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Black Ice Tournaments

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Experienced Trainer
I have won against Charizardmaster. The score was 3-0.


Cheese for everyone!
Holy mother of hax... Beat Charizard. 4:0
I'd say good game, but it wasn't... Have a cookie.


Cheese for everyone!

Top Cuts will be starting on Tuesday, the 10th. Please finish your battles by then.​


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Beat Charizard 4-0, gg


Largely Inactive
Yeah confirming, gg buddy


Cheese for everyone!

Player Score
Charizardmaster#1 - 10
Cheeselord - 12
rotomotorz - 9
Poema - 10
Joshua O'Donnell - 11
55afrothunder - 13
EmphaticPikachu - 8
LordVader2719 - 11

Joshua O'Donnell

Unfortunately, due to Joyc and I tying, there will be a top cut!
Top cut will be best of three.

55afrothunder VS Cheeselord For first and second
Joshua O'Donnell VS LordVader2719 For third and fourth

Prizes will be distributed after top cuts.​

The Master Chief

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If you have any predictions on who will win pm me with your prediction and if you get it right you win 5DD! (For each correct prediction so you can win up to 10DD)
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