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Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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Black 2: Got a Snorlax from Yancy yesterday and a Teddiursa today. I evolved the Teddiursa into Ursaring. Only two more to get from her, than I am done with getting Pokemon from her.

White 2: Started playing this today. Went through all of the introductory stuff and found myself at Aspertia City. Went up to the lookout together with my Rival and found Bianca there. I picked Oshawott as my starter, and my rival challenged me to a battle, which I won. After the battle, Bianca showed me the way to the Pokemon Center and then we went out to Route 19 where she showed me how to catch a Pokemon. After that, I went back to Aspertia and activated Memory Link and Challenge Mode by linking with White and Black 2. I saw the first memory in the Pokemon Center. Before leaving the town for the moment, I got the Running Shoes and two Town Maps, one which I had to deliver to my Rival.

I left the town and headed out to Route 19 again. I captured a Patrat and a Purrloin, and at the end of the Route, I met Alder. He wanted to train me, something I of course said yes to. We headed into Floccesy Town, I explored it and met up with Alder again at the north of the town. He told me to deliver the map to my rival first, and then he would train me. So I headed out to Route 20. Battled the first three trainers here and captured a Pidove and a Sewaddle. I could not continue through the entire Route as a Hiker was blocking the way, he told me I needed one Gym Badge before getting past him.

I headed north towards Floccesy Ranch. Here, I captured a lot of Pokemon: Azurill, Psyduck, Lillipup and a Riolu, which will be the first member of my team. Before going further, I trained Riolu a bit on Route 20 and in the Ranch, catched a Mareep and a Sunkern in the process. After doing enough training, I continued further into the Ranch, and met my Rival again. Before I could give him the map, he challenged me to a battle. He had became stronger, but so have I, and I won against him again. After the battle, I gave him the map.

The owners of the Ranch appeared and told us that one of their Herdier had disappeared. So we went out to look for it. We went through the Ranch, I battled a few trainers here as well. At the end of the Ranch, I found the Herdier together with… some strangely dressed man. He said he was from Team Plasma, but didn’t want to battle, he just ran away. He left the Herdier, which could be returned to the owner.

I left the Ranch and headed back to Floccesy Town, where Alder was waiting. It was time to start with his training. He let me battle against two other trainers, each of them having an elemental monkey, and I defeated them both. Alder told me to go and challenge the newly opened gym in Aspertia City, so that was where I should go next.

After exiting his house, I met a strange man named Mr. Medal. He gave me a medal box and told me to start collecting medals. I guess I should be doing that, although it’s not like I have a choice or so. I exited Floccesy Town and headed out to Route 19 again, where I met Alder one more time. He gave me a few berries and told me to go and challenge the rest of the gyms in the region if I could beat the first one. I guess that’s not a bad idea…

I went back to Aspertia and into the Gym… which also is a Trainers School, quite cool. I went through the school and arrived at the Gym, where I met the Gym Leader and two other trainers. The Gym Leader presented himself as Cheren, and told me to battle the two other trainers before battling him. They took their positions, and I battled the two regular trainers. Both were an easy match for my Riolu. Then, it was time to battle Cheren.

I challenged him and won, but it was a bit harder than I had expected. His Patrat was OHKO’d by my Riolus Force Palm, but his Lillipup and Pidove were both 2HKO’d. I defeated him and got the Basic Badge and a TM containing Work Up. Not bad. I exited the Gym and met Bianca outside. Cheren had also followed me out, and we registered each other in our Xtransceivers. Then, my Rival appeared and challenged Cheren. I left the city, time to get to my next destination.

Headed out to Route 19 once more and continued to Floccesy Town and then to Route 20. The Hiker who was blocking the way did now allow me to get past him, if I battled him first. So I did. He also had a Riolu, but at a lower level than mine, so I won. He let me pass, and I went down a hill, when Cheren and my Rival appeared behind me. Cheren told us about the Double Grass and gave us some berries. My Rival stayed in the grass to train for a while, while I battled the remaining trainers on the Route, picked up a few items and captured an Audino. I arrived at Virbank City, where I saw the Gym Leader, Roxie, being angry at her father for not taking responsibility enough for his job. I entered the Pokemon Center, and this is where my journey ends for the day.

;447; - level 18


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Staff member
White 2: Been working on training as of late, trying to build up some Pokemon to level 100. Got a legit shiny Meditite off of the GTS :). Got a shiny Rotom off of there last night... turned out it was hacked... but I don't mind. It's really hard to get a hold of one of those. Will be keeping it for npc battles and breeding purposes. Might do some more training tonight if I get the chance to.


