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blastoise is dying


Well-Known Member
I know it is repetitive but can you help me with my moveset please, it got crappy after I ran out of money to buy ice beam, and it went downhill from there

Blastoise L.55
blizzardNOOB ALERT
skull bashNOOB ALERT


will be the best
-ice beam/counter/mirror coat
-counter/mirror coat

u could use both if u wanted too


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I like Mirror Coat better on Blastoise than Counter. Blastoise has only two weaks, grass and electric, both on the special side. And has the defenses and HP to take those hits and Mirror Coat them back for a KO. Counter works too, but it's more likely that you will be hit by a special attack. I Mirror Coated a Thunderbolt from Zapdos for a KO, and that's something to say about Blastoise...