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Black Ice

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Cheese for everyone!

For the entire month of March, any battles you complete (win or lose without forfeiting) using all green Pokémon, using Pokémon with the abilities Super Luck or Serene Grace, or the move Lucky Chant (must be used during the battle), you will earn a lottery ticket. First prize will be a Super Shelter Pass, which can be used to purchase up to four Pokémon from the Shelter, or the shiny Archen in the Shelter. Other prizes will be decided later.​

The Master Chief

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I'll let roto do XY OU

i have to retire black ice, not really, i'm just making a new account because i don't like this one, or maybe i won't, depends

Pretty sure having alts just because you don't like a certain acc isn't allowed. Unless you mean on showdown.
How? I haven't posted here in months.

I have a solution.

Gotf, you're no longer a member a BI starting immediately. Have a nice afterlife. lol


Howls of Loneliness
XY Ou please someone test me out
Does anyone here do VGC doubles? i need help with teams and understanding the meta

Hi hello how are you doing. I do VGC as well, but I'm not that good, although I could teach you the basics. I suggest surfing around Nugget Bridge forums to learn about the advanced meta. Vader also knows a lot :p


Cheese for everyone!
I don't know how to use it :/
There's a link in my signature. If you're on a computer, it's pretty simple. Go on, change your name to something that isn't ridiculously stupid (which it is by default), wait for a mod to add you, and type.
If you're on a mobile device, I'm sure there's an app or something.

Does anyone here do VGC doubles? i need help with teams and understanding the meta
I'll be judging Regionals in April. That should give you an idea. :p


Pokémon Breeder

I won my first VGC match finally! lol


and made someone ragequit


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Posting to let you know I'm not dead and I'll be back monday, school was killer this week and had many things that needed to be taken care of : P

Joshua O'Donnell

The Pokemon Trainer
New usage system for the tiers!! Now the good stuff is more easy to see


Rising to OU are: Zapdos / Keldeo / Chansey / Kyurem-B / Deoxys-D / Terrakion / Manaphy / Deoxys-S / Landorus / Latias.

of course Kyurem-B, Terrakion, Deoxys, Landorus and Manaphy already were in BL zone.

Falling to UU are: Donphan / Klefki / Starmie / Smeargle / Tentacruel / Sableye / Cloyster / Forretress / Galvantula / Salamence / Trevenant.
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