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I got Black 2 as a christmas gift. I have battled my way through the first two gyms and am currently exploring Pokestar Studios. My current Team is Pignite lv. 17, Pidove lv. 15, and Azurill lv. 13.


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Sent my Zweilous to DW today, got over 500 points so Zweilous got a level :D

Went to Join Avenue where I recommended/invited people from DW & GTS Neg

Used to Dojo to level up Zweilous with Training Lv 3 which sent it to level 63, went to Nimbasa Stadium where I did some more training and evolved my Zweilous to Hydreigon \o/

Flew to Humilau City where I did the walking thing with the Mienfoo, ran into a couple that wanted me to ring the Celestial Tower bell

Making my way to Celestial Tower from Mistralton City where Yancy proceeded to call, by some magical force(probably caus Hydreigon was at the top of my party) she somehow knew Dragon types were my favourite :O

Finally reached Celestial Tower, where I saw a maid blocking the stairs to the 2nd floor, proceeded to battle her and won \o/

Went to the 2nd floor where the stairs were blocked again and I had to do another battle, I lost this time because...

1. They were somewhat underleveled
2. My team needed to heal from previous battles at Nimbasa Stadium, my Hydreigon and Infernape were down to half HP
3. I didn't even have a full team, was walking with 5 mons...basically 4 because my Staraptor was KO'd

Will be ready the next time we meet >.>


1 more day ^^
I caught my 11'th team member, a female cubchoo, beat all the trainers on route 7 and in the celestial tower, and beat all the trainers in the gym. Now I'm going to get the team I'm using for the gym to lv 38.


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Upon reaching the Desert Resort, something struck me; why the hell did I have a pure Grass-type Pokemon when an Electric and Water-type were already present? After realizing that having a Petilil was pointless, I decided to box her and search for a replacement, who turned out to be a Jolly Trapinch. After training up our newest member, I proceeded to finishing up the Desert Resort (and of course, by 'finishing up' I mean destroying the trainers). For some extra training, I battled the 2 trainers in the former Nimbasa Gym, as well as in Route 16. With my entire team now at level 32, I'm about to challenge Elesa for the Bolt Badge. I'll hopefully be able to murder her whole team with Dusty (Trapinch) alone.

Current Team:

:499: Chow (Male) Lvl. 32
;184; Beach Ball (Female) Lvl. 32
;082; Gadget (Genderless) Lvl. 32
;328; Dusty (Female) Lv. 32


Hey Scotty,Jesus Man
Just reached Icirrus, after spending a good amount of time into the Clay Tunnel and Twist Mountain. Heading now to Nuvema :p


Completely annihilated Ghetsis with only using Serperior. Used Coil four times before sweeping his entire team! Now onto Route 23.

Current team:

Serperior lv.60

Leaf Blade
Aqua Tail

Arcanine lv.59

Flare Blitz

Flygon lv. 58

Dragon Claw
Rock Slide

Metagross lv.58

Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt
Rock Slide

Starmie lv.58

Ice Beam

Lucario lv.58

Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
Calm Mind


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I went to the PWT and competed against my rival, Cheren, and Colress. I then had to wipe out the Plasma Frigate of grunts before getting the boot from the Shadow Triad. With nothing really left to do I went through Route 6 until I got to Chargestone Cave. I was really tired of my team being weak so I went ahead and evolved Magneton into Magnezone inside the cave. Then I returned to Driftveil and traded Shelmet so it would evolve into Accelgor! Next I spent sometime in Mistralton Cave so I could evolve Trapinch. Lastly I grinded Pignite against Audino's until I had an Emboar! Then I took on Chargestone Cave and managed to get through pretty easily. Upon reaching Mistralton City I trained Cubchoo until it evolved into Beartic and then went through Route 7. Once everyone had been beaten I entered Celestial Tower and took a break.

Black 2 Team
:500: Ganonboarf Lv38
:614: Slushie Lv37
;462; Jenkins Lv37
;329; Percy Lv38
:617: Schmosby L37


Never Say Forever
Black 2: Got a Spinda from Yancy. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting the final Pokemon from her.

