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Black: Victini & Reshiram (14)


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I liked the fact that there wasn't a bad guy who destroys a (what one flower/garden?) with the intentions of destroying/taking over the world, like most people. I also enjoy the drama of Ash almost dying. I basically like what most people like I guess. I noticed a few tiny unimportant details that bother me:
1 Damon has the nose of someone from the ice age or something (see the first ice age movie)
2 Damon says to release the pillars' energy or something. Zekrom roars. Reshiram makes some kind of bird sound.

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Seems that the writers just couldn't pass up putting TRio in the movie and having them fall back into their normal selves. I wonder if someone should tell them about the TRiobots that are running around Isshu in their places.


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-Is it just my imagination, or is the beginning similar to the first episode of Best Wishes?

-Movie announcer dude: “Here we have a young man named Ash Ketchum, who hails from Pallet Town.”
AND IS SOMEHOW STILL 10 YEARS OLD. I swear he’s BFFs with Dialga, the god of time.

-The two things I noticed about Damon immediately was:
A.His funky hair
B.The fact that his name spelled backwards is Nomad

-And Zekrom talks about ideals. I always associated truth with technology and ideals with fantasy, so…it’s a little awkward that they’re switched. Can’t remember if they did the same thing in the games or not.

-And then we go to a scene with two Deerling. One of which sounds pretty manly. Also, it must be Summer because they’re green.

-Ash: “Don’t worry, I’ll save you”
Iris: “I’m coming too!”
Cilan: *grabs* “Iris, wait! Don’t do it! The ground won’t hold.”
Oh, so…you don’t care if the ground holds for Ash, huh Cilan?

-Enter Victini, the victory Deus Ex Machina Pokémon!

-Look everyone! Ash is really a FLYING ROBOT! No wonder he never ages. It also explains why he cannot relate to complex emotions like love. I cite the Cottonee episode.

-Haha. Iris and Cilan are like O.O

-Ash is like O.O too, at first. But he shrugs it off pretty fast. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time something awfully strange has happened to him.

-Yes, children. When you’re lost in a strange looking cave you should DEFINITELY listen to a voice that suddenly appears inside your head.

-Cilan, the resident bag holder. And hey, it seems like Iris and Cilan have both shrugged off Ash’s earlier jumping stunt as well. I wouldn’t doubt that Iris is thinking it was due to the mystic powers of nature spirits, and Cilan has decided it’s because of wind currents.

-It’s just like the sword in the stone, only instead of a sword it’s a giant castle and instead of a stone it’s a mountain.

-Ash: “I’m always hungry and that’s that.”
And this emoticon expresses how surprised I was at this comment Ash--> -_-

-Voices in your head, imaginary macarons…Ash, are you going crazy again?

-Iris didn’t pay for that Victini wood carving thing…

-Victini, you eat a lot for a Pokémon so small.

-I love how that music contraption works through the gear Pokémon.

-Ash releases Scraggy to watch the matches because…why? I don’t remember him doing that for any match in the Anime.

-I never liked the beginning song all that much, but when it’s played in completion like this it sounds pretty good all the sudden.

-Hahahahaha! Emolga makes Iris lose by using Volt Switch.

-Scraggy’s pants seem bigger than usual.

-And Tepig looks like he just consumed a TON of caffeine. With Ash’s plot power and the Deus Ex Machina Pokémon on his side, Ash is practically invincible.

-I wonder when this movie takes place in the context of the Anime…

-After Tepig used the Deus Ex Machina powered Ember, I’m half surprised the judge dude didn’t say “Sorry, kid, but we’re going to have to test your Pokémon for illegal steroid use.”

-Didn’t Ash technically lose the match since Scraggy looked knocked out in the bushes prior to the Deus Ex Machina infusion?

-Oh look. Scraggy is a FLYING ROBOT too.

It also explains why he cannot relate to complex emotions like love. I cite the Gothita episode.

-Carlita: “But Victini is invisible now. It can do that.”
Ash: “Invisible?”
And then something wonderful, amazing and rare happens: Ash has an epiphany.

-Yeah, I think I’d cry too if Ash suddenly grabbed me with a big old smile on his face.

-Carlita’s mom’s name is Juanita? She must be the long lost cousin of the Hoenn Gym Leader.

-Victini, you really need to be careful where you fly when you’re invisible. You keep flying into things.

-Oh look. Ash managed to fall into a body of water WITHOUT Bianca’s help.

-And now we get to see the Vale people’s legendary book of legends, which, coincidentally, happens to be the world’s oldest pop-up book.

-Ash: “What’s Dragonforce?”
Me: *starts playing “Through the Fire and Flames” in the background*

-Hmmm….green, invisible light running throughout the world? Sounds an awful lot like FF7’s Lifestream.

