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Blaziken, Infernape or Emboar?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Ditto B1tch, Jan 13, 2013.


Which is your favorite: Blaziken, Infernape or Emboar?

  1. Blaziken

    51 vote(s)
  2. Infernape

    20 vote(s)
  3. Emboar

    3 vote(s)
  1. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    My favorite is Infernape, and as coincidence it is also the best on stats and movepool from the three.

    Choose your FAVORITE fire/fighting starter and post why.
  2. Chapter

    Chapter hello, im back sorta

    Blazekin. He is much cooler than the other two, and he's the original fire/fight. I hate infernape in general... just overall a bad pokemon. And Emboar cannot match Blazekin. Not even close. So, uhhh, yeah. The coolest, strongest, and best. Blazekinnnnn!
  3. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    Blaziken. Infernape is a tad over designed, Emboar fails to be like them in terms of speed and it would help if the defense would be higher, it makes no sense. Blaziken is fine overall.
  4. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    Fennekin hur hur.

    Personally I like Infernape over Emboar and Blaziken, since I feel that its design, stats and move pool is superior.
  5. carboncopy

    carboncopy (-) (-) (-) (-)

    Ha Ha, everybody voted for blazekin. I can wee why.
    Blaz was my first and most epic starter. That thing was a monster ! Need i say more ?
  6. speed boost blaziken. nuff said.
  7. k6666

    k6666 Pikachu Fan

    speed boost blaziken :p
    can i say more ?
  8. For the record, Infernape's stats are all lower than Blaziken's besides defenses (which are made obsolete because of Blaziken's higher HP) and speed (which is fixed by Speed Boost). Statistically, the only thing Infernape has over Blaziken is more speed for the first turn it's out.

    That said, I strongly prefer Blaziken. The combination of Swords Dance and Speed Boost lets it mutilate reams in a way that neither of the others are capable of. Not that I don't like the other two, but Blaziken is just so insanely awesome.
  9. Chapter

    Chapter hello, im back sorta

    Yepp. Excactly. Also, I just don't like the Chimchar line... because of Chimchar. *Shiver* He's just a chimp. But, oh, wait, he has a flame on his tail. Now he looks like a great Pokemon! Like, yeah, sure, fantastic. :p
  10. Tbonesam

    Tbonesam New Member

    Blaziken all the way, I prefer Blaziken because he was my first starter and I have the most nostalgia when I use him!

    AGGRON GUY expert breeder

    blaziken because i love his moves i love his name and i like how a little bird turns into a giant human like pokemon.
  12. Cloud_Arcanine

    Cloud_Arcanine Scarlett starlett

    Blaziken. It's a giant fire chicken that kicks butt, what's not to like?

    I don't like Infernape in general and I despise the look of Emboar (it's stopped me from choosing Tepig at all)
  13. Blaziken is my favorite. Emboar is stupid IMO and I hate it so much. Infernape is okie, but not my fav...
  14. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    Blaziken. I always seem to have bad luck using Infernape in-game, and while Emboar is powerful, it's a little too slow for my liking, and its design doesn't appeal to me. Plus, Blaziken evolves from my favorite Fire starter.
  15. Blaziken obviously. Speed Boost + Swords Dance + Hi Jump Kick = MASSACRE
  16. Lucario95

    Lucario95 Behold The Aura!

    Fire type is my favorite, but those 3 aren't my favorite fire pokemon. In those 3,I like more Infernape because its looks good and its strong, but I admit Blaziken is stronger, and I don't like the design much.
  17. Wallaroo42

    Wallaroo42 Knight who says Ni

    I feel like a hippster voting for emboar but I love pigs and bulky-looking mons.

    Though even if emboar wasn't one of my favorite mons he'd still be my favorite fire/fighting. Blazekin has awkward crotch fur and kinda gives me the creeps and infernape doesn't thrill or disgust me... he's just kinda there.
  18. Zalman

    Zalman Master of Puppets

    Blaziken is the best on the list. Emboar is the worst starter ever. It has the ugliest design, and the fact that it's the THIRD fire/fighting starter in a row doesn't make it more bearable.
  19. Star Champion AJ

    Star Champion AJ Well-Known Member

    Infernape. I choose you!
  20. The Musician

    The Musician Heracross trainer

    Like Lucario95 said, I love Fire-types, but not these guys. I picked Blaziken since I have vaguely fond memories of using it in 3rd Gen. The other two just don't appeal to me and 5th Gen was the first time I didn't choose the Fire starter on my first play-through.

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