White 2: I explored Virbank City, there wasn’t a lot to see here but a few buildings with people in them. Before taking on the Gym, I headed south to the Virbank Complex. Here, I battled all trainers and captured Growlithe, Koffing, Magnemite and Elekid. I wasn’t sure if my training was enough, but I headed to the Gym anyways. I battled the two regular trainers and then it was time for Roxie. She was much tougher than I had expected, mostly because my main Pokemon doesn’t resist Poison. But thanks to some help from the rest of the Pokemon I had with me, I made it. I also got some actual use for all of the potions and stuff I had, so it wasn’t all too bad. I won, which gave me the Toxic Badge and a TM containing Venoshock.

After the battle, a man approached me and told me he had noticed my talent. He invited me to go to Pokestar Studios to record a Movie. I had no choice but to follow him there, where I also met Roxies father again. He had just finished a movie there, which I watched together with him. Then, it was my time to take part in a movie. I did my part in the movie, then I watched it, and we were done here. I headed back to Virbank, and to the Harbor… where I saw Roxie and my Rival facing a few members of Team Plasma. They challenged us to battle, and we won against them.

To our surprise, they ran off… towards Route 20! I headed out there together with my Rival to look for them. I found one of the members near a ledge, and battled her. I won, and she gave up. After the battle, my Riolu evolved into Lucario, something I hadn’t expected to happen this early. And the Plasma member ran off again… My Rival appeared, and we walked back to Virbank. We took the boat with Roxies father to Castelia City. My Rival ran away and left me all alone in the big city. Or not exactly alone, I have my Pokemon by my side.

I walked up from the pier and met a Clown who gave me a Bicycle. Very nice of him! He also told me to go look for other clowns in the city, so I decided to do that while exploring. And I explored the city; there was a lot to see here. I found a lot of interesting things. And a bunch of trainers too, but I decided to wait with battling them until later. I could not enter the Sewers either, so that would have to wait as well. But I found the rest of the clowns, and the one I met first gave me a Rare Candy for finding them. I headed to the Gym, but could not enter it since the guide was blocking the way. A young girl named Iris appeared and told me to go look for the Gym Leader since he was out. She thought she had an idea of where he might be, so I followed her.

It turned out that she thought he was in the Sewers, so I had to go down there, they were no longer blocked. My Rival also appeared and told me to follow him into the Sewers. There, we teamed up, which is the most awesome thing ever, and battled through the sewers. We fought a bunch of trainers; I picked up some items and captured Rattata, Zubat and Grimer. But we could not explore all of the Sewers, much of them were blocked. At one place, we ran into more Team Plasma members. We challenged them and won, and they ran away as usual.

Burgh, the Gym Leader appeared, and told us he was ready for a challenge… although we could stay and train for a while if we wanted. My Rival left the place, but I decided to stay a little longer. A strange man also appeared and told us that he had liked our battles. He also left. I headed into a cave which turned out to be the Relic Passage. Here, I captured a Roggenrola and a Woobat, which is going to be the second member of my team. Exited the cave and trained Woobat in the Sewers a little. I also went to the Game Freak Building and battled the two employees there. Decided to wait with the Battle Company until later on.

I went back to the Sewers and headed up to the second exit, arriving at the small garden in Castelia. I found a Miracle Seed on the ground here, and a man told me about how this was where Castelia City was founded, in 1982. I trained my Woobat a bit in the grass here, catching a few more Pokemon in the process: Skitty, Petilil, Lilligant and Eevee. The Eevee is going to be a part of my team, so I got my third team member as well. The next thing for me to do is to train Woobat and Eevee before challenging the Gym. I also want to evolve Eevee as soon as possible, but I’m not sure how that will go.

;448; - level 27
:527: - level 23
;133; - level 18


After taking care of all the Giant Chasm stuff and getting rid of Team Plasma for good, I headed over to Lacunosa Town and I healed my Pokemon there and I also swapped Pokemon on the PC since I wanted to go hunting for new Pokemon. I headed back to the Giant Chasm and I captured some of the Pokemon that I had missed the first time I was there. I also went back to Route 13 and I captured some Pokemon there. I headed back to Lacunosa Town after my catching spree and I got things ready to head out again. I went into the Giant Chasm and I found the exit that led to Route 23. Once there I wandered around and battled against the trainers in the area. I also captured a wild Rufflet and a wild Bouffalant in the tall grass. I continued to wander around the route and I eventually made it to the waterfalls and I went to the top of the cliff to collect items. I saved the game afterward.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
I did quite a few things while I was playing, obtained badges 3-4-5 with no defeats, though Clay came pretty close. My Dewott, Elekid, and Eevee have evolved into Samurott, Electabuzz, and Espeon. Lucario and Growlthie have done nothing but destroy the game! Haha. Let's see, what else? Oh I liked how they severally nerfed Elesa's team, because as we all know, her and Lenora were argh! On your first playthrough. World Tournament was looking cool, began working on Join Avenue and got a couple visitors. And that should be it for now.


