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Black Ice

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Joshua O'Donnell

The Pokemon Trainer


Cheese for everyone!
You can also unlock achievements. Achievement details can be found in the third OP.

EDIT: Speaking of achievements. This should have been done yesterday...





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Old User: OtakuGamer
Username: Otakugamer
Opponent(s): supersaiyanalex
Partner (if multi): N/A
Battle Type:OU
Victor: Otakugamer
Score: 5 - 0
(Did I do the score right? I won with 5 pokes)


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I want to join the war team

Username: Rapidgator for sppf and ps
Tier(s) : OU
Experience: 1 yr
Rate your own skill level from 1-10:8


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Dat swampert. Sexy as hell!

Anyway got few leftovers so conpleted my first team :) 4 more days and I csn start battle and design more

Lucky I've been at it for months and don't even have one team done.

Anyways just saw the new megas. I NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON A SWAMPERT MEGA STONE!

Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
I'm hearing a lot of Mega Swampert love. I think I like Mega Sceptile most, although Treecko has always been my favorite Hoenn starter. Either way, super excited for both of them. Diancie I don't really care about. Also, kinda dislike some of the new Team Aqua and Magma outfits. I had already liked the original ones, but the new ones look a bit weird to me.


Cheese for everyone!

The vote was unanimous. Black Ice WILL be moving to YouTube. If you want to help discuss please do it on the xat.

Details of who can post what will be posted at a later time. Needless to say, we aren't going to give everyone direct access to the channel.
Not open for further replies.