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Black Lagoon

I've only watched the first ep so far and am in the process of watching the second but so far it's freakin' awesome. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. :D

This is probably another one of those anime not many people here know of and/or are fans of but I figured I'd see if anyone else has seen/liked it as well.
'Badass'? Haha, sure, why not? Actually, when I first started watching it I was laughing at how much they cuss. I don't mind swearing, but I'm not used to so much of it in anime/cartoons.
I own the first season (Best Buy needs to get the second season in) and I love every minute of it. Sure there are some bad things, like the random filler episodes that appear (After reading the first volume of the Manga, I found that there was Two or three filler episodes), but hey every anime has fillers.
The cussing factor for this show doesn't bother me one bit. I cuss a lot in real life and I watch shows that cuss a lot, so I am used to it.