vaporeon (Name: Vapor) w/ Mystic Water - lvl 35 - Male - Sassy Nature - Ability: Water Absorb - Acid Armor, Surf, Take Down, Bite
:607: Litwick (Name: Aftermatch) w/ Oran Berry - lvl 35 - Female - Sassy Nature - Ability: Flame Body - Will-O-Wisp, Flame Burst, Memento, Hex
:649: Genesect (No Nickname) w/ Silk Scarf - lvl 35 - No Gender - Rash Nature - Ability: Download - Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Fly, Signal Beam
;448; Lucario (Name: John) w/ Scope Lens - lvl 35 - Male - Jolly Nature - Ability: Steadfast - Force Palm, Shadow Claw, Return, Bone Rush
:561: Sigilyph (Name: Gale) w/ TwistedSpoon - lvl 35 - Female - Lonely Nature - Ability: Magic Guard - Psywave, Synchronoise, Air Cutter, Mirror Move


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Still working on my hunt for a female Riolu and working on training up some of my Pokémon. Hopefully I'll run into one soon, since this hunt is becoming a little silly. Caught two Sunkerns, one male and one female. Working on training the male one right now, since it seems as if it'll be the more useful one out of the two right now.


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Caught Braviary DW to finally complete my in game team.

did this AFTER 6 gym, which is the slowest I have ever taken to complete my in game team.


Shiny Hunter
Continued my EV training with Eevee today. So far, he has 127 Attack and 94 Special Attack, so still a lot of training left. On the bright side, he started evolving at level 26, so he's ready! Unfortunately, I still have to wait several more hours for him to evolve into Umbreon instead of Espeon (and I'm not going to change the system's clock manually).

I also started catching some more Growlithe that were taking hits that normally OHKOd, so I got 1 with 31 Def IV and another with 31 Sp. Def (both females though). I'm going to try to get a male with some good IVs and then try my hand at breeding later on. Aside from being brand new to IV/EV training, I've also never bred pokemon before (even disregarding IVs/Natures).

Will continue to EV train my Eevee to and hopefully be done by the end of the night with an Umbreon. Kind of want to train other places to focus on Attack EVs so I can train at Celestial Tower for the Special Attack EVs, but at the same time, by staying at Virbank Complex, I have a chance to get a shiny Growlithe, so that's a big reason I'm staying here...If I stay long enough and train enough Pokemon here, I might just stumble across one!

Well, it wasn't a Growlithe, but I did catch my first ever shiny! A Shiny Litwick.

My Eevee had been waiting to evolve yesterday, trying to evolve into Espeon for about 3 or 4 levels (starting at 26), but night finally rolled around and I finally let him evolve into Umbreon. I finished getting all my attack EVs today and so I left Virbank Complex to head to Celestial Tower to get my remaining Sp. A EVs with some much better experience. I went back there when I got home tonight, and it was the 2nd pokemon I ran into. Heard the familiar sound while I wasn't looking at the screen and was completely surprised to know that the shiny sound came from my game.

Not the shiny I was hoping for, but at least it's a shiny, right?

Will finish up my EV training tonight hopefully and my Umbreon will be good to go!
Somewhere Beyond Himilau

Alright taking on the area beyond Himilau took me longer than expected which is why I'm giving it its own entry. It was really hard to navigate around, and due to the low levels of my Pokemon it was also annoying because I kept running into wild Pokemon and unable to escape. I even lost to a trainer with their Arcanine that swept me, as well as a few close calls. My god that area is tough with the trainers Excadrills and Darmantians and Arcanines but I conquered it. Now I'm going to go take on the HImilau gym


