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New Member
Hey, I just started Heartgold recently and could use some tips on my team and what I should train/change.
I just got to Blackthorn City, any recommendations for fighting Clair (Dragon type gym leader) and for future battles? I know that Ice type is supposed to be good against Dragon type.

Quilava Level 47
Moveset: Flame Wheel (Fire), Lava Plume (Fire), Flamethrower (Fire), Swift (Normal)
Note: This is my starter. I can evolve into Typhlosion but have just delayed evolution

Weepinbell Level 32
Moveset: Vine Whip (Grass), Flash (Normal), Knock Off (Dark), Acid (Poison)
Note: I've had my doubts about Weepinbell, but I don't have any other grass types as of yet

Pidgeotto Level 31
Moveset: Pluck (Flying), Roost (Flying), Fly (Flying), Twister (Dragon)

Krabby Level 27
Moveset: Strength (Normal), Whirlpool (Water), Bubble Beam (Water), Surf (Water)
Note: I also have a Poliwhirl if I should switch them out?

Raticate Level 27
Moveset: Cut (Normal), Crunch (Dark), Hyper Fang (Normal), Rock Smash (Fight)
Note: Mainly used for HMs

Red Gyrados Level 32
Moveset: Bite (Dark), Dragon Rage (Dragon), Ice Fang (Ice), Twister (Dragon)

(In storage among others but others are low ish level < 20)

Togepi Level 22
Moveset: Metronome (Normal), Sweet Kiss (Normal), Yawn (Normal), Encore (Normal)

Dragonair Level 30
Moveset: Thunder Wave (Electric), Leer (Normal), Slam (Normal), Agility (Psychic)
Note: I feel like Dragonair is pretty useless considering it currently only has one attack

Poliwhirl Level 25
Moveset: Water Gun (Water), Double Slap (Normal), Rain Dance (Water), Body Slam (Normal)

Voltorb Level 20
Note: Currently in DayCare, approximated level, unknown moveset. Received from Trade in Olivine City, named Billy.

Eevee Level 16
Note: Currently in DayCare, approximated level, unknown moveset

TMs (Currently Owned)
  • TM01: Focus Punch (Fight)
  • TM07: Hail (Ice)
  • TM09: Bullet Seed (Grass)
  • TM23: Iron Tail (Steel)
  • TM30: Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • TM45: Attract (Normal)
  • TM46: Thief (Dark)
  • TM49: Snatch (Dark)
  • TM60: Drain Punch (Fight)
  • TM63: Embargo (Dark)
  • TM65: Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  • TM66: Payback (Dark)
  • TM72: Avalanche (Ice)
  • TM82: Sleep Talk (Normal)
  • TM83: Natural Gift (Normal)
  • TM87: Swagger (Normal)
  • TM89: U-Turn (Bug)
HMs (Currently Owned)
  • HM01: Cut (Normal)
  • HM02: Fly (Flying)
  • HM03: Surf (Water)
  • HM04: Strength (Normal)
  • HM05: Whirlpool (Water)
  • HM06: Rock Smash (Fight)
  • HM07: Waterfall (Water)
TMs (Can be Obtained)
  • TM13: Ice Beam (Ice)
  • TM24: Thunderbolt (Electric)
  • TM35: Flamethrower (Fire)
  • TM44: Rest
  • TM75: Swords Dance
  • TM90: Substitute
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