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Black Team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by SimonSays1337, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. SimonSays1337

    SimonSays1337 New Member

    :503: Samurott @ Life Orb
    Swords Dance

    :530: Excadrill @ Muscle Band
    Rock Slide
    Swords Dance

    :609: Chandelure @ Leftovers
    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind

    :635: Hydreigon @ Expert Belt
    Draco Meteor
    Dragon Pulse
    Dark Pulse

    :620: Mienshao @ Wide Lens
    Fake Out
    Hi Jump Kick
    Stone Edge

    :604: Eelektross @ Nothing
    Brick Break
    Wild Charge

    Changed out the bug for the serpent thing, didn't like the bug. I like what you did with Mienshao, thank you. Also changed Samurott.
    I've seen online people using multiple leftovers, but there is only one in the game, how are they doing this?
    Also, are Eelektross' moves ok?
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  2. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    You'd probably need a more physical Samurott as your team is already heavily Special-based.

    -Aqua Jet / Surf
    -Swords Dance / Grass Knot / Ice Beam / Air Slash
    -X-Scissor / Megahorn

    Volt Switch or Thunderwave > Toxic on Galvy.

    Dragon Pulse > Draco Meteor and Surf > Focus Blast on Hydreigon.

    Mienshao wants U-turn > Swords Dance for Regenerator abuse.
  3. Ally

    Ally Well-Known Member

    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Regenerator
    Item: Wide Lens / Life Orb
    EV's: 252 Attack / 252 Speed

    ~Fake Out
    ~Hi Jump Kick
    ~Stone Edge

    Fake Out for the free move, U-Turn has a great combo with regenerator and is a good switch out move as it will outrun alot of things, Hi Jump Kick is just a brilliant STAB move and Stone Edge gives good coverage. Wide Lens if you are worried about the recoil for Hi Jump Kick and low Stone Edge accuracy. Life Orb has great combonation with U-Turn and regenerator.
  4. SimonSays1337

    SimonSays1337 New Member

    Switched many things, left a couple questions at the end of the post.
  5. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Don't run Surf and Swords Dance on the same set. If you're going to run Surf, go with Grass Knot or Ice Beam over Swords Dance to go mixed.

    Personally, I prefer this Eelektross set:

    Eelektross @ Flying Gem
    -Dragon Claw

    Because Mixed sets are cool. Tonnes of coverage. Flying Gem for max power with Acrobatics.

    Trades, I presume?

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