Sceptile Maniac
I played Black 2 yesterday.First,I went to Pokemon World Tournament and won quite convincingly.The three Pokemon that I selected were Ducklett,Servine and Magmar.The first battle was with Hugh.He started with Pignite and I sent out Ducklett.Ducklett did heavy damage with Air Slash while Pignite's Take Down missed.Ducklett knocked out Pignite with another Air Slash.Hugh sent out Tranquil.Tranquil blocked Ducklett's Air Slash with Detect.Tranquil used Taunt while Ducklett did some damage with Air Slash.Tranquil and Ducklett both did some damage to each other with Air Cutter and Air Slash respectively.Tranquil blocked Ducklett's Air Slash with Detect.Taunt's effect wore off.Tranquil used Taunt but It was knocked out by Ducklett's BubbleBeam.Hugh sent out Simipour.Ducklett's Air Slash and Simipour's Scald did some damage to each other for two turns.Taunt's effect wore off.Simipour knocked out Ducklett with Scald.I sent out Servine.Simipour's Scald did little damage but burned Servine.Servine knocked out Simipour with Leaf Tornado.My second opponent was Cheren.He started with Stoutland while I sent out Ducklett.Stoutland used Work Up to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack while Ducklett's Air Slash did heavy damage(due to critical hit).Stoutland's Tackle did some damage while Ducklett's Air Slash did little damage.Stoutland's Tackle did some more damage but it was knocked out by Ducklett's Air Slash.Cheren sent out Watchdog.Watchdog knocked out Ducklett with Bite.I sent out Magmar.Magmar's Fire Punch did heavy damage while Watchdog used Work Up to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Magmar knocked out Watchdog with Flame Burst.Cheren sent out Cinccino.Magmar's Fire Punch did heavy damage while Cinccino used Work Up to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Magmar knocked out Cinccino with Flame Burst.My final opponent and probably the easiesr was Colress.He started with Magneton and I sent out Ducklett.Ducklett's Water Pulse did some damage but it was knocked out by Magneton's ThunderShock.I sent out Magmar.Magmar defeated Magneton with Fire Punch.Colress sent out Elgyem.Magmar OHKO'ed Elgyem with Faint Attack.Colress sent out Klink.Magmar OHKO'ed Klink with Fire Punch.I received 1 BP.Then I went to Plasma Frigate and defeated the few grunts there.I went through Relic Passage defeating the trainers there and also visited Relic Castle.Servine learned Leaf Blade.Then I went through Route 6 defeating all the trainers.Cheren gave me HM Surf which I taught to Ducklett.I went inside Chargestone Cave(but remained away from Bianca to not proceed the storyline) and after some time caught my fifth team member,a Nosepass.It is Male and has Lax nature.I trained it a little inside and it evolved into Probopass.Then I went outside and trained on Audino(s) and it caught up with my other team members.I also taught it Volt Switch and Bulldoze.I then saved the game.


Lv.33 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Slam/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

Lv.33 Female Hasty (Flame Burst/Fire Punch/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

Lv.34 Male Naughty (Faint Attack/Hi Jump Kick/Payback/Rock Tomb) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Eviolite

Lv.33 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Water Pulse/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

Lv.33 Male Lax (Power Gem/Bulldoze/Spark/Volt Switch) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet


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On Friday, I managed to get through Victory Road after spending a long time exploring it and battling all the trainers there. I arrived at the Pokemon League with my entire team over level 60, so I went to challenge the Elite Four immediately after healing and buying some items. My team was pretty strong so I did not have any trouble with any of the members of the Elite Four. Iris wasn't difficult to defeat either. Once I defeated Iris, I was entered into the Hall of Fame and watched the credits.

When the credits were done, I started from my house. I obtained the National Dex. I then left and went to visit the towns/cities I hadn't gone to yet. After that was done, I went to the Pokemon World Tournament, which is where I've spent most of my time over the past few days. I beat all the regional Gym Leader tournaments, then went on to the World Leaders. I just unlocked the Champion tournament today and beat it a few times.