-UGH! They messed up the whole background story of Zekrom and Reshiram. This makes me sad.

-Because the castle has cells (Duosion) does this mean it’s alive? :-D

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That Purrloin in the corner is massacring the fruit’s skin before it eats it. Maybe Cilan was right about those Pokémon.

-Damon: “Then, I heard a voice”
First Ash, now Damon. I guess it’s pretty normal to listen to the voice inside your head when you’re in the Pokémon world.

-Oh yes…let’s all sleep outside even though there’s a perfectly good town not 10 feet away.

-Cilan is the only one who remembered to grab his bag…

-Damon doesn’t seem like a terribly bad guy (in fact, more of a misled good guy) so why did he trap Victini and force it to help him instead of just asking politely?

Pikachu: …oh no…

-Problem no. 1: why isn’t Iris spazzing out at Zekrom?
Problem no. 2: why doesn’t Ash and Pikachu mention the first episode of BW?

-You know, Damon, when you’re trying to fulfill your mother’s dream and your mother comes in citing that she doesn‘t want the dream fulfilled because it could end up destroying the world, you might want to, as the saying goes, “listen to your mother”.

-Ash: “If the castle’s moved, the Dragonforce will be disturbed and it will destroy the world!”
Juanita: “What did you just say?”

Zekrom: …oh no…

-It’s nice that you’re trying to save Victini and all…but shouldn’t you wait until, oh I don’t know, you’re NOT flying 5,000 feet up in the air? I think it might be wiser to get Victini to land the thing first.

-And…now they’re blasting off into outer space…in a flying castle…that looks like a sword. You know, it sounds a lot crazier written out like this.

-The pillars of protection aren’t accurately named, are they? And they sound like wind chimes when attacked.

-Is Ash going to die (again)?

-So Victini had the power to destroy the inaccurately named pillars of protection all along…Victini really should have been called the Deus Ex Machina Pokémon.

-Oh look, a rainbow. I see what you did there, Ho-Oh.
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a. Damon - wow, a misled good guy. It's been a long time since I saw a human like him. You know Jirachi's movie, Butler has his case due to revenge. NOt because of greed and evil BUT wants revenge against Magma yet he loves Diane with all his heart (He was crying heartbroken when Diane was taken away)! Same with Mewtwo (He's ONE OF MY WORST NIGHTMARES to meet in online battle), and Lucario and Sir Aaron.

b. Another DEATH REFERENCE. Geesh, I guess many viewers today (perhaps this generation and older) would rather learn deeper references like romantic love, family relations, and you know those not suited for children to learn relationships and society problems.

c. I was like WT*?! Victini! I thought you were dead! You lived?! Imposible nga yan!(That's impossible!). The others should call themselves lucky (Jirachi's lifeline and the comet was nearly drained from butler's high tech machine that caused his death from 6th movie.) Celebi also died but revived somehow.
Seriously! Victini is making himself and myself see Victini as Pokemon's IKE OF THE GREIL MERCENARIES! (V-CREATE IS HIS RAGNELL!) alas Jirachi is like Sephiran of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Doom Desire as Jirachi's Creiddylad light tome!).

d. You know what, I just Finished playing Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus and the Dragon force and the lifestream are so much somewhat close! (Does Victini have chaos mode like Vincent Valentine? If he does, meet V - degenarate/ V-Procreate! Like Chaos Vincent's gun called Death Penalty)


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I have to say that Rashiram looks at least twenty times better animated than I first thought. Dang, and now I regret deciding not to get one during that Mcdonalds promotion thingy.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. Like others have said it's great how the scale of the plot this time was just so massive. You don't really care or realize it until the climax when Zekrom and Reshiram's power combined looked like flies being swatted away. That was probably one of my favorite parts, especially with the music. And Victini wasn't annoying, huzzah!

I also liked that montage of Victini waiting 1000 years. You actually feel bad for the pokemon rather than being told you should.

Some complaints are that the beginning was slow, and the way they revealed Victini and Damon's past was uncreative. They could've at least gradually done it during the course of the movie but instead we get a generic sit and talk for eight minutes thing. Plus, I was hoping Dent and Iris would do something but all we get is Ash, a Golurk, and that kinda-but-not-really Villain guy doing everything. It just would've been more emotional if Iris and Dent showed some spunk rather than a bunch of filler characters who we'll never see again. All I could think about in that scene with Golurk tying to save Ash was, "wow, this would be about ten times better if this were Excadrill and Iris or Pansage and Dent or some other pokemon we actually cared about."

Other than those peeves, this is definetly up there as one of my favorite Pokemon movies. If only for how different it was.

