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Black Ice Tournaments

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Her shoes Christian
Defeated cheeseman
1st match: 3-0
second: 6-4 he forfeit


Cheese for everyone!

First: 55afrothunder - 50 points, 200 DD, and a fourth gen event legendary
Second: Cheeselord - 40 points and 175 DD
Third: LordVader2719 - 30 points and 150 DD

Everyone else earns 10 points and 10 DD.​


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Cheese for everyone!

Registration for the Black Ice RBY OU tournament is now open!

Sign up form:
PS Username:
Time zone:

Team registration will be begin soon.

-Pokémon be from the first generation (1-149 in the National Dex).
-Mewtwo and Mew may not be used.
-Pokémon may not hold items.
-Pokémon may not have abilities.
-Moves must be exclusive to RBY. Any moves that a Pokémon can learn in GSC that exist in RBY (such as Alakazam with Ice Punch) may not be used.
-Double Team and Minimize may not be used. All other moves may be used.
-EVs and IVs are to be left untouched (EVs at 0 and IVs at 31 or 0). I don't know if PS fixes stats to what they should be in RBY or not. If it does not, we will be using minimum stats.
-Species Clause: You may not use two or more of the same Pokémon.
-Sleep Clause: Only one of your opponent's Pokémon may be put to sleep at a time. This does not count if your opponent uses Rest.
-Self KO Clause: If a Pokémon uses Self Destruct or Explosion, and all Pokémon faint, the user loses. If a Pokémon uses a recoil move, such as Double Edge, and both Pokémon faint, the user wins.
-You may NOT change your team during the tournament.

Something to note: there is no team preview. Your team is completed hidden from your opponent until you send something out. The first Pokémon on the team is what you will lead with, so choose that Pokémon wisely. You may change your lead before each battle.

Let me know if I missed anything.​
Username: rotomotorz
PS Username: Rotomotorz
Time zone: -4 GMT(I think)

Is there a website or something where I can see the moves that were in gen 1?


Cheese for everyone!
Username: rotomotorz
PS Username: Rotomotorz
Time zone: -4 GMT(I think)

Is there a website or something where I can see the moves that were in gen 1?

Yes, you're on its forums. :p
Serebii has a list of what each Pokémon learns by leveling up. It also has a list of each TM it can learn. However, this list only includes the TM numbers, not what the moves are.
Bulbapedia also has a list. Go down to the Pokémon's movepool and click on gen one.

EDIT: Smogon also has sets for RBY (as well as every other gen).
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StonE EdgE

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Username: StonE EdgE
PS Username: Do You Even Splash
Time zone: GMT -5 (EST)

Ignore this post. I changed my mind, not a big fan of the RB metagame.
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Cheese for everyone!
Username: The Master Chief
PS Username: xXProGamerXx
Time zone: gmt -5

Please tell me it's single elimination

More than likely. Round Robbin takes too long, and we don't have enough players for Swiss.

Since you joined, I can start team registration.

Once you make your team, PM it to me. You have until the tournament starts to do this.
Last day of registration will be Sunday, and the tournament will start on Monday.
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