Star Champion AJ

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Pokémon White 2: Episodes 31-32

Episode 31: The unexpected hero
Decided to do a small side trip to Chargestone Cave catching my sixth Pokémon to my main team (Compoundeyes Joltik) and trained him to Level 28-29 like the rest of my team and I wasn't aware of Joltik's potential before facing Clay.
Now, the Circle is complete!
Entered the Gym, watched one of the best Gym Themes ever (Kamitsure's is better so far), a Donkey Kong Country and Goron Island fusion, not to mention the Gym changed a little in two years, now I have to use conveyor belts to travel between platforms.
However, it was hard battling all the Gym Trainers, since it was dark and some the lifts didn't show me what I wanted to see.
Swept the entire Gym, except Clay with just Dewott, now the starter will get finally his revenge, FWAHAHAHAH!
Clay had Krokorok, Sandslash and Excadrill
, Intimidate lowered Dewott's Razor Shell power, which didn't allow me to OHKO Krokorok (only did about 85-90% as always), after lowering Krokorok's Defense, Dewott's Speed was lowered thanks to Krokorok's Bulldoze.
, since using Dewott with lower offensive stats was going to be a losing battle (and I said Dewott was going to sweep the entire Gym), I decided to switch to Joltik when Clay used his Hyper Potion.
Since Electric-type move were useless (Why I sent out Joltik of all Pokémon? Why not Growlithe or Lucario for a change?), I had to rely on Bug Bite, which managed to land a Critical Hit and defeating Krokorok after the opponent used Torment (Why not Rock Tomb?).
, the powerhouse battle and a super crappy one. How can Excadrill be faster than Lucario? Excadrill OHKO'd Luke with Bulldoze.
, Excadrill Slashed Dewott (thank Arceus it wasn't a critical hit), which activated Dewott's Torrent and boosting Razor Shell's power, winning the second match, looks like Dewott is going to sweep the entire Gym without fainting this time.
, for the fourth time, the starter managed to faint before sweeping an entire Gym, maybe I should have chosen Snivy. How could a Torrent-boosted STABed Razor Shell coming from an Attack boosting nature have done only 95% to Sandslash? And don't tell me it was Sandslash's high Defense stat, it doesn't answer everything!
, since Sandslash was weakened due to Dewott's Razor Shell, a small Slash coming from the smallest Pokémon ever defeated Sandslash.
Seriously, how could the smallest Pokémon ever managed to defeat two GROUND-type Pokémon? Maybe I was crazy... or lucky...
Anyway, I got the Quake Badge (5 obtained, 3 to go) and TM78 (Bulldoze), after the battle, Clay guided me to the exit.
Then, Hugh appears and Clay is inviting us to go to the PWT.

Episode 32: The Driftveil Tournament, Part I: Preparations
After healing my Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, I had to go to the south in order to participate the Driftveil Tournament challenge, where Cheren and Akuroma will participate as well.
Before entering the building, I gave a Heart Scale in order to teach the Dark Side of the Force (aka Dark Pulse) to Lucario.
The music inside the dome is SO ZETTA EPIC, now I'm ready to face any and every challenge.
The Driftveil Tournament rules are simple, 8 Trainers (in Battle Dome in Hoenn it was 16, so that makes things slightly easier) in a knockout tournament style (that is always true for every single tournament happening in PWT), meaning if you score 3 wins, you win the Tournament.
Each Trainer will use 3 Pokémon and the Levels will be set to 25 for every Trainer except for Nate (Gamefreak wanted to make things easier?).
The Pokémon I used were in that order, Growlithe, Lucario and Dewott, because they had more experience than the other three.

Scored three important and decisive victories against Roxie, Burgh and Kamitsure.

He is a super powerhouse, easily my strongest Pokémon at the moment, he got even stronger thanks to the new acquired Dark Side of the Force.

Though I didn't swept any Gym so far, Dewott is the Pokémon with the highest level (32) compared to the others (29).
On the other side...

He hits like a truck but his low Speed is bad in long battles like the Gym battle against Kamitsure.

Minccino's only useful move is Tail Slap and I need a Shiny Stone to explore his full potential.

