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Black Ice

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Dumbness, Oct 17, 2016.

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  1. Lulamoon

    Lulamoon Cheese for everyone!


    Ash Greninja is a battle only form, so it can't be placed in a box dex. The only reason I got the demo was for Ash Greninja, and now it's useless to me.

    The worst thing about the demo... you can't sit.
  2. Username: FriedChickenBaconWaffles
    3DS Friend code: Not important right now
    PS Username: Bice ChadBacon
    Who recommended you to this Guild? Lulamoon did year and years ago
  3. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Here's my opinion of SuMo so far.


    1. Entering doors with A button.. negative, as Dumd stated
    2. The Whole Ash-greninja thing.. negative mostly due it being stats locked and the attempt to combine the anime into the game, but hey I'm not a fan of the anime.
    3. Dataminers got all shiny sprites of the new mons and most of them are.. bad, some have very ugly colour palets and most of them look better non-shiny, thats crap for me as a shiny hunter.
    4. Z-move trainer dance is to me very childish, gives me the feeling I'm to old for this game.. I am though but heck.
    5. Team skull doesnt give me the villain vibe and i think its design is very stereotypical of what is to be considerd anti-society.


    1. The majority of the new mons seem very Doubles/VGC oriented which is excellent to me and will for sure change the meta, great !
    2. Some pokemons seem to have very intresting design and also top quality.. will not spoil my favorites here ;)
    3. Battle mechanics in game seem to have improven, although this is more newbie friendly then it helpes the veterans alot.
    4. Animations are good, some moves have diffrent animations and what I have seen so far they look better than in the previous gen.

    I can conclude that I'm not really hyped, the demo was very short and its just an ORAS game but with diffrent features and more mons.. not that much change as it was with
    Gen5 to 6 for example which is logical but hmm..

    Thanks for accepting me Dumbness !
  4. Lulamoon

    Lulamoon Cheese for everyone!


    More Pokémon will be added to the shelter soon.
  5. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    In my opinion, it doesn't seem like Team Skull is going to be totally evil. They're more like a bunch of goofballs who aren't evil (they're just hard).

    I personally think that these pros outweigh the cons. Of course, I've already given my two cents on the demo.
  6. StarMasterWarrior

    StarMasterWarrior the prince of stars

    I find it helpful so I don't accidentally enter buildings anymore...

    Keep in mind this is still a game for children. They can only do so much to make kids feel like this is for them, while giving teens/adults the feeling of a more mature game. But, I didn't see the arm motions Sun made as childish so.

    I don't understand what you mean by "stereotypical of what is considered anti-society." I'm positive Team Skull's design is meant to be seen as over the top edgy and silly then the appearance of actual villains. The Aether Foundation on the other hand....
  7. Dumbness

    Dumbness Pokémon Breeder

    Cheers on page 2!

    Major additions to the Shelter! Sprites aren't added yet, but I'll get to that eventually. The general rule of thumb on price is:

    High male %, Hidden Ability, Egg Moves, and a special ball will increase its price

    As for my two cents toward the hand movements, I love them. They're hilarious from Team Skull and it feels like some sort of summoning ceremony from the trainer. It adds to the hype of the attack.

    Also in other news, one more week until the winner of the Volcanion code is chosen!
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
  8. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Its a good thing we have our different opinions !

    As for the Aether foundation.. yeah I can see a Resident Evil kind of plot going on.. experiments going all wrong
  9. Dumbness

    Dumbness Pokémon Breeder

    *Waits patiently* Less than a month folks :) Don't forget to talk to the NPCs in the demo, the guy next to the pokemon center is giving 10 Pretty Wings. If you downloaded the demo on the 18th, there's 2 more days until the next reward is given out!
  10. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    I know I'm going to forget the important dates... Good thing I'm thinking about this while I just so happen to be messing with a calendar.
    Sun and Moon can't get here soon enough.
  11. I cant wait for sun and moon either. I wonder if the time events are only that day or if they are available that day and after. (then again maybe not since one is a pikachu's birthday)
  12. Lulamoon

    Lulamoon Cheese for everyone!

    They are that day only.

    Of course, I doubt I'll care about the reward, so I won't be doing them. If anyone feels they are worth doing, let me know.
  13. you might get something at the end after getting all of the "events" but I would not know until the end of it.
  14. Lulamoon

    Lulamoon Cheese for everyone!

    I certainly hope not. I missed Sunday's due to the con. :/

    Anyone know what the reward for it was?
  15. There was no reward for that one, just a thank you from a women in love with a Machamp.
  16. Dumbness

    Dumbness Pokémon Breeder


    The winner of the Event Volcanion is....

    Kitt Geekazaru! Congratulations!
  17. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    I didn't expect that. I never win anything...
    But at least now I'll be getting one because I'm too lazy to go to Gamestop.
  18. suparudeGUI

    suparudeGUI New Member

    Username: Protoshy
    3DS Friend code: ill find it tomorrow
    PS Username: N/A (Xbox: DarkestYago)
    Who recommended you to this Guild? Zerinus
  19. suparudeGUI

    suparudeGUI New Member

    wow, so stupid... forget I posted that. I'll just be over here.
  20. Dumbness

    Dumbness Pokémon Breeder

    Welcome! And make sure not to double post.... Just edit :)
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