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BlazikenTyphlosion and Mina the Lugia Luver's Misc. Request Shack


Shiny Master
People, you're not supposed to post in threads that haven't been posted in for over 2 months...

@moonlight warrior: "Technoish"? I dunno...I'll do my best. :/

@Shinning Cubone: Alright, OBVIOUSLY, for some reason, my Battle Scene form isn't on the front page. SO. Fill out this form, and post again:

My Pokemon: (The Pokemon name/dex number)
My Pokemon's HP: (The # of HP, example: 300/300)
My Pokemon's Level: (Level 2-100, no higher/lower)
Opponent Pokemon: (The Pokemon name/dex number)
Opponent Pokemon's HP: (The # of HP, example: 300/300)
Opponent Pokemon's Level: (Level 2-100, no higher/lower)
Scene Setting: (Choose from here)
Text: (The text)
Option Box: (Yes/No, the box with Fight/Bag/PKMN/Run on it)
Other: (Anything else?)


TC will be done tomorrow...It's too late over here...



Plushie Request:
Character: Wario-

Size: Basic

Pose: You Choose. if not, With a Fist raised or about to do his atomic fart super smash from SSBB.

Other Details: garlic in pockets. that's all i can think of...

Shinning Cubone

<<<beware the smiley
My Pokemon:palkia/484
My Pokemon's HP: 376/376
My Pokemon's Level: 100
Opponent Pokemon: Feebas:shiny/349
Opponent Pokemon's HP: 30/30
Opponent Pokemon's Level: 2
Scene Setting: swamp
Text: F@#$
Option Box: no
Other: no


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@Knucklesthegreat: HakuBlue may not be able to get to yours, since he hasn't been here for a long time.

@Shinning Cubone: Good, thank you.

I'll get to them today.


Shiny Master
Shinning Cubone: Geez, sorry, but I'm really busy, and don't have time to do all this! I DO have a life...

If you'd like to wait about 2 more days, then do. I'll have it done by then. If not, go somewhere else.

Besides, the shop was dead, and you just HAD to bring it back again...