The unexpected hero, he could do something useful with Volt Switch and Bug Bite packs quite a surprising punch, but he has no battle experience beside the (lucky) battle against Clay.
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The Benmeister

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So I'm nearly done with my dex as much as I can do pre-Pokemon league. Found a Sawk and a Castform at long last, and evolved things such as Litwick. Also realised I'd missed a trainer in the Strange House who gives me the data for Spoink. So I'm now missing the ownership of eleven Pokemon that I can get: Espeon, Umbreon, Flygon, Aggron, Ferrothorn, Haxorus, Beheeyem, Bisharp, Lapras, Metagross and Hydreigon. Most of them require leveling only which is good, I need to catch two more Eevee for the eeveelutions, and Lapras is the only thing I need to find in the wild. Once I get Lapras and Metagross I finish the habitat lists for every route so far! Excluding fishing of course.


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Pokemon White 2 Adventure POST 10 + B2

Here comes another long post. Don't know if I can remember it all. Also doing Black 2 this time.
Macho Brace is a temporary held item on two Pokemon.

White 2
After training my team to lv. 47, it was time to fight Drayden.
Haru had finally learned Petal Dance.
I battled the other trainers with mostly Yamamoto.
Then I used the 3 Pokemon that had a weakness for him on Drayden himself.
I loved his Gym! And it was cool with my Black's name (Callen) mentioned.

After I successfully obtained the Legend Badge and the TM, he wanted to talk to me.
He told me to follow him to his house and I did.
He talked about the two dragons being one at one point, Kyurem, as well was the DNA Splicer.
After he talked, there was a BOOM, we went outside and there was the Plasma's ship freezing Opelucid!
Cool scene! Then I had to drive out the Plasma Grunts.
I beat them easily and Zinzolin as well. Mostly used Ryohei and Gokudera.

After I beat Zinzolin, the Shadow Triad showed up and took the DNA Splicer that Drayden showed me.
I went after one and beat him quite easily.
Then I was told to go to Humilau City by him and Cheren.
I flew to Undella Town on Gokudera and went through the Marine Tube.

Then I arrived in Humilau City!
I met Marlon! I liked the way he talked! It was funny! =D
I explored the area around, picking up items and battling trainers.
Once my team was lv. 50, I went to battle the Gym Leader Marlon!
I used Haru on all the trainers as well as Marlon!
It was an easy win. So I obtained the Wave Badge and TM.
He then went off into the water.
This is basically where I left off. Next time, I'll be going to the Seaside Cave and Plasma Frigate.

Name: Sawada
Current Play Time: 38: 20

Also it has been considered that I might replace Zakuro with an Electric type before or after the Elite Four.

Current Team:
:503: Yamamoto [M] lv. 50 || Hasty | Torrent // Megahorn | Return | Surf | Ice Beam | @Mystic Water
;448; Ryohei [M] lv. 50 || Docile | Inner Focus // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm | @Leftovers
:545: Zakuro [M] lv. 50 || Impish | Poison Point // Rock Slide | Megahorn | Aqua Tail | Strength | @Rocky Helmet
;038; Kyoko [F] lv. 51 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Nasty Plot | Dark Pulse | Energy Ball | @Macho Brace
:549: Haru [F] lv. 52 || Serious | Own Tempo // Petal Dance | Quiver Dance | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain | @Big Root
;330; Gokudera [M] lv. 50 || Docile | Levitate // Fire Punch | Earthquake | Fly | Dragon Claw | @Rocky Helmet

Black 2
I'll just say some highlights on Black 2.

Did everything up to arriving in Humilau City.
Well Servine evolved into Serperior. Krokorok evolved into Krookodile.
Serperior learned Coil and I taught it Aqua Tail.
Tynamo evolved into Eelektrik, then into Eelektross.
Traded him to Black to teach some moves, still needs better moves, though.
Fought Drayden with mostly Golduck.
Saw the cool scene with the Plasma ship freezing Opelucid again.
Fought grunts, Zinzolin, and the Shadow Triad again.
Explored many places, obtained items, and battled trainers along the way.
Also caught a Jolly Mold Breaker male Axew in Mistalton Cave.
Caught Virizion on second try with Quick Ball.
Tried catching Cobalion, but wasn't a decent nature.

