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Blazing Frost

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by SugarPesticide, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Oh look, another journey fic. An "ordinary" pursuit of badges by a noob trainer ... until a perilous quest inconveniently gets in the way, courtesy of two bored gods and one ultimate evil. And when the seeming Mary-Sue's perfect journey turns ugly? Hilarity ensues.

    Rated PG-13 for language, bloodshed, gore, crude humor, drug references, thematic elements, and some suggestive content.

    1/14/10 newsflash: Working on revamps on the older chapters to save readers from my noob-level writing. There won't be any major plot changes, jsyk. Different (and better) ways in which it's presented, maybe, but that's about as dramatic as any change will get. 6/24/10 edit: Done! Now I can rest easy knowing that chapters 1-5 won't make readers' eyes bleed. ^^;

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. Well, duh; this is a fan fiction. And really, why would I want to own the company that created something as butt-ugly as Magmortar? No thanks.
    I do claim the Fakemon appearing here as my own creations, however. In case you were wondering, they aren't part of any project or fake game; rather, they're the products of me thinking, "Hey, this would make a fun Pokemon concept!" and incorporating it into the Pokemon universe. Knowing fully well that the chances of anyone wanting to use them are nil, I'd still like to ask anyone who wants to use these fakes to get my permission first, please and thanks.


    Chapter 1: Start Your Engines (rewritten)
    Chapter 2: Sweet Home Pallet (rewritten)
    Chapter 3: All Creatures Great and Small (rewritten)
    Chapter 4: Kiss My Lapras (rewritten)
    Chapter 5: On the Road (rewritten)
    Chapter 6: Viridian Forest
    Chapter 7: The Rampage
    Chapter 8: Leaf Gets A Little Boulder
    Chapter 9: Swamp’t Down | Part 2
    Chapter 10: A Pint of Ayell
    Chapter 11: The Name of the Game | Part 2
    Chapter 12: Of Miners and Minesweepers | Part 2 | Part 3
    Chapter 13: True Colors | Part 2
    Chapter 14: It's a Blunderful Life
    Chapter 15: Cascade and Masquerade | Part 2 | Part 3
    Chapter 16: Hello Goodbye | Part 2
    Chapter 17: Crossing Paths | Part 2 | Part 3
    Chapter 18: Put To the Contest | Part 2 | Part 3
    Chapter 19: Through the Looking Glass | Part 2
    Chapter 20: How to Be a Nobody | Part 2
    Chapter 21: Crazy Train
    Chapter 22: No Cause for a Crossfire
    Chapter 23: Awake
    Chapter 24: Watermeleon
    Chapter 25: On the Road Again
    Chapter 26: Ninja Lizard and the Fox of Skepticism
    Chapter 27: No Place Like Saffron
    Chapter 28: TBA
    Chapter 29: TBA
    Chapter 30: TBA

    And on, and on, and on ...

    Type: Normal
    Classification: Weasel Pokemon
    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 12.7 lbs
    Abilities: Thick Fat/Liquid Ooze
    Egg Groups: Ground/Water 3
    Gender: 50% male, 50% female
    Color: Yellow
    Catch Rate: 255
    Evolution: Phrygoil --> (level 20) --> ???

    Type: Normal
    Classification: Blending Pokemon
    Height: 1'00"
    Weight: 9.3 lbs.
    Abilities: Hustle/Adaptability
    Egg Groups: Ground/Fairy
    Gender: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
    Color: Gray
    Catch Rate: 45
    Ayell --> (maxed Cuteness) --> ???
    Ayell --> (maxed Toughness) --> ???
    Ayell --> (maxed Smartness) --> ???
    Ayell --> (maxed Coolness) --> ???
    Ayell --> (maxed Beauty) --> ???

    Type: Water/Fire
    Classification: Cheer Pokemon
    Height: 19'04"
    Weight: 387.6 lbs.
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Egg Groups: Water 2/Dragon
    Gender: 50% male, 50% female
    Color: Red
    Catch Rate: 60
    Evolution: ??? --> (max Happiness) --> Joyfeel

    Type: Psychic/Steel
    Classification: Fortune Pokemon
    Height: 5'03"
    Weight: 100.8 lbs.
    Ability: Super Luck
    Egg Group: No Eggs
    Gender: None (games only)
    Color: Red
    Catch Rate: 3
    Evolution: None

    Type: Dark/Poison
    Classification: Fate Pokemon
    Height: 4'05"
    Weight: 128.5 lbs.
    Ability: Super Luck
    Egg Group: No Eggs
    Gender: None (games only)
    Color: Black
    Catch Rate: 3
    Evolution: None

    Type: Fighting/Flying
    Classification: Valiant Pokemon
    Height: 3’08”
    Weight: 87.6 lbs.
    Ability: Battle Armor
    Egg Group: No Eggs
    Gender: None (games only)
    Color: Brown
    Catch Rate: 3
    Evolution: None

    (Credit for all pics goes to Sinnohdragon, who is awesome. :D)

    kingferret53; Umbreon Ruler; roo; Araleon; JammyU
    Sinnohdragon; legandlover989; ClassicalwaterPokemon

    ~ Blazing Frost ~

    * * *​

    Chapter One: Start Your Engines (Pokemon, I Choose Who?? Events Set in Motion!!)

    This is fate: something strange and warped, dealing kindness one moment, cruelty the next, forcing complete strangers to face one another in conflict which, in some other branch of time, may never have existed ...

    “Come … you cannot resist my power …”

    Conflicts in which only one contender can walk out alive.

    “I’ll never follow you! I’ll die first if that’s what it takes!”

    But what is fate? The desire to prove oneself, to show society one's true potential? The power, the motivation, the innate drive to shape the world for better or worse? Or, perhaps, some combination of arcane factors no mere mortal can understand, in spite of their quests for self-knowledge: Their inner search spanning from the moment they first open their eyes to a new world of light, to the final flutter as they slip into the void ... though in the end, some things are better left undiscovered ...

    “Very well, if that’s what you wish …”

    Unrevealed ...

    He screamed.

    Buried forever.

    Darkness. Pain gripped him — horrific pain, physical as well as spiritual. The young man's head jerked back as blood spurted from the wound, the creature's scythes slicing easily through soft flesh as they punctured his chest, stabbing his heart ... his soul burned, twisting as the evil one's own self leapt—

    The irony is, of course, that events never merely begin — there is always something which happened before. Credit it to fate's circular nature. A story never truly begins, and to find the exact point from which to begin a tale such as this — a tale which fate had a greater hand in than usual — would be a pointless exercise.

    Then again, one has to start somewhere ...

    * * *​


    “Oh shut the hell UP!” she moaned, reaching up to beat the alarm clock until she finally managed to hit the snooze button, silencing its annoying whine. She squinted from the sunlight streaming from the window as she slowly sat up in bed, glancing at the clock, which read eleven AM. Today … what was today? It was important, she knew, but how? She frowned, trying to solve the mystery. Dentist appointment? No. I always dream about Beedrill before one of those. School starts? Now I’m being stupid. Or maybe—

    “Oh, dear Arceus!” she shrieked, leaping out of bed before throwing on the clothes she had carefully selected the night before: a pale blue sleeveless shirt to complement a red miniskirt and her trusty yellow handbag. It was a smart choice for an outfit: cute, but surprisingly durable enough for long, hard travel. She turned to the mirror hanging on her door, scowling in frustration at the sight of her frazzled brown hair.

    This is what you get for watching so many late-night reruns of Suicune Safari, you know, her conscience remarked. Naturally it was right, a fact which bothered her even more as she hastily brushed her hair straight, or at least as straight as three seconds’ brushing would allow.

    She noisily bolted down the stairs five at a time, often tripping, her long hair trailing behind her as if she were some sort of comet. Her mother, reading through some sort of file on her personal computer, glanced up at the noise. “Leaf? Honey, eat breakfast before you go—”

    “SorrymombutIcantstickaround,” Leaf called over her shoulder before dashing out the front door, leaving it wide open.

    “… She does know she’s not going to actually leave until tomorrow, right?” she asked a vaguely humanoid Pokemon as it shuffled down the hallway to close the door.

    The Pokemon shrugged its furry yellow shoulders. “Lec,” it guessed, not sounding very optimistic.

    The mother sighed. “Oh, Leaf,” she sighed, returning her gaze to the picture onscreen.