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Got through White 2's story line a while back. I am currently playing through Black 2's story line.
But I'm taking a break from Black 2 to take care of the latter half of White 2. I'm going to clear out the trainers in the post story routes and RNG Reshiram and RNG Kyurem after that.

Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
Elesa's new gym=damn I am impressed! O_O It's amazing. :3 Squishy just evolved, my Magnemite is underleveled, need to level it up a little bit, and my Pignite is my highest leveled Pokemon. (Level 23)


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Went to DW again today, wanted a Feebas but ended up leaving with a Corphish, after my run I finally reached the 10,000 Dream Points mark :D

Today was probably the best luck I evr had on GTS/GTS Neg...got a Latios Dex entry and immediately ran to GTS to search for a Latios, saw one for a Zekrom so I traded away the one I had and now I'm the proud owner of a Latios, Calm nature and some of the best IV's I've seen :D...have to try and get back a Zekrom to replace the other one :|

Got a Ho-Oh & a Phione off GTS Neg, seem legit too :D

Went back to Celestial Tower to ring the bell for the couple in Humilau and beat the trainers with no probs :D

Got most shops to Rank 10, only 2 or so left to get to Rank 10

Pokemon Robot

Fighting n Steel ftw
After having beaten White 2 on all stories months ago, I started on Black 2 about a week ago and beat the Elite Four and Champion for the first time using just ash's pokemon (by the way, how did you get a Palpitoad? I tried to get one without using DW before the hall of fame and failed). I decided to beat up Alder, and then do some other stuff in the post-story before taking on my Rival. My pokemon are over-leveled for the first match against him in the post-story, but still have three levels to go on all of them combined total to beat him for the last time. Got sidetracked and beat the Unova Leaders Tournament. Tried to beat the Kanto Leaders Tournament and miserably failed 20 times even when I had type-counter moves like Wild Charge on Emboar, and Aerial Ace on Krookodile while being as prepared as I could. Pathetic right? I could just trade some from White 2 that I used for the story on it, but then the fun would be taken out of all of it.

Also, that's why I said I was not sure. I don't memorize where every single item in the game is. That.....would just be weird......


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So here's something interesting:

Today I was in route 19 catching Patrat and Purrloins for trading fodder, and I get faced with this level 2 female patrat, up until now I had just been uising Pokeballs on previous captures and all had succeded, so I throw what turned out to be my last Pokeball (bearing in mind, my only Pokemon on me at the time was a level 54 Bisharp), the Patrat breaks free, this goes on until I have thrown:

1x Pokeball
1x Greatball
7x Ultraball
3x Timerball
5x Dusk Ball

So I quietly slashed her and left, I personally think that Patrat was in the top percentage of Patrat!


The end of an era
Burgh's bugging bugs! (Part 9)

After Rob evolved, we went off to find and defeat two Team Plasma Grunts. We also met Burgh, and then we left the sewers. Iris told us to go to the gym, which we did.
At the gym:

Dr. Chase beat most trainers, and then came Burgh.

Dr Chase VS Swadloon:
Dr Chase used a nice combination of moves, but he used a Hyper Potion... *sigh* Anyways, we beat it after a nice battle.

Hyperwott VS Dwebble:
It was a pretty easy battle with Razor Shell and Water Gun.

Rob VS Leavanny:
Ok... he started with Razor Leaf which didn't do much damage. So we used Take Down, which also didn't do much... Another Razor Leaf almost took us down with a Crit, and confusion did nothing... we recalled to Hyperwott.

Hyperwott VS Leavanny:

Dr Chase VS Leavanny:
We started with Work Up, while he used Razor Leaf (which did a reasonable amount of dmg tbh). Again, he used Razor Leaf, while we used Return. We beat Leavanny!

Star: Dr. Chase
Burgh gave us the Insect Badge, our third badge! I then healed my Pokemon.

White 2 Team:
:502: Hyperwott, level 23
:507: Dr. Chase, level 23
;375; Rob, level 21
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