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Black Team Suggestions

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by TheDavidan13, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. TheDavidan13

    TheDavidan13 D'oh I missed!

    Hey, guys! I've been playing Black again, and I've been working at creating a post-game team. So far, I have five members, and I am absolutely mind-boggled at what to use for my sixth. So, any suggestions for that would be greatly appreciated!

    Anyways, most of these Pokemon are not fully trained, yet. These are just predictions as to what they will be.

    Also, I'm not going to restart training any of these Pokemon, JUST to get a different ability. So, if the current ability sucks, DEAL WITH IT. Also, I'm not using Legendaries, either.

    Ability: Steadfast
    -Nasty Plot
    -Shadow Ball
    -Aura Sphere

    Lucario's basically the special sweeper of my team and my absolute FAVORITE Pokemon. I actually kept Nasty Plot from when it was a Riolu, so that is extremely handy, especially when I have a moment to boost. ExtremeSpeed is there for priority, Shadow Ball for coverage, and Aura Sphere for STAB.

    Ability: Iron Barbs
    -Power Whip
    -Gyro Ball

    Instead of an absolute wall, I decided to make Ferrothorn into a tank. Power Whip and Gyro Ball are there for STAB, Curse is there for boosting (obviously), which especially helps Gyro Ball, due to the lost Speed (Not like Speed matters on Ferrothorn, anyways...). Payback is really just there for filler. I might replace it with Thunder Wave or Toxic...

    Ability: Swift Swim
    -Ice Beam

    A basic mixed sweeper. Surf's really just there for utility, so I'll probably replace that, if I can. Nothing much to say here, honestly.

    Ability: Natural Cure
    -Cotton Guard
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw

    Before any of you guys say that I should use Dragonite, I'm NOT using Dragonite. I've used him before, and despite him being really good, I just don't want to use him this time around.
    Anyways, Altaria sort of has a unique role on my team, as it's strategy is basically this: Use Cotton Guard twice, use Dragon Dance as much as needed, KILL, DESTROY, ANNIHILATE. So yeah, Altaria in a nutshell. Also, Fly is used for utility and for the fact that it's the strongest physical Flying-type move Altaria has access to.

    Ability: Flash Fire
    -Confuse Ray
    -Energy Ball

    Stupid me getting a low-level Vulpix, and evolving it before it got Extrasensory. Would've been slightly useful... D=
    Anyways, Ninetales is kind of odd. I generally use to to inflict statuses, though I'm honestly considering replacing it with Volcarona...

    Anyways, now that I'm done with those five, I just thought I might go into greater depths about what I need for my sixth member.

    So, what I noticed about my existing team is that it's pretty weak to Fire and Fighting. Two Pokemon have weaknesses to Fire and Fighting. So, having coverage to those two moves would be fairly useful. If there's any more weaknesses you notice, then having coverage to those weaknesses would be good as well.

    So, anyways, that's it!
  2. TheDavidan13

    TheDavidan13 D'oh I missed!

    Just thought that I might bump this. Not many people are looking at it, and I'm not that type of guy to create another thread entirely, so I'm assuming this is one of those "special cases" where I'm allowed to post twice in a row? If not, well...yeah, do what you must.
  3. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Nobody else...? Alright.

    Lucario dosen't really need ExtremeSpeed on a NP set, unless you're open to a Mixed Work Up set, which works well with your current Attacks.

    Floatzel does gets Ice Fang, which is worth the note instead of Ice Beam, due to Flotzel's higher Attack, although I'm not sure which will be more powerful.

    • Altaria @ Choice Specs
    • Timid
    • Natural Cure
    - Draco Meteor
    - Flamethrower
    - Ice Beam
    - Hp [Ground] / Dragon Pulse

    Specs is a nice addition for Altaria to buff it's SpA, however a DD set is an alternative:

    • Altaria @ Leftovers
    • Adamant
    • Natural Cure
    - Dragon Dance
    - Dragon Claw
    - Earthquake
    - Aerial Ace

    This is more consistent due to DD raising Speed and Attack, so it's really preference as both work well in their own aspects.
  4. TheDavidan13

    TheDavidan13 D'oh I missed!

    Alright, thanks. I'll take it into consideration.

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