    Somewhere, in a place cloaked in darkness, shadowy figures watched the scene flash before them in comparatively blinding light. <There,> one murmured in satisfaction, gesturing his equine head toward the running figure of the girl. <That’s the one.>

    A second being, this one of avian shape, cawed in annoyance. <Oh, bloody hell.
    Another chosen one? How many can the world possibly need? This is retarded. You know what? This is about the thousandth time you’ve done this sort of thing. What do you think this is, an RPG?>

    <It’s an amusing Game, Fystor.> The third figure, a feline being, twitched her tail in spite of the calmness lacing her voice. <And amusing things are supposed to amuse, are they not? I do love this opening, anyhow. Watching them scramble into their destinies. I find it very … amusing.>

    <It’s not amusing if it happens for the billionth freaking time.> Fystor clacked her beak impatiently.

    <Hey, chill,> the equine said soothingly. <It’s necessary. She wouldn’t get the right partner if she managed to get there on time.>

    <Keep telling yourself that.>

    <Events will take an interesting turn,> the feline purred. <It will be necessary for the good of the world that certain things happen.>

    <Pfft.> Fystor shifted uncomfortably. <You say that every time …>

    Pallet Town: an average town which had a habit of turning out some of the greatest trainers in Kanto. Normally, someone observing from above would see a motley collection of houses, stores, and the famous lab. However, on this particular morning, the view was blocked by a small cloud of dust rising from the midst of the town, kicked up by a girl eager to leave this place. Leaf sprinted down the long, dirty road, panting heavily. She knew she had to get there first, since she was not going to be stuck with a starter; she hated it when she didn’t have a choice.

    “Aw, crap!” she snarled as she neared Professor Oak’s lab, a pristine white building situated on the edge of Pallet. The famous building was well known as one of the top researching facilities in Kanto, which had always seemed somewhat ironic to Leaf – Pallet Town was about as secluded as a Kantoan town could get, and few visitors deemed it worthy of visit, aside of course from the frequent hopefuls seeking to begin their journey’s with the rare reptilian Kanto starters. She remembered the Pokemon from a pamphlet she’d picked up when she’d gone down to sign up for the chance to receive one: Bulbasaur, a freckled blue toad that seemed rather ugly in her opinion; Charmander, a lizard doubling as a living fire hazard; and Squirtle, a turtle whose shiny blue skin made her think of slimy things lurking in a pond.

    What had drawn her displeasure at this moment, however, was the sight of the front door flung wide open, which could only mean one thing: at least one of the boys had gotten there first. Her options were going to be drastically cut. Damn!

    Sourly she gritted her teeth as she raced into the building, skidding to a stop in the relative coolness before three surprised people. One was Professor Oak, of course, who was emerging from a back room. He glanced up at her in bemusement from the tray in his hands, whose contents were concealed by a cover. The sun-darkened skin around his eyes crinkled in a familiar smile, speaking of a liveliness both confirmed and spited by the mop of untidy gray hair nestled on his head.

    Fire, the second, was a tall brown-haired boy who was moodily staring at nothing, leaning against a wall in spite of the musty furniture scattered about the fairly large room. His arms were crossed, the short black sleeves of his sharp-looking red shirt covering his chest. The bored look in his storm-gray eyes suggested to Leaf that he’d arrived first.

    Last but not least was Ocean, a dirty blond, spiky-haired teen who wore a dark gray shirt and, oddly, vivid purple jeans. At another time, Leaf might have wondered where he bought his clothes, but at this point she was too irritated to care, and scowled slightly in defeat as he beamed and waved at her. He glanced sideways at Fire, rolling his eyes at the other boy’s apathy; the three young teens had been friends for years, which wasn’t something unexpected in such a small town, but Fire had been growing distant lately, annoying both of the other two. But Leaf couldn’t share Ocean’s exasperation at this moment: they had all been players in an unspoken competition, and now, here in the lab, she was forced to face her loss in it.

    “Hello, Leaf,” the Professor said cheerfully, his white lab coat billowing slightly as he approached. They knew each other fairly well already, due to him conveniently being Ocean’s grandfather and therefore giving her an advantage when the time came to sign up. Whoever said scientists never play favorites was a liar.

    “Eh, whatever,” Leaf muttered, turning to leave. A sour taste formed in her mouth as she thought of the opportunities she was leaving behind. “Since I’m last, I’ll just wait ‘til next month. You know how I feel about being stuck with something.”

    “What? Leaf, this month I’m giving out four starter Pokemon,” Oak said.

    Leaf halted suddenly and swiveled around. “Say what?”

    “Another young person arrived in town a couple of days ago, and he badly wants to on a journey,” the Professor explained, placing the tray on a nearby table; removing the cover from it, he revealed four shining, pristine Poke Balls, their red and white halves contrasting each other. “Since he turned thirteen recently, I decided to make an exception and let out four new trainers instead of three: he had a rather convincing argument for it. And he’s not here yet, so …”

    Leaf grinned broadly, the blackness vanishing from her mood at once. “Well, in that case, I’m game for getting a Pokemon now,” she said merrily, retracing her steps and joining the two boys as they gathered around the table. No way will I get stuck here now! she rejoiced silently.

    “Eh … that’s good.” He sweatdropped at her sudden mood swing. “Fire, since you arrived here earliest, you get first choice.”

    “I’ll take Squirtle,” the serious-looking boy said in his cool, collected voice. With a nod, Oak grabbed a Poke Ball from the tray. Fire gazed at the sphere in the man’s hand for a moment, then accepted it, a steely glint flashing in his eye. He wasted no time in letting his new Pokemon out: a toss of the ball and a flash of neon light later, a small bipedal turtle materialized on the floor. Blue skin gleamed in the daylight streaming from the high windows, its color broken only by the tough brown shell and the cream-colored, plated torso. With bright scarlet eyes she looked up and smiled broadly at her new trainer, who did not return her friendly wave. Instead, he pulled his red cap slightly lower over his face, scowling as he looked away.

    “Looks like she’s taken a shine to you,” Oak said happily, pretending not to notice Fire’s reaction as Squirtle’s large head and curly tail drooped in disappointment. “Alright, Ocean, your turn to pick.”

    “Well, it’s not a difficult decision,” his grandson said eagerly, running a hand through his spiky hair. “I’m not about to let Hothead here beat me with his Squirtle, so I choose Bulbasaur!” He grinned cheekily at the other boy as he recalled the Squirtle.

    “…‘Hothead’? What kind of a crack was that?” Fire growled, placing Squirtle’s Poke Ball on his belt. “Bubblebrain.”

    “I beg your pardon, Firebrand?”

    “Shut it, you Waterlogged Wonder.”


    “Mister Mermaid!”

    “Now, boys, settle down,” Oak said hastily. “There will be no catfights in my lab. Ocean, here’s your Bulbasaur.”

    “Thanks, Gramps!” Ocean said, gleefully grabbing the offered sphere and unleashing the beam of red light. In a flash, a squat turquoise toad-like creature materialized before him, his hide dotted with a dark jade. His back boasted a verdant green bulb, which opened slightly as the sun’s rays fell upon it. Like Squirtle, his eyes, large and red, blinked up at the human. “You wanna come with me, pal?”

    “Bulba,” the Pokemon agreed, nodding lazily and waddling over to his new trainer’s feet, plopping down into a snoozing position with a soft thud.

    “Oof! Gosh, you’re strong! Or maybe just heavy, but that might not be a bad thing, for you. Hmm … I’ll call you Hideki.”

    “Good choice for a name,” the Professor remarked as he glanced at Hideki, whose eyes were fluttering sleepily. “Especially since it doesn’t incorporate ‘bulb’ or ‘saur’ in any way. Okay, Leaf, it’s your turn. Do you want Charmander, or Pichu?”

    The sound of the latter triggered a sneer; her choice was made for her. “Professor, you know me better than to ask.”

    “Good point. You despise Pikachu, don’t you? Here …” He handed her one of the remaining Poke Balls.

    Her heart thudded in anticipation as she accepted it. Something’s beginning, she realized, gazing at it for a moment in wonder. Right here, right now … Reveling in the realization, she took a deep breath before releasing her new Pokemon, hoping it wouldn’t explode with flame as soon as it set foot on the lab’s shabby rug. A beam of light brought forth another bipedal Pokemon, this one a soft orange with a pale underbelly. The claws on his feet dug slightly into the rug as he glanced around, puzzled, before he realized where he was. Squinting from the sudden light, he looked up at his new trainer.

