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BlazBlue Continuum Shift II


Arcane Of The Wild
I was beyond ecstatic when I found out this game was released on the 3DS, I was somewhat saddened by the fighting game selection for the 3DS, I disliked street fighters general set up and DOA was actually what I was thinking of getting (much better of the two) but luckily I found a copy of it right on the shelf of the store, which surprised me immensely since I didnt think they would move from the console platform. But I digress, this game is very expansive for a fighting game and I wanted to find some other BlazBlue enthusiasts. (One of the best fighting games I have ever played)


Arcane Of The Wild
X Y A B are the 4 attack buttons.

A is Y B is X A is C and B is the Drive.... not following what your talking about.

EDIT: Clocked 60 hours of play time yesterday and its only the 3rd of january XD

Double Edit: Forever Alooonnne XD anyway the whole reason I love blazblue is the fact that it works well in battle mechanics once you get acclimated to the controls ( which I have successfully gotten after 70+hours of the game, the story is absolutely marvelous( I would get the next version simply for the sake of the epic story line) and the wide variety of modes you can do ranging from abyss to Legion 1.5 to Story back to score attack and all the rest. For me it was a very involving story wise and the amount of things to do in the game was rather expansive in relation to other fighting games I have played

9/10 rating recommend to anyone who can enjoy a good fighting game

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Mr. F
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