Current Play Time: 29: 22

The team on it is as follows:
:497: Serperior [F] lv. 47 || Jolly | Overgrow // Coil | Leaf Blade | Return | Aqua Tail | @Macho Brace
;448; Lucario [M] lv. 48 || Naughty | Steadfast // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm | @Leftovers
;059; Arcanine [M] lv. 47 || Relaxed | Intimidate // Bulldoze | Flamethrower | Wild Charge | Strength | @Rocky Helmet
;055; Golduck [M] lv. 49 || Naive | Cloud Nine // Psychic | Shadow Claw | Surf | Ice Beam | @Mystic Water
:553: Krookodile [M] lv. 47 || Lonely | Moxie // Crunch | Rock Slide | Aerial Ace | Earthquake | @None
:604: Eelektross [M] lv. 46 || Naive | Levitate // Crunch | Hone Claws | Dragon Claw | Wild Charge | @Rocky Helmet
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Chapter 4

- Went back to the Castelia Sewers
- Explored the Relic Passage
- Used the Dowsing Machine and found hidden items
- Beat all the trainers in that area
- Stupid Roggenrola's popping out every single time
- Get the hidden item Hard Stone
- Went to the Castelia Park in the sewers which was blocked before
- Caught a Level 18 Adamant boy Buneary/PC
- Training him to use for the time being
- Caught an Eevee, Go Glaceon/PC!
- Met Colress again...
- Met the Scientist in the building asking for a pokedex of at least 40 pokemon, getting Eviolite
- Proceeded to Route 4 and glided through breeders
- Found a level 14 Adamant SHINY TRUBBISH, yay!
- Beat all the remaining trainers with my Trubbish giving it the Eviolite at the time being
- There's a lot of fisherman...boring..
- Found another mystic water
- Caught Darumaka and Scraggy for my pokedex
- Colress amazing device that wakes up Crustle's..
- Finally get to battle the weirdo
- Forgot to go to the PC so my Staryu and my Larvitar are fainted
- Beat his Magnemite and Klink using Trubbish's Sludge and Take Down
- I just realized i didn't train Larvi and Star at all -.-
- Went back to PC and saved while training Trubbish for like 35 minutes


~ Level 26
@ Amulet Coin
- Shock Wave
- Pursuit
- Quick Attack
- Electro Ball

~ Level 23
@ Silk Scarf
- Return
- Rock Slide
- Bite
- Scary Face

~ Level 24
@ Mystic Water
@ Mystic Water
- Water Gun
- Rapid Spin
- Recover
- Swift

~ Level 25
@ Eviolite
- Take Down
- Sludge
- Toxic Spikes
- Stockpile

Deleted member 298996

Just got another shiny ^^ This time was random though. it was a female liepard Yayyy another one to the list. This game is giving me a lot of shinies and its all thanks to the holy shining charm!!! Whooooo

(Btw does anybody read this?!)


Ghost Reaper
I just did a couple of Pokemon Musicals, could someone tell me what's the point of them? Do you get anything for doing them?



Congrats cuchifru!

Yesterday I finally caught every Pokemon in the Unova Dex and earned myself the Round Charm. Breeding for the last ~78 Pokemon that I need for my national dex just got easier~.

But before I finish the dex, I am challenging the PWT. Last night, I beat the Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, and World tournaments once each. I used these guys:

Starmie *shiny* @ Choice Specs
-Ice Beam

Infernape @ Life Orb
-Close Combat
-Flare Blitz

Dragonite *shiny* @ Lum Berry
-Dragon Dance
-Fire Punch

So, I'm going to clear the World tourney 9 more times and then face the Champions!