    She returned his large-eyed gaze with a smile. He’s a lot cuter than the pamphlet made the Charmander look, she realized, watching the small lizard’s open, trusting face. “Hey, buddy. Do you want to travel around with me?”

    Charmander thought for a moment before wagging his fiery tail, grinning shyly.

    Great. A shy Charmander. Exactly what I want, she thought, sarcasm staining her happiness. She pushed the thought out of her head and smiled again, picking her starter up and placing him onto her shoulder.

    “Let me get two things straight,” she said, in a gentle but firm voice. “First, no digging into my shoulder suddenly. That would hurt.” She winced, imagining his claws tearing involuntarily into her collar. “And second, keep your tail far, far away from my hair, or I will be very, very angry. And you do not want to see me when I’m angry.”

    The Pokemon nodded cautiously, taking care that he was waving his tail as far as possible from the rest of his body.

    “Excellent,” Leaf said, scratching underneath Charmander’s chin; he purred contentedly in response.

    A sudden pattering of small footsteps gained their attention. Turning toward the front door, everyone was just in time to see an unfamiliar boy jog in through the front door. Although he was thirteen, he was noticeably shorter than any of his peers. The bright sunlight shining through the door made his light blond hair and white hoodie seem to glow.

    “Sorry I’m late, Professor,” he panted, wiping his sweaty hands on his baggy shorts as he joined the group, cringing for some reason. “Which starter’s left?”

    “Hello, Lightning, I was wondering where you were. Well, there’s a—”



    The remaining Poke Ball in Oak’s tray burst open, sending a tiny, yellow mouse Pokemon flying through the air before attaching herself to Lightning’s head, baring her teeth in a grin. Blue sparks of electricity flew from her short fur.

    “AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGHH! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF!” Lightning screamed, wildly running around the lab like a headless chicken. The Pichu giggled despite hanging onto Lightning’s head for dear life; her black-edged triangular ears and short tail flew behind her with the boy’s jerky movements.

    “She’s a bit feisty,” Oak called after Lightning, as if the boy were at a fancy dinner party instead of being attacked by an overly affectionate baby mouse. “But she’s really quite sweet if you can train her up right. Of course, no one’s stuck around long enough to actually do that, so you’ll have to go on faith … do you want her?”


    “As if he had a choice,” Fire sneered, folding his pale arms in a rather superior way. “We took all the good starters. ‘Lightning’, indeed. Like you could guess from how late he got here.”

    “Shut it, Fire,” Ocean cut in, making an annoyed face. “You shouldn’t talk, anyway. You got the first choice.”

    Rolling his eyes, Fire haughtily stuck out a foot, tripping Lightning and sending him flying across the air before smashing into the wall. Groaning, the blonde pulled himself back into an upright position, holding his head and looking rather dazed. “Ow,” he muttered, warily glancing at the Pichu, who had miraculously avoided getting injured herself; she was now attempting to look innocent and failing miserably.

    “Now that we’ve got that out of the way,” Oak continued airily, as the boy wiped the sweat from his brow while the mouse giggled again, “let me give you a couple of things. Here’s five more Poke Balls for each of you – there we go—“ With a flourish, he pulled several of the familiar spheres from his pockets, tossing them to the newbie trainers, who hastily scrambled to catch them. Beaming at the bemused looks on their faces, he then brought forth four identical orange contraptions, small enough to fit in a shirt pocket … assuming, of course, that the shirt belonged to a hillbilly with little common sense and no fashion sense; it’s incredible how baggy their clothing can be. “—And here are your Pokedexes. Okay, now scat! We can’t have wild mice around here! Shoo!”

    “Thanks, Prof!” Leaf grinned as she placed the Balls on her belt, before heading back for the door and the world beyond; Ocean and Lightning soon followed her example. Fire rolled his eyes in contempt before following them, leaving Oak waving after them, alone with his work once more.

    Fystor turned away from the scene, rolling her eyes. <Okay, so they’re all buddies, blah blah blah. Nothing particularly special.>

    <It fell into place perfectly,> the feline purred. <Fortune and misfortune are set up for them.>

    <The short kid’s an added bonus to the whole deal, if you know what I mean.> The equine craned his neck to get a better view. <Even though he ended up with the mouse, which is unoriginal. But considering the two, they should add to the fun. And we’ve planned for some other people to meet up with them later – the thing about crashes is, you’ve got to time them perfectly if you want the maximum boom.>

    <… Maximum boom,> Fystor repeated tonelessly.


    <You two honestly have nothing better to do than screw up mortals’ lives?>

    <It’s what we do.> He stuck his tongue out at her.

    <In any case, events will come to a head,> the feline said. <And it’s essential that the heroes are able to defeat him when he’s getting stronger.>

    Fystor froze. <He who?>

    <The biggest evil of all time,> the equine replied, rolling his eyes. <Geez, Fystor. Who do you think? It’s not like we’re setting them up to defeat a president or something.>

    <Although, the latest American president has not been performing admirably,> the feline commented thoughtfully. <Perhaps he should be pulled off of his pedestal, too.>

    Fystor was silent. Possibilities of the future blossomed in her mind, each more horrific than the next. She glanced at the other two, carefully keeping her emotions under control. <That’s … news to me,> she remarked finally. <Well, I’ll just … go see how Mom’s doing, I guess … behave yourselves while I’m gone, or else—>

    <Or else what? You’ll lecture us?> The equine snickered.

    She scowled at him. A blink later, she had abruptly dematerialized, fading swiftly into the air as if turning invisible.

    The equine looked at his companion. <You’d think she’d remember that fate affects
    everyone,> he said, smirking. <I love how she’s going to set up everyone’s destinies and doesn’t even know it. Irony is fun, isn’t it, sis?>

    She nodded. <Indeed. I can’t imagine why she would think otherwise …>

    * * *​

    Author's Note: List of major changes from the original, anyone?
    + Better description (read: any description at all)
    + Characterization
    + Scenes with Fystor and the other two mysterious beings
    + Length (roughly doubled)
    + Longer opening sequence (Foreshadowing for the win~)
    - Bad dialogue flow
    - Out of character moments with Hideki, Charmander and Pichu - they are NOT excitable, giddy, and psychotic (respectively)
    - Minus horrible chapter title, "The Starters". Seriously, WTF was I thinking?
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2011
  2. roo

    roo Well-Known Member

    not bad though its a pokemon trainer fanfic its definately not bad. The grammar on an overall basis was great and I personally didnt notice any errors worth mentioning. I am looking forward to any new chapters you post up.

  3. * * *​

    Chapter Two: Sweet Home Pallet (Destinies Are Laid Before Them! Talking Pokedex?!)

    The new trainers made their way past a tall, grassy hill overlooking a fenced area adjacent to the lab. They passed by the wide, green pasture, in which several Pokemon were feeding or playing, passing time until their trainers decided to bring them back onto their team. Lightning, tagging along behind the other three, didn’t seem to notice that they were ignoring his feeble attempt at conversation.

    “Um, so this is Pallet Town? It’s nice here, I like all this greenery stuff. A lot more relaxed than the city; that place wasn’t fun at all. Yow!

    A small purple rodent, who had been peering hungrily at him from within the pasture, stuck its head through a gap in the fence and chomped down on his hand. The others couldn’t help but cringe in sympathy: those huge buckteeth packed a vicious bite.

    “Piiii CHU!” the small yellow mouse cried out, glaring at the purple rat murderously. Stretching out a small paw, she unleashed a small bolt of crackling electricity at the Rattata; squeaking in pain, the rat released its hold on the boy’s hand, quickly scampering off into the pasture.

    “Ah,” Lightning gasped, rubbing his hand. “Now that was more like the city. Definitely not what I needed. Thanks, Peach.” He smiled tentatively at his Pichu, scratching behind her triangular black ears; the mouse giggled, licking the teeth marks softly.

    Fire, who had been storming at the front of the group, threw an incredulous look over his shoulder. “What the hell? ‘Peach’? What sort of nickname is that?”

    “It’s the only thing I could come up with,” Lightning replied with a shrug. “I’m terrible at nicknames, so I don’t think I could name any more Pokemon.”

    “Chuuu.” Peach shook her head, patting his shoulder encouragingly.