Other comments:
- I like the full english theme song more than the cut one.
- "In case you haven't noticed, I'm always hungry and that's that."
- Samurott animated...I've always wondered how its shell blade would look like and it's a lot better than I thought it would be.
- That girl legitamitely said that Victini would die. Nice use of the 'd' word in Pokemon.
- Is Golurk suppossed to have jets...?
- Montage of Ash easily defeating two trainers in the opening credits made me smile.
- Ash nearly dying from lack of oxygen and heat? Way to be logical writers. No mystic psychic blast turning him into stone this time.
- I'm kind of confused if that seal was broken in the end...I guess it was.
- About 80% of me was hoping Victini would lose its powers and go with Ash while the castle stays protected. Naw, that's too epic to happen. But seriously, this is probably the most I've wanted Ash to catch a legendary in any pokemon movie.
- I'm surprised they had so much death in this movie. And I like it.
- I love the design of that giant sword castle thing. Kind of going overboard though, doncha think?
- Since they had the king die which has proven that Pokemon is gutsy enough in this age and time to have a character die on screen, I was actually on the edge on whether Victini did or not. Death is better than being trapped for another 1000 years.
- I'm glad this Purrloin thing really is going to be a running gag.

Yes he died, but I doubt that he was the only person who built this incredible machine to harness Victini's energy & stop the Dragonforce from destroying the land, and we're supposed to believe that he told no one except Victini, or left any sort of instructions as to what purpose the castle was used for before he died.

Also if Victini's the only one who knew this why did it wait for Ash to show up before showing the king's final words, we have an entire village of people that were moved with the castle & Victini never once tried to contact any of these people cause it was given specific instructions to wait until some kid from some completely different region to show up and save the world again.
I'm not sure but I think it's been emphasized that the king was planning on using his power to release Victini from the seal after doing all of that, but ended up using all of it and dying unplanned. And the people from the castle Damon was trying to recruit clearly said they didn't believe the legend so I guess not.

Also, Ash is the only one who Victini trusts enough to communicate with using, god forbid, "visual telepathy". At least that's how it was implied in the movie.

For those who saw it in theatres, how many people were there?

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Doman was an interesting character. For a while, I viewed him as an assistant protagonist, and was taken off guard when it became clear he was the antagonist.

A little disappointed about Team Rocket though; perhaps this is from an alternate universe where they never changed. It would have been nice to see a competent Team Rocket interfering with the plot.


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Watched this last night after recording it. It was just as good as the White Version but there were definitely cuts that made it a bit worse. But still, Victini and Reshiram were both awesome there.


This movie was actually quite good,you get to meet lots of new characters,but you only get to see them in the movie,nowhere else.(Not even in the anime,so far)


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I've got the movies on blu-ray in Japanese, yea! I did see the dub first in it's limited engagement, however. At first, I thought the plot was really complex, but the more I watch it, the more I understand it.

Here is my question: where does Volcarona appear in the movie? I see that the anime dex says it does, but no where do I see one. Not even in the opening, where it makes sense. Can someone point it out?

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This movie was not one of the better ones, though I will say that I enjoyed all the pokemon debuts as I normally do. I also found Victini to be cute at times.

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Here is my question: where does Volcarona appear in the movie? I see that the anime dex says it does, but no where do I see one. Not even in the opening, where it makes sense. Can someone point it out?
It's in the sky panel of the World of Pokemon sequence in Black. It flies briefly across.
Just finished watching it and it wasn't too bad, like others I liked the new Pokemon introduced.

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I really enjoyed this movie,bl but the only thing that bothered me throuhtout it was that they kept saying dragonforce... which would make me think about the band -.- wasn't the word they used in the japanese version dragon pulse?? I like it better that way...dragon pulse.. it fit better IMO.
And Team Rocket just kind of confused me. Wasn't Meowth with Ash and Co. before the movie premiered after the episode on that Saturday? D:


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It finally played on Canadian TV, so I got to see a good quality of it. I enjoyed it like last time, and I may have even enjoyed it more. My first complaints kind of don't matter any more, it didn't bug me as much in the second viewing. But I can't get over how screwed up this family is!

Follow Your Star (Truth Version) has also made it into my library of favourite songs from Pokemon.


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Just finished watching it a little while ago, I enjoyed it. Would have prefer to see the Zekrom one just to see Ash with it but then I wouldn't see Krookodile in the opening for 5 seconds, I hate it when stuff like that happens D:

Cilan's cooking...it does anything and everything...seriously Cilan could probably catch every Legendary Pokemon with those macrons...kind of got annoyed every time I saw them though since they looked so good and licking the TV I assume doesn't give you the best idea of how it tastes :(

Was nice seeing Team Rocket being a little comedic in it.


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I'm in love with Victini and Reshiram.Reshirams voice reminded me of lugia's.