But, I also scored a shiny Staraptor last night on the GTS. I traded a Moltres for it (I have 4 of those so it's fine). It looks legit, so I think it is a clone, because I doubt someone would trade a unique shiny on the GTS. Anyway, I am going to work on training it between my bouts at the PWT.
VS Marlon

I'll sum up this battle relatively simply: Abomasnow wrecked. I tried using other Pokemon, but they went down easily. Abomasnow's Wood Hammer destroyed his entire team

Marlon Gym Star: ...Do I have to say it?

Now it's time for the Pokemon League, where my journey will come to its climax. But before I can do it there's just one more loose end to tie up, one last thing to deal with - Team Plasma


Sceptile Maniac
In White 2,I did many things and caught up with Black 2.I taught Crobat Cross Poison at the Move Relearner.I won the Pokemon World Tournament.The three Pokemon chosen were Crobat,Zoroark and Electabuzz.The first match was against Hugh.He started with Servine and I sent out Crobat.Crobat flew up high.Servine's Leech Seed missed.Crobat's Fly missed.Servine used Leech Seed.Crobat's health was sapped by Leech Seed.Crobat's Cross Poison did heavy damage while Servine's Slam did little damage.Crobat's health was sapped by Leech Seed.Crobat knocked out Servine with another Cross Poison.Hugh sent out Simisear.Crobat's Cross Poison did heavy damage while Simisear's Flame Burst also did some damage.Crobat's health was sapped by Leech Seed.Crobat knocked out Simisear with Cross Poison.Hugh sent out Tranquil.Crobat's Cross Poison did some damage but it was knocked out by Tranquil's Air Cutter.I sent out Electabuzz.Tranquil blocked Electabuzz's ThunderPunch with Detect.Electabuzz knocked out Tranquil with another ThunderPunch.My next opponent was Cheren.He started with Stoutland while I sent out Crobat.Crobat's Cross Poison and Stoutland's Tackle did little damage to each other.Crobat flew up high.Stoutland used Work Up to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Crobat's Fly and Stoutland's Tackle did some damage to each other.Crobat flew up high.Stoutland used Work Up again to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Crobat's Fly missed and Stoutland's Tackle did some damage.Crobat did some damage with Cross Poison but it was knocked out by Stoutland's Bite.I sent out Electabuzz.Electabuzz knocked out Stoutland with Low Kick.Cheren sent out Cinccino.Electabuzz did heavy damage with ThunderPunch while Cinccino used Work Up to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Electabuzz knocked out Cinccino with another ThunderPunch.Cheren sent out Watchdog.Electabuzz's Low Kick did heavy damage but Watchdog's Confuse Ray confused Electabuzz.Electabuzz knocked out Watchdog with another Low Kick.My final opponent was Colress.He started with Magneton and I sent out Crobat.Crobat's U-Turn did little damage and switched to Electabuzz.Magneton used Thunder Wave to paralyze Electabuzz.Magnemite's Supersonic confused Electabuzz.Electabuzz used Ice Punch(mistakenly) to do little damage.Magneton's Mirror Shot missed but Electabuzz couldn't move due to paralysis.Magneton's Mirror Shot did little damage while Electabuzz hurt itself in its confusion.Magneton's Mirror Shot did little damage again and Electabuzz hurt itself in confusion.Magneton did little damage with Mirror Shot and lowered Electabuzz's Accuracy but it was defeated by Electabuzz's Low Kick.Colress sent out Elgyem.Elgyem knocked out Electabuzz with Psybeam.I sent out Zoroark(under the illusion of Crobat).Zoroark defeated Elgyem with Night Slash.Colress sent out Klink.Zoroark burrowed its way under the ground.Klink's Gear Grind missed.Klink was defeated by Zoroark's Dig.I won 1 BP.I then went to defeat the few Plasma grunts on Plasma Frigate.I then went through Relic Passage.It was a literal torture because Trapinch and Darumaka would not be able to run away from battle and be defeated by even wild Pokemon.And when they managed to get away from wild Pokemon,they would be easily defeated by trainers' Pokemon.Nevertheless,I managed to defeat the trainers and went to Relic Castle where there was literally nothing except a Volcarona which I don't require.I then went through Route 6 and it was the same story with my two unevolved Pokemon.I got HM Surf which I taught to Dewott.I saved after defeating the trainers.