    They entered downtown Pallet, not really knowing where they were headed – the amazement hovering over all of them seemed to call for a return to normalcy, and nothing was quite as normal as a small, boring town. As they strolled down the sidewalk, passing numerous small structures with fading paint and chipped lettering, Leaf pointed mockingly at a large, austere-looking building looming across the road. “Ha! I don’t have to be your slave anymore, you tyrants!” she yelled, thumbing her nose at it. “I’m going to be free as a bird!”

    She stooped down next to her Charmander; the lizard-like Pokemon slapped her hand in a friendly high-five, smiling.

    “Hell yeah!”

    Frowning slightly in confusion, Lightning peered at the sign in front of the building, which declared it to be Pallet Middle School. Noticing his glance, Fire rolled his eyes in disdain. “Not really, Leaf. We have to come back in September.”

    She stuck her tongue out at him. “Not to that hellhole, we won’t. Ninth grade is at the high school, smart one.”

    “Oh? I was under the impression that you and Ocean would be honoring eighth grade with your presence for another year.”

    “Hilarious. Maybe you should become a comedian … at a haunted hotel, so you can BORE EVERYONE TO DEATH.”

    “Oh, forget that stuff,” Ocean said airily; Hideki, carried in his owner’s arms, yawned lazily. “It’s summer! We have two and a half months to travel the world, and you’re bickering about school?”

    “School’s probably going to be easier than journeying,” Fire remarked dully, adjusting his cap slightly to keep the sunlight off of his face.

    “What’re you guys going to do on your journeys?” Lightning asked abruptly, jogging for a moment to keep up with the others.

    Fire glared at him in a superior manner. “I’m heading for the title of Champion, obviously,” he said in a superior manner, “and no gym is going to stand in my way. Even if I have to use this weakling.” He glared at Squirtle’s Poke Ball, which hung from his belt in its miniaturized state. “It’s probably not even worth my time. I won’t be surprised if I spend half my time trying to teach it what its shell is for.”

    “I’m pretty sure Squirtle’s a ‘she’, not an ‘it’,” Leaf said; Charmander nodded in agreement, frowning in disapproval at the boy’s attitude. “And why would you bother getting a Squirtle anyway? You already have Drowzee, you could’ve left ages ago.”

    “Squirtle can become very powerful, and Drowzee … is Drowzee,” Fire said simply.

    “Translation: it’s too ugly to be your starter,” Ocean said sensibly. “Anyway, I aim to capture every kind of Pokemon in existence, and be revered as the greatest Pokemon Collector in history!” He grinned in a cheesy manner, as if practicing for some future photo shot.

    Lightning’s eyes widened. “Even the legendaries?”

    Especially the legendaries.”

    “Wow …” the blonde breathed. “I just want to be a Coordinator. If only I were as ambitious as you.”

    “Only wusses become Coordinators,” Fire snarled.

    “Fire, you’re an oaf, so you shouldn’t be talking.” Ocean smirked, shifting the entirety of Hideki’s weight to one arm so he could playfully smack the side of Fire’s head with the other.

    “Well, I think it’s a good idea,” Lightning remarked to a cursing Fire, with just a hint of what might be defiance. Turning to Leaf, he asked, “What about you? What’re you in this for?”

    Leaf frowned. Truth be told, she wasn’t sure. Mostly she was excited to go out into the world, but that couldn’t be all there was to it. After all, what was the point of heading into a potentially dangerous adventure if it didn’t have a purpose?

    “The gyms,” she said finally. “I want to beat all of them. Maybe even the Elite Four, if I’m lucky.”

    “I guess we’re rivals, then,” Fire stated.

    “Fire, you’re such a douchebag,” Ocean sighed. “Just because you’re doing the same thing doesn’t automatically make you rivals. For example, we all eat. Unless, of course, you happen to be a robotic menace, in which case it’s possible that you’re an exception. Now say I come over to your house one day and tell you that I also eat. ‘Aha!’ you say. ‘Another rival! I’ve made so many rivals now that I can’t keep track of them all!’ So you end up pinning the number nine hundred and twenty-five to my shirt.”

    Everyone else sweatdropped.

    “Right …” Fire rolled his eyes again. “Whatever you were saying … but really, I don’t think Leaf would last long against me, anyway. Type advantage, and her Charmander sucks.”

    “Lies!” Leaf fumed protectively. “Listen to this!”

    She pointed her Pokedex at the fire-type scampering beside her. To everyone’s astonishment, it stated: “Charmander, the Terrifilicious Pokemon. Gender is Male. Height is Shorty How You Like Me Now? Weight is Cheeseburger. Charmander are tenacious little buggers, and they will kill you in your sleep, no lie.”

    Charmander blinked in confusion.

    But Leaf’s Pokedex wasn’t done yet. “Bulbasaur, the Snapper Pokemon. Gender is Male. Height is Idiot; weight is Kill Your Mom. Bulbasaur like sitting in the sun because they’re far too lazy to do anything else.”


    “Squirtle, the Grenade Pokemon. Gender is Female. Height is Pathetic; weight is Walking Bundle of Blubber. These Pokemon have often been known to form gangs, so do not approach them or else they will sacrifice you to the supposed Dark God of All Things Turtle.”

    And finally …

    “Pichu, the Rabid Pokemon. Gender is Female. Height is Insect; weight is It’s A Pathetic Mouse, Damn It! Unlike popular culture claims, Pichu sucks at attacking. If it evolved by getting stronger, then there would be no Pikachu at all, thank Arceus.”


    ”Oh yeah, there was that other one, right? Silly me. Rattata, the Rabies Pokemon. Gender was Male. Height was Horseface; weight was Barfbag. Rattata are notorious for being horny buggers: if there’s one in one place at one day, then there’ll be one in forty places at another day. No, wait, there’ll be forty in one place at another day. The first one would only happen if you were smart enough to cut it into forty pieces before it could breed, but you’re not smart, so there are rats.”

    There was a long, awkward moment of silence.

    “What?” the Pokedex asked rudely. “I’m doing what you wanted me to do, ungrateful buggers. Don’t stare at me like that or I’ll shock you into permanent deletion. Thank you and have a nice day.” With that, the device softly clicked off.

    “That … is one weird Pokedex,” Lightning commented.

    “Bravo, Captain Obvious, I don’t know what we’d do without your astute reasoning. For your stunning achievement in obviousness, I present you with the ‘No, Duh! Award’.” Saying such, Ocean tossed an imaginary object at Lightning, who instinctively cringed.

    A sudden, shrill sound suddenly emanated some unseen source, startling everyone.

    “Just a sec, I’ve got a ring!” Ocean exclaimed, grabbing his cell phone from his jeans pocket. He pressed a button, and the Professor’s voice crackled from it.

    “Hello, Ocean, are the other three with you?”

    “Yeah, we’re all here by McDonald’s,” the boy said, glancing up at the nearby grimy restaurant with the infamous golden arches. “Why?”

    “I forgot to tell you all earlier, but an extremely angry Tauros broke out of the lab a couple hours before you arrived. We couldn’t catch it, and now it’s running loose somewhere outside of town. I must ask a few things of you: first, don’t leave until tomorrow, so you can train your Pokemon up a bit in case it attacks. Second, if you do run into it, don’t try to catch it. It’s not only too dangerous to be handled by beginners, but it already has a trainer, so you’d end up looking foolish if you tried in any case. And third, the four of you will have to travel together until you at least reach Pewter City. Safety in numbers, after all.”

    What?!” Fire shouted furiously, slamming his fist into a nearby wall. “I can’t travel with these losers, they’ll just bring me down!”

    “—And no complaints,” Oak added, sternness creeping into his voice at Fire’s outburst. “I’d suggest you begin training your starters. There’s plenty of time to do that, and it might be necessary if you do run into the Tauros. Oh, and Leaf, your mom called. She wanted me to remind you that you weren’t going to be leaving tomorrow, but since I just said it I don’t really need to tell you that again, although it may or may not be nice to know anyway, I wouldn’t know. Goodbye.”

    With that, a faint click signaled the end of the call.

    “… Oh yeah,” Leaf said, feeling faintly stupid. She sighed; she had been getting so pumped for leaving right this minute …

    “Well, this sucks,” Fire snarled. “Starting my journey being stuck with you guys sounds like fun. Kind of like slicing off my fingers very slowly.”

    “Thanks for your kind and supporting words, Fire,” Ocean said cheerfully, replacing his phone. He glanced away, grinning shiftily about something.

