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Black and White in UK

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Dooney, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Dooney

    Dooney Well-Known Member

    Looks like CITV is going to overtake the US and finish the season in the first week of January. It showed Episode 43 today and 44 is tomorrow. And 5 next week which will take it to 49, 2 more episode that have been announced for the US, then there's probably only 3 left. And it's showing the 14th movie on January 2nd.

    This happened before with Battle Dimension over Easter a few years ago, let's hope it happens again :D
  2. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing and im personally exicted.

    The US have always been one over the UK in everything anime related... the fact we're getting Movie White aswell is great;)
  3. Dooney

    Dooney Well-Known Member

    I emailed CITV and next week Episode 49 airs on Thursday. After that there's a break.
  4. harryheart

    harryheart Well-Known Member

    One thought I had was whether they'd take the weekday mornings back to the beginning of the series? The weekend episodes have just finished airing the battle club competition so it's a wonder whether it's going to continue past that on the weekend episode! It was great to see that the movie has been announced as well! It's awesome that we're getting it not long after the US, and especially with the DVD releases as well! It's brilliant that we're getting things out now, this whole 'refresh' idea seems to have gone down well with the whole fandom from games to anime and has attracted a lot of new fans as well! So maybe things are going to improve here!
  5. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    The movie is going to be aired on the 2nd? What time? I gotta make sure I watch it.
  6. the ash man83

    the ash man83 Avid TCG Fan

    does anyone know the answer to this? i am, as Ash would say, 'totally psyched' about watching this.
  7. *futachimaru*

    *futachimaru* Music Maker/ Dreamer

    Cant wait till janurary 2nd

    if they are finishing 1 season in only 4/5 months, there will be a lot in the BW saga (like in DP, there were 4 seasons)
  8. BunearyBoy

    BunearyBoy Cascade Trainer

    According to the tv guide on my BT Vision Box it's on at 13:00 til about 15:00 and it's never been wrong before xP
  9. the ash man83

    the ash man83 Avid TCG Fan

    that makes sense, since all the movies at the moement are starting at 13:00-ish.
  10. *futachimaru*

    *futachimaru* Music Maker/ Dreamer

    Wait... does that mean that all these new episodes airing in Japan are season 2 of BW???? wow that was a fast season
  11. Dooney

    Dooney Well-Known Member

    The movie airs January 2nd at 1pm-2:55pm on CITV :)

    And yes, the general assumption is that after episode 52 in BW it's the 2nd season for the rest of the world, but Japan doesn't have seasons like we do.
  12. Coke

    Coke Member

    Funnily enough, "Beartic Mountain Feud" was the episode that aired today and not the Beeheyem episode, it was also labeled as "Episode 46" and not 47, could this mean that CiTV have dropped the Dream Thief episode from their schedule completely? :/

    EDIT: My mistake, they labeled "Meowth's Scrafty Tactics" as episode 44 and Purloin as 45, 46 for Beartic is correct.
  13. Aesir

    Aesir Breeder

    Which version of the Victini movie's being shown on the 2nd?

    This is great news :D


    Never mind, just checked it out on my freeview guide, it's White..lol the flavour text is the Manaphy movie's, even down to the year
  14. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    I gotta make sure I watch that movie.
  15. Dooney

    Dooney Well-Known Member

    Never noticed CITV's skipped the Dream Theif episode, perhaps it will be shown some time soon. But today they showed part 1 of the Subway episode, tomorrow is part 2.
  16. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    Part 1? Oh I missed it. I usually watch the episodes online because CITV were behind but the latest episode released online is the Beartic one.
  17. Sparkleo

    Sparkleo Low on power...

    I'm visiting family in England now, and was surprised about the first of the Underground two-parter this morning. I plan on catching part 2 tomorrow.
  18. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    The Victini: White is on right now if anyone is watching/wants to watch. It only has about 40 minutes left but it's good :)
  19. jatta

    jatta Member

    here is a legal link, probably THE ONLY LEGAL LINK PRESENTLY ONLINE to watch the Battle for the Underground! and also Giratina and the Sky Warrior movie using the UK ITV player:



    Not sure how to watch the link outside the uk though!

    ** LEGAL LINK to watch Pokemon the Movie White - Victini and Zekrom http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=298212 **

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2012
  20. Dooney

    Dooney Well-Known Member

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