Lv.31 Male Serious (Surf/Razor Shell/Dig/Revenge) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

Lv.32 Male Mild (ThunderPunch/Ice Punch/Low Kick/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Expert Belt

Lv.31 Female Sassy (Cross Poison/Fly/Wing Attack/U-Turn) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

Lv.31 Male Naive (Fire Punch/Dig/Rock Tomb/U-Turn) Ability:Hustle Held Item:Charcoal

Lv.32 Female Sassy (Dig/Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Bide) Ability:Arena Trap Held Item:Eviolite

Lv.31 Male Hasty (Night Slash/Foul Play/U-Turn/Dig) Ability:Illusion Held Item:BrightPowder


1 more day ^^
I beat Elesa. I almost lost and was only left with my almost dead paralyzed scraggy >.> After that I caught my 5th team member. A gothita which I forgot to nick name so I went to Castelia city and nick named her Raven, then I got back and battled all the trainers on route 5.

The Benmeister

Master of Magnet
Down to seven Pokemon left before the League - Umbreon, Flygon, Aggron, Haxorus, Beheeyem, Bisharp and Hydreigon. Lapras was such a pain to catch, mostly because of Perish Song. However I put a Cinccino that I'd used on my team up until the fifth gym back on my team purely because it had Sing, and I was able to put it to sleep, before using my Samurott's False Swipe, and then getting a critical capture, good timing! All my main team members are approaching level 60, which is my requirement for the league, I'm almost ready.

Ooh, also I found a Wailord in Marine Tube. Incidentally Marine Tube will probably now be my preferable egg hatching location.


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Firstly, I battled my rival, Hugh. What a disgustingly easy fight. Three Pokémon after six badges? Ridiculous. After that, I visited the houses in Undella Town (I was quite disappointed), then headed north to catch my final team member. With her in tow, I went south and battled the trainers to gain some more experience. I returned north to Route 13 and spent a long time exploring it. Eventually, I passed Cobalion and entered Lacunosa Town, where I met with Bianca and Professor Juniper (Bianca, if you can use Fly to reach Lacunosa, why did you take the plane with us?!). I learnt more of Lacunosa's past, then saved my game.

Current Team:
:497: James Lv. 40
:508: Rupert Lv. 41
;082; Omega Lv. 40
;126; Cinna Lv. 41
:530: River Lv. 40
;279; Lucie Lv. 42

56/649 (8.63%)
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Went through the Marine Tube, it was pretty cool, and arrived in Humilau City. There, I met my Rival again, who told me to challenge the Gym Leader so we could chase after Team Plasma. I went to the Gym, but the leader wasn’t there. I explored the city, and ran into the leader while doing that, he went back to the gym and I captured a Corsola I met while surfing. One of the houses also had an old lady who wanted me to walk with her Mienfoo. I did so, but she didn’t want me to check her trash bag while walking with the Pokemon. I wonder what she could be hiding there, the trash bag also looked very expensive. Either way, she gave me a Pearl for walking with her Mienfoo.

I didn’t feel strong enough to take on the Gym yet, so I headed down to Route 21, battled the trainers there and picked up all items. At the end of the Route, I found another entrance to the Seaside Cave. I battled all the trainers inside of it, picked up all items and captured a Seel. After that, I flew to Nimbasa and trained my team against the Stadium trainers there. Will probably train a bit more tomorrow before challenging the Gym Leader, if I can find the time for it.

:500: - level 54
;462; - level 54
;169; - level 54
:556: - level 54
:576: - level 54
:593: - level 54
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