    “Well, what’re we going to do for the rest of the day?” Lightning asked, in an uncertain tone suggesting that he wasn’t really expecting an answer.

    Leaf sighed and looked out onto the pasture, blocking out the argument which now blossomed between the boys. Her travel companions … Well, might as well get used to them, she thought. Besides, Pewter City’s not that far. I hope.

    In the far-off pasture – Pallet was small enough that the group could still see Oak’s lab – a large pond reflected blinding light from the rising sun, scarring Leaf’s eyes with dancing afterimages. Scampering alongside the edge of the pond were what looked like a Vulpix and Nidorina, playing a game of tag. The Nidorina, who was “it”, scuttled after its friend in vain, as the fire-type zigzagged around it. Leaf imagined they were squealing in fun, but the great distance made it hard to tell.

    Is leaving the right thing to do? she suddenly wondered. For weeks she had eagerly anticipated this day, but now that it had actually come, doubt managed to seep through tiny cracks in her will. She blinked and shook it off, annoyed at her sudden slip in assurance. She encouraged herself mentally, pressing her lips together in determination. I’m going on a journey, she told herself firmly, and I won’t wimp out and turn back. And that’s final.

    “Might as well take Charmander out for a while, like Oak suggested,” she said aloud, not particularly caring if they heard. “C’mon, buddy, let’s go,” she told her adorable orange lizard, who eagerly leapt onto her shoulder, miraculously without scratching her. She started off, somewhat exasperated at the boys shrinking slowly into the distance behind her; they now seemed to be thoroughly wrapped up in an argument about whether drowning, burning, or getting electrocuted was the worst way to die.

    * * *​

    Ten minutes later, Leaf and Charmander could be found on the soft, pale sands of Pallet Beach. Though neither exotic nor beautiful, it was a rather pretty spot, situated just outside of town. It was a place where Leaf could often go to get away from the slow, treacherous flow of everyday life.

    In vain, the strong sunlight tried to penetrate the thick, leafy branches of trees overhead. Long, spiky shadows were cast over the entire beach, keeping the area cool and fresh, a welcome change from the heat waves brought by the summer. Looking out onto the vast, unending plain of water, Leaf could just barely make out a greenish dot on the horizon, marking the location of the distant Cinnabar Island. At the moment, she was sitting on a fallen log, watching her Charmander gaze out at the scenery as he idly scratched at the wood with a claw.

    “You need a nickname,” she said. At the sound of her words, he turned his gaze toward her, listening curiously. “Maybe a sneaky, deceptive one, so when I reach the Indigo Conference I brag about you, when you’re a Charizard, except your name makes people think otherwise. It’ll trick them into sending in a fighting- or steel-type. And then they will lose. Heh, heh. Let’s see … how about ‘Frosti’?”

    With a small smile he nodded, his wagging tail sending sand flying everywhere.

    “Frosti it is, then,” she said, scratching his head. He purred contentedly, kicking his leg into the sand, making a soft thumping sound.

    Suddenly a shrill shriek pierced the stillness. Leaf and Frosti leapt to their feet, tensed and ready for action.

    “What was that?” Leaf whispered nervously.

    “Char,” Frosti said, shrugging.

    “I’d better go find out,” Leaf said, more to talk herself into doing it than anything else. “If something’s hurt … c’mon, Frosti!” she yelled, jogging down the beach toward the spot where the sound had come from. Frosti trotted after her obediently, his swishing tail accidentally setting a few branches strewn across the beach on fire.

    They rounded a corner and gasped at the sight. Lying motionless on the sands was a huge, blue Pokemon, too far away to be recognized. Easier to see were the small, white Wingull circling above it, some daring to descend upon the body.

    “Holy …” Leaf breathed, staring at the beast’s massive size. “What is that thing?” Curiosity overcame her better judgment, and she thoughtlessly charged down the beach towards it. Again Frosti followed her, though much more cautiously.

    The closer Leaf got, the more she could see of the Pokemon. A large, grayish-blue fin on its backside was half buried in the sand, and its long, stubby limbs were splayed out in several different directions. From this distance she could see its huge chest rise and fall, shallowly and erratically, as if it had half-forgotten how to breathe.

    Abruptly, the Pokedex clicked back on. “Wingull,” it said in its mechanical voice.

    “Oh, shut up,” Leaf moaned, keeping her eyes on the great blue creature.

    “Wingull, the Dumb Little Birdie Pokemon,” the Pokedex continued, as if it had not heard her. “Gender is Aaaarrgggh There Are Too Many. Height is But I Wanna Step On It, Mommy! Weight is Obese. Wingull glides on wind currents above the ocean because it’s so stupid that it never learned how to fly for itself.”

    “That’s not the Pokemon I wanted you to identify!” Leaf snarled irritably.

    “Well, sor-ry,” the Pokedex muttered, zapping her slightly in annoyance. “I was getting to that. Don’t pressure me, or I’ll electrocute you. Swampert, the Mud Brain Pokemon. Gender is Male. Height is Godzilla; weight is Howza Diet Workin’ For Ya? This Pokemon is extremely strong, able to lift things weighing over a ton. Because of this, it is apparent that all members of this species are in an illegal drug ring, and therefore if you see one you must call the cops on it immediately. Thank you and lay off the fries.”

    A Swampert? Leaf thought, gaping. Now that she was closer, she did see the orange whiskers protruding from each side of its broad head, the signature marking of its evolutionary line. But how did a Swampert end up all the way out here? They were somewhat rare, usually only given out in the form of Mudkip as starter Pokemon – Hoenn’s answer to Squirtle, as it were. To find even a Mudkip in the wild …

    “Shoo! Shoo!” Leaf shouted at the numerous Wingull, who screeched and took to the skies at her sudden appearance. Nervously she tiptoed over to the huge Pokemon, and gave a start when she saw a small trail of purplish blood trickling from its open mouth, creating a tiny puddle of underneath its large head.

    Abruptly its eyes snapped open. Instantly Leaf and Frosti froze: the last thing they wanted was to provoke the beast. Time stood still as the Swampert regarded them, beady orange orbs soaking in the unexpected appearance of the two. After several long, tense seconds, it finally relaxed its eyelids, indicating its trust in them.

    Slowly and carefully Leaf made her way to its side, avoiding broken shells littered across the sand. She hesitated before lightly placing her fingertips onto its shoulder. The Swampert grunted, but did not respond in any other way.

    “Um … hi, there, buddy,” she said, unsure of how else to address a huge, possibly man-eating mudfish. “You doing okay?”

    Swampert gave her a somewhat condescending look, but it nevertheless shifted slightly to give her a better look at the front of his body. Leaf’s eyes widened, and she bit back a scream as she took in the sight: a long, ugly gash stretching from throat to stomach seemed to split its torso in two unequal halves. Blood dripped from the open wound, staining the sand underneath.

    “Ugh, you need a doctor for that!” Leaf shrieked, biting her fingernails. “No Pokemon Centers around …”

    She gritted her teeth, wringing her hands in indecision. What was she supposed to do? As far as she knew, there was nobody in Pallet who knew much about Pokemon anatomy. Nobody, unless …

    “But maybe Professor Oak can help!” she added. She looked over at the beast; it was staring at her almost pitifully. “Can I bring him to you?”

    In response, the Swampert nodded slowly.

    One of its broad forepaws shifted slightly, catching Leaf’s attention. She noticed that it was curled into a fist, though not tightly: the beast was holding something small, round and dark-colored to its wounded chest, almost protectively. Curious, she leaned forward slightly to get a better look, but skipped back almost instantly, startled by its sudden, rather violent head-shaking.

    <Must … keep … it … safe …>

    Leaf blinked. “Did you just talk?”

    Swampert stared at her, a bit exasperated. Then it wearily lowered its head; its eyes seeming to glaze over slightly.

    “Don’t die on me!” Leaf said, a hint of desperation creeping into her tone. She started to back away, already thinking up the shortest route to the lab from here – but there were still those Wingull, hopping about and circling above and shrieking at the bleeding water-type. And they hadn’t exactly been shy about approaching the Swampert before …

    <Go on!> Frosti said anxiously, waving her on. He glared at the numerous birds, determination filling his young face. <I’ll hold them off!>

    Leaf, after a moment of stunned surprise, nodded and swiveled around, sprinting back the way she had come.

    What the hell is going on?

    * * *​

    In a vast courtyard on the peak of a far-off mountain in a land far, far away, a lanky form passed between incredibly large pillars, feathers bristling with resentment.

    “Those bloody idiots,” she muttered, and her silver eyes glared as if the thin mountain air itself had personally wronged her. “Can’t stop screwing around, can they? ‘It’s an amusing game,’ they said. ‘Time them perfectly for maximum boom,’ they said. Yeah, sure. ‘Boom’ – the sound my head’s going to make any day now.”

    She turned her gaze upwards towards the sky, so bright with sunlight that her eyes began to leak involuntary, stinging tears; nevertheless, she puffed out her chest, opened her beak, and unleashed a long, valiant-sounding caw that echoed emptily about the courtyard.

    Nothing happened.

    “It’s me, Mom,” she called up at the sky. “We broke that stupid flute, remember? Look, the Twins are getting up to something again, and—”

    A glimmering, crystal-like staircase abruptly materialized before her, stretching upward in a seemingly infinite spiraling curve. Its upper end was distant enough to be practically invisible. With a huff, Fystor began to march up the stairs, ignoring the dizzying height between herself and the clouds circling the mountainsides far below.

    This was just not her day.

    * * *​

    Author's Note: Changes ahoy~
    + Set in Pallet itself, rather than a random hill
    + Rattata dex entry
    + Scene with Fystor
    - Chapter title, "Discussion". lolwut.
    - Swampert's random capture
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    lol, I love this, makes fun of pokemon but yet tells a pokestory. Sweet! If you start a pm list, add me!
  5. Umbreon Ruler

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    Wow, this is really good. I enjoyed the characters and their Pokemon immensely. It's good how you used the trainers from the game, which I've seen before, but it's always been a bit clichéd. I hope this doesn't turn out that way.

    Anyway, the first chapter was a good start. Fire's personality isn't exactly what I expected (that's a good thing) and neither is Ocean's (I like the names BTW). Leaf is probably my favorite character so far, just because she has so many ways she could go, and as her personality thickens, I think I'll get to like her even more. Lightning seems interesting, and it should be fun to get to know him. The only thing I'd like to point out is that you need to DESCRIBE THE POKEMON. I've capitalized so that you're sure to see it. You're very talented and I don't want this to hold you back from greatness. I know, you're probably thinking "It's a Pokemon forum, you moron. I'm pretty sure we all know what a Charmander looks like," but just pretend we don't know.

    Now Chapter Two... this makes me even more intersting in Leaf, and I'm excited to see her interactions with the people and Pokemon she meets. And the nicknames... priceless. I'd bet money that you're the first person on this forum to ever name a Charmander "Frosti." "Peach" was a nice touch too ;) . Oh, and the Swampert at the end was very... mysterious. I wonder what that was all about... oh yes, I also loved the Pokedex. ^^

    Well, this is a very interesting story, and I'm eager to read the next chapter. The biggest thing you need to work on is description. Describe the people, places, and Pokemon. If you improve on that, you can be a VERY good author.
  6. (sorry I didn't see the replies, I had a bad case of forum lag.)
    Why thank you =D. Yeah, I was a bit bored of the "Red is our hero and he PWNS J00!!!!11one1eleven! Oh, yeah, Blue's an emo, I think. Let's go stone him." So I mixed that around a bit.
    I agree my description was lacking; the Pokemon could be yellow oranges for all you know *blushes*. Sorry 'bout that, just wanted to make sure I established the characters first. But I'll describe them from now on.
    And Frosti? Throws in a bit of originality w/ nicknames ;).
    Btw, what's a PM list exactly? I know, stupid question, but hopefully since I'm new you can forgive me.

    EDIT: I know what it is now! Yay!
    Anyways, if you'd like to be added to the list, let me know, m'kay?
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    do me a favor and add me to the list as well this is turnin out to be a great story and also I am not sure if I missed this or not but what is Ocean's dream I re-read and didnt see it. Anyways, there isnt much to mention on the fact that description is a plus though you do seem to be working on it. Everything else is creative at this point and I cant wait to see what you are planning on doing with the rest of it. Good Luck you have a lot of potential.

  8. Actually it was Leaf's dream, not Ocean's, but it might've been hard to tell.

    About the dream itself:
    It's a premonition! Or a flash from the past! Or whatever. But it's not really relevant to the story. Not yet, anyway. At the moment it's just an opening hook that makes people wonder about it so much that they come to read it again ... But don't worry, I should add more info someday ... ;)
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    No I got that part down but what I wanted to know was what was Ocean's dream unless you will mention later on. I ask cause you mentioned three out of the four trainers.
  10. *looks around*
    *wonders where it was mentioned that Ocean had a dream*
    Scary when someone knows my own story better than I do :eek:
    Seriously, I don't remember writing something like that. Can you tell me where that is? ... Please?
  11. roo

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    lol u are missing my question here. I am asking you what is Ocean's dream. You never mentioned it so I was curious unless you planned to mention it later on. I guess I can see why its being misunderstood. I'm asking this because I figured since the other three trainers had dreams ocean would as well but you never mentioned it in the fic. So my question is does Ocean have a dream and if he does what is it...unless you plan on revealing that later or something.
  12. Ohhhh, I think I getcha. You mean like ambition? Ocean wants to be the world's greatest Pokemon collector, like Fire wants to be Champion and Lightning wants to be top Coordinator. It's actually Leaf who isn't sure of her future, but she wants to challenge the gyms too. Hope that clears it up for you ;D.
  13. * * *​

    Chapter Three: All Creatures Great and Small (Swampert's Special Delivery!!)

    “Leaf!” the old man panted, starting to fall behind the younger and faster girl. “Slow down! Where are we …” He paused for a moment, trying to catch his breath as he pounded down the earthy path. “Where are we going?”

    The girl didn’t answer; she simply continued to run ahead of him, widening the distance between them.

    “Ugh …” Oak clutched a stitch in his side with one sweaty hand, while trying to keep hold of the first-aid kit in the other. “I’m getting too old for this …”

    Brushing past brilliant green bushes, Leaf finally emerged on the beach’s edge. The glare of sunlight reflecting off of calm waters made her squint, and she glanced about in momentary frustration. Which way did I come from again? Damn, I should’ve at least paid attention …

    <Hey, Leaf! Over here!>

    Frosti swished his fiery tail, and his trainer, catching sight of the light’s movement, quickly darted towards him; globs of sand flew from beneath her sneakers. As the Professor set foot on the beach, one of them caught him in the mouth, and he sputtered indignantly, wiping his face as he followed the girl.

    True to his unexpected word, Frosti had managed to keep the Wingull away from Swampert; the birds were extremely stupid, however, and failed to acknowledge his existence for more than ten seconds at a time. Sure, they would flutter away irritably whenever he ran them out of the immediate area, but at that point the birds on Swampert’s other side would hop rather sneakily towards the beast, cawing out for no apparent reason. So Frosti had been kept busy running back and forth, and by the time Leaf dropped to her knees to examine Swampert’s condition (at which point the Wingull gave up and flapped off somewhere else), the exhausted Charmander was barely able to stay on his feet.

    His panting fell into rhythm with Professor Oak’s, and the old man wheezed as he knelt beside Leaf; his kit fell to the sand with a thump as he placed his hands on his thighs, trying to steady himself. After several deep breaths, he shook himself back to his senses, flipped open the kit’s lid, and looked up at the injured Pokemon for the first time.

    He gasped so hard that for a moment Leaf stared at him in alarm, worried that he’d gotten a heart attack.

    “Sweet mother of Jirachi …” he murmured, gaping like a dying fish. “How did you … how did this … what …?”

    “I don’t know how long he’s been here,” Leaf said, feeling the limp Swampert’s forehead. She bit her lip, remembering how wet his skin had been before. “He’s already dried out a lot in just fifteen minutes!”

    Oak, abruptly realizing how stupid he probably looked, closed his mouth again and swallowed. “Right,” he said, trying to shake off the absurdity of the situation. Rummaging through the first-aid kit, he produced a brightly-colored can, shook it a few times, and pushed a button on the top, unleashing a silvery spray that fizzled and foamed as it touched Swampert’s gash. The beast’s face screwed up into a grimace – Leaf supposed that the Antidote stung – and he let out an odd baritone whimper, clutching his held object a bit more tightly.

    Oak noticed this, of course, and said to Leaf, as he tore open a packet of powdered Sitrus Berry, “You should take that thing from him. He’s going to crush it.”

    She leaned forward to do so, but Swampert shook his head frantically – or at least as frantically as he could manage. <No,> he muttered, slurring his words slightly. <It’s all I … all I have left …>

    “I won’t hurt it,” she told him coaxingly, looking him in the eye. “I just want to make sure you don’t hurt it, that’s all …”

    A glint of pained horror appeared in his eyes. <No,> he breathed. <I can’t do that, I’m … better than …>

    But he relaxed his grip, and she gently prized the object from his unresisting paws. Turning it over in her hands, she saw that it was round, tapered on one end, and rather larger than she had initially expected: she certainly couldn’t have held it with just one hand. Its deep indigo color shimmered in the sunlight.

    “An egg?” she murmured to herself, realizing what it was.

    <Can’t forgive myself,> Swampert whispered, <if I lose all my family …> With a sigh, his head drooped and he closed his eyes mournfully.

    There was a moment of quiet.

    “He’s dead,” Leaf gasped, staring at him sadly, “of a broken heart.”

    Frosti sniffled.

    “He’s fainted,” the Professor corrected sternly, “of blood loss. Now …” He dumped the contents of the packet into Swampert’s mouth. “That should help. But he still needs to fully recov— Is that an egg?

    Leaf nodded. “He said he didn’t want to lose his whole family.”

    Oak practically choked.

    “Oh, right, he talked,” Leaf added, realizing what she’d conveniently forgotten to say. “I just randomly started hearing him. And Frosti, too.” She glanced at the Charmander, who was warily watching the Wingull overhead. “Is that normal?”

    “Ah … unusual, but certainly not unheard of.” He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself. “Sometimes a trainer’s mind has an abnormal arrangement in its construction, which picks up on a Pokemon’s movements and emotions and instantly translates them into actual words. But it’s only several years into training that it happens.” He shook his head, confused. “I’m not sure why there’d be an exception, but maybe you’re even more abnormal than most. Then again, there’s also the C—”

    “But that doesn’t even make sense! It only happened fifteen, maybe twenty minutes ago. My brain can’t have transformed or something, could it?” She glanced about nervously, as if worried her brain would leap out of her skull.

    “No idea.” The Professor stood up, brushing sand off his lab coat. “Well, he’s still nowhere near top condition. I’ll have to bring him over to the lab to see if there’s anything else wrong with him. And call Birch, too … Perhaps a Hoennese trainer released their starter in this area …” He tapped his stubbly chin thoughtfully.

    “And the egg?”

    “Egg? What egg?”

    Leaf and Frosti rolled their eyes.

    “Oh, that egg. Well, hold onto it for now. I’ll be wrapped up in taking care of the Swampert, and I know next to nothing about eggs in any case.” Reaching into one of his coat pockets, he withdrew a Poke Ball; its beam of red light coalesced into a short, gray hominoid Pokemon. “Machop, do you think you can follow me back to the lab while carrying him?” he asked, pointing to Swampert.

    <Yes sir!> the fighting-type cheered. He leaned down, thrust his hands underneath the beast, and with a grunt heaved him into the air, grinning cheerfully.

    “And I guess you’re going to insult that one too?” Leaf asked.

    Everyone blinked at her. “Wait, what?”

    “Oh, right. Professor, something’s wrong with my Pokedex.”

    Oak frowned. “Like what?”

    “It’s giving out all these joke Pokedex entries. Unless Squirtle really are grenade gangsters, which I doubt.” She made a face. “Can you take it back?”

    Automatically the Pokedex clicked on. “This is your Pokedex speaking,” it said in its mechanical voice. “Your version four-point-three encyclopedia of anything related to Pokemon. To look through the list of Pokemon you have seen so far, press the ‘A’ button. To look at a particular Pokemon’s condition, or to cancel evolution, press the ‘B’ button. To personalize your Pokedex, press the ‘C’ button.”

    Frosti yawned loudly. The Pokedex paused very briefly, but continued anyway.

    “To access the map or television functions, press the ‘D’ button. To access the radio and telephone functions, press the ‘E’ button. Finally, to complain to the makers of this machine, press the ‘F-U’ button. Thank you for your attention, and we hope you enjoy your trip.”

    “… Apparently, you hadn’t even turned it on,” Oak said reasonably, turning back to the Swampert. “That’s a cute story, Leaf, but illogical.”

    Leaf opened her mouth, paused for a moment, and shut it again. There was no point in trying to convince him, even though there was no “F-U” button.

    “Machop,” the machine went on. “The Superpower Pokemon. Gender is Male. Height is two feet, seven inches; weight …”

    “It’s perfectly fine,” Professor Oak said, nodding at it as it rattled on, “so there’s no reason to waste it. Well, we need to take care of the Swampert, so we had better be off. I’ll let you know how he’s doing tomorrow.” With that, he trudged through the sand towards the tree-lined edge of the beach. Machop scuttled behind him, carrying the great blue beast in both hands.

    “… styles of martial arts to become even stronger. But that’s the biggest pile of bullcrap I’ve heard since that rampaging Tauros left a present at the lab,” the Pokedex added, as soon as the Professor was out of earshot. “They’re wild animals. How the hell are they supposed to know the finer points of jujitsu? I mean, come on. What the makers really mean to say is that Machop just beat the hell out of each other. Which is actually the same thing, just in a more general sense, but whatever.”

    A Wingull somewhere squawked.

    “Oh, are you mad because that moldy oldie didn’t believe you? Too bad. At least now he probably thinks you’re almost as crazy as you really are!”

    Leaf glared at it. It merely cackled cheerfully.

    * * *​

    She’d hoped that when she’d met up with the boys again, her confusion and frustration would be forgotten. Unfortunately, when she managed to find them at the edge of town just a few blocks from Fire’s house, it was not to be.

    “Yeah, I’ve already caught loads of Pokemon! Most are probably just going to be used for Gramps’ research, though – Is that an egg?

    Yes,” Leaf sighed. Why was everyone getting so worked up about it? “It’s an egg.”

    “What species is it?”

    “I don’t know, it—”

    “Wow, why are you so lucky?”

    “Um, thanks, Lightning, but I—”

    “Is it going to be any good?”

    “I just said I didn’t know what the bloody species is going to—”


    Everyone sweatdropped at his sudden behavior. He simply grinned at them.

    “Um … thanks,” Leaf said, deciding to change the subject. “So what exactly have you caught, Ocean?”

    Well,” Ocean said, puffing his chest out proudly, “I caught a Weedle and a Caterpie and another Weedle and a Metapod and a Kakuna and a Pidgey and a Spearow and a Tentacool and also another Pidgey. Oh yeah, and a Sentret and a Rattata and a Mankey and an Ekans and a Pikachu and a Fearow and a Horsea and a Spinda and another Caterpie and another Kakuna and an Abra and a Bellsprout and an Oddish and a Magikarp and another Magikarp and a Goldeen and another Magikarp and a Tyranitar and also another Magikarp. I think that’s it.”

    Fire stared at him. “You caught a Tyranitar?”

    “Yeah, wanna see?”

    “Not right here, you—”

    “TAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” bellowed a huge, monstrous Pokemon as soon as it was released from its Poke Ball. It resembled a miniaturized Godzilla, looming over them with a snarl twisting its fanged face. It had a blue diamond shape on its stomach and a long, spiky, mace-like tail, which was thrashing about wildly. The tail was thrashing, that is; it would have been very odd indeed if its stomach had been thrashing.

    “No! Bad boy! Bad boy!” Ocean shouted as the Tyranitar picked up Peach with one of its huge, clawed hands. “Put that evil and twisted … er, sorry, Lightning … I mean, put that mouse down!”

    “TYRAN!” Tyranitar roared, bringing the electric Pokemon close to its fangs.


    “What the—”

    A sudden blast of electricity surged from Peach as she yanked herself from the monster’s grasp and tackled him with the ferocity of a wild shopper with road rage during Christmas season. Tyranitar convulsed as thin yellow bands of electricity encircled its body, causing it huge amounts of pain. Finally he moaned, “Tarrrrr …” and collapsed onto the ground, not moving.

    “Pi pi pi CHUUUU!” Peach sang triumphantly, standing on the beast’s chest and doing a victory pose.

    “Wow, Peach!” Lightning exclaimed, as his little mouse jumped onto his shoulder again. “That was just … amazing!”

    “The rat knows Volt Tackle? Impressive,” Fire said, somewhat reluctantly.

    “Hey, maybe all our starters have bred moves!” Ocean said excitedly.

    They glanced at Frosti and Hideki, who shook their heads. “No,” Frosti said, looking at Peach with envy.

    “Oh.” Ocean looked crestfallen. “Well, you know what they say …”

    He trailed off, peering dramatically at the horizon.

    “No,” Leaf said, raising an expectant eyebrow. “What do they say?”

    “I dunno,” he said, rubbing the back of his head and looking abashed. “I was hoping you’d know.”

    Everyone groaned.

    * * *​

    “Right, the jelly’s there, but where’s the peanut butter …”

    Sitting at the table, Frosti watched Leaf move back and forth across the kitchen, searching for the elusive peanut butter to complete her late lunch. She yanked a cabinet door open, pushed its contents aside, and slammed it shut again, growing increasingly frustrated. He watched her move on, and smiled to mask his true feelings.

    He knew he wasn’t the greatest Charmander – why on earth would he be? But he still felt an inexplicable pang of guilt when he remembered the flash of disappointment on her face as they first laid eyes on each other. She’d done a good job of covering it up again, smiling and talking to him and letting him ride on her shoulder. But he’d seen the look, nevertheless.

    “Seriously, where is that damn peanut butter?”

    He’d felt this way last month too, when the new trainers-to-be – there were only two of them that time – had come to pick up their starters. He was released experimentally from his Poke Ball, and he looked up at the girl who held it, smiling hopefully; but she merely scowled in return and returned him. The other one, the boy, hadn’t seemed disgusted, but Frosti knew he’d been rejected when he was let out later, when Oak was serving up his dinner.

    Was he really that pathetic?

    “It’s probably so far back in this pantry, it’s gone into fricking Narnia. FRICKING NARNIA, I TELL YOU!”

    “If you say so,” Frosti said evenly.


    They both jumped: the egg, which had been placed in the decorative basket on the table, was wobbling slightly. Thin cracks had started to appear on its shell.

    “Holy crap!” Leaf rushed to the table, gripping its edge as she watched the jagged lines spread across the egg’s surface. “It’s hatching already? But Oak didn’t say anything about that!”

    “Well, he did say he knew next to nothing about eggs.” Frosti also peered at it in interest.

    The egg, for no visible reason, suddenly stood still, and a moment of silent anticipation ensued. Then a horn forced its way through the shell, followed by a small, dark head, dwarfed by two relatively huge ears. Two huge black eyes squinted in the sudden rush of light, and it peered about cutely.

    “Pras?” it squeaked.

    They simply stared at it.

    It rocked slightly from side to side, and the remainder of the eggshell fell away, revealing a small body no larger than Leaf’s fist; it was covered in some strange egg fluid that shimmered in the sunlight streaming through the window. Four flippers wiggled, as if they were relieved to finally be free from containment. A silvery shell was on its back, covered in blunt spikes for extra protection. Its cream-colored underside was a stark contrast to its deep indigo scales.

    Frosti’s eyes practically fell out of his head.

    “Is that …?” Leaf pointed at the newly hatched Pokemon, gaping like a fish while it smiled adoringly up at her. “Is that really a … really a …”

    “Yep,” chirruped the Pokedex, sitting lazily on the kitchen counter. “You’re not quite as crazy as you think you are, girlie. That really is a shiny Lapras.”

    * * *​

    Author's Note: Yay for changes.
    + Oak goes to Swampert, rather than the other way around.
    + Machop dex entry
    + Some snippets from the original chapter four, particularly Tyran vs. Peach
    + The kitchen scene
    + Characterization for Frosti
    - Chapter title, "The Talent"
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2010
  14. Umbreon Ruler

    Umbreon Ruler Swim for your life.

    Howdy, I'm here. I'll save you the greetings and just march right into the review. First, the only mistake I could find:

    I think that "happened" needs to be removed. That's about all I could find. So... I'll just move on to the real review.

    This chapter was, like you said, definitely important to the plot. The addition of two new Pokemon is always important... but that brings up a point. Now, there's nothing wrong with catching Pokemon early, but... two in one chapter might be too much. Not only that, one was a fully evolved starter Pokemon and the other was shiny. That seems just a little Mary-Sue-ish.

    Hm... thinking back, this chapter seems very short, and although it was essential to the plot, not much happened. But still, your description is improving very quickly, which is very good.

    Uh... I'm sorry, but I really can't think of anything else to say, except good work on this one, minus a few flaws, and the humor, despite what you say, was still present and very fresh.

    Good chapter. :)
  15. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    This is pretty good. Add me to the PM list please!
  16. Exactly what I said to myself when I was writing the chapter. :D

    Actually, I'm not intending on Leaf keeping for Swampert for very long, as his main purpose was:
    a) to help Leaf discover her ability to understand Pokemon, and
    b) to provide Leaf with Lapras.
    But the third, more prominent reason she won't have him for too long is:
    c) he already has a trainer.
    We'll be meeting that trainer someday in the future.

    Lapras is a different story. You'd better believe that she'll stick around for a long, long time while.
    She's going to be the primary cause of where the story takes Leaf and co. on their journey. After all, where d'you think I got the title "Blazing Frost"? ;)
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    read the spoilers and interesting. Well as it was previously mentioned, it was relatively short compared to the others and for some reason it felt rather rushed to me it could have been longer but it was good nontheless. Definately see an improvement with description and besides the one Umbreon Ruler mentioned I didnt see any other grammatical errors that should have been mentioned though that but you said she said thing did get to me; by that I mean it got a little annoying but it was for humor and I did chuckle at that. The spoilers were interesting and I cant wait for more. Also lol thank you for the PM.

  18. kingferret53

    kingferret53 A duel well fought..

    lmao, very funny. The 'f-u' button...lol...I need to get one of those for my phone.

    Sorry...I easily get distracted. Over all it was short but quite good, I liked it and like always, can't wait till the next chapter!
  19. * * *​

    Chapter Four: Kiss My Lapras (Leaf versus Pokedex??!!)

    “Oh, you little cutie – geez, you’re heavier than you look …”

    With a loud bang, the door was kicked open, revealing Leaf, standing there at the threshold of her room with the tiny shiny Lapras in her arms. Frosti, standing at her heels, stared around at her room. The carpeted floor was messily covered with various items; Leaf was forced to navigate her way to the bed, narrowly tripping several times. Finally she jumped onto her bed, careful to keep the Lapras securely held in her arms as several socks went flying. She placed the little Pokemon on her pillow, where it yawned cutely and promptly fell asleep.

    “Can you imagine if Mom sees you?” Leaf asked, speaking mostly to herself as she gazed down at the Pokemon. “She’ll freak. We’ll have to keep you up here and hope she doesn’t decide to come in here.”

    Frosti stared incredulously.

    “Oh, right,” Leaf said, remembering he was there. “Well, this is my room.” She made a grand, sweeping gesture around her.

    <… Seriously? How can you live with this?> he asked, as he waded through huge piles of clothes strewn about the floor. He shook his head at the room’s condition: various papers lay scattered on the desk, books spilled haphazardly from the shelves, and stuffed animals flooded from the open closet. Not even the ceiling was safe – several badly folded origami cranes dangled above their heads, gently swaying back and forth. In fact, only the walls seemed to show any sign of order at all. It seemed as though Leaf had set them aside as a shrine for the numerous objects of her fangirling: posters were tacked to the walls, covering every inch of space so that Frosti couldn’t tell what color the walls themselves were supposed to be. Various male actors, singers, and trainers could be seen, but the largest posters boasted virtually every male League member – Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and Frontier Brains alike – under the age of thirty-five.

    “It’s not like there’s a point in putting this stuff away,” Leaf retorted, stroking the Lapras’s nose gently with a single finger. She seemed to have already taken it for granted that this incredibly rare Pokemon was in her possession. “I mean, I’ll just have to take it out again sometime, right?”


    “Am not!”

    He sighed. <Look, if a lizard calls you a slob, then you know you’ve got a problem.>

    “True. But don’t worry, I just need to grab a sleeping bag, and maybe some other stuff …” She sat down on the floor, picking stuff up and stuffing it into her handbag.

    <Fine, but I am not helping you carry all that,> he said, watching his trainer unearth a huge rubber duck from somewhere under her bed.

    “Hey, hey, hey!” the Pokedex drawled suddenly, startling them. “I just realized that I haven’t given you an entry for