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Blank Help

Discussion in 'Fake Card Discussion' started by master3019, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. master3019

    master3019 Me gusta Flygon

    I cannot find any formidable blanks on the Internet, nor can I find any resources for fakers in general. There aren't a lot of resources here, and I'm hopeless with Photoshop and the likes. Can anyone help?
  2. ILK~CMP

    ILK~CMP Neo Redux

    There are a ton of resources released by myself and some friends of mine. What series are you looking for? BW, HGSS, DPPt, earlier (Classic, Neo, e-card, ex series)...they've all been released.
  3. master3019

    master3019 Me gusta Flygon

    This is old, I found them. Also, I've spoken to you on DeviantArt. Do you remember Hydra-3019? That's me. Anyway, I found blanks, but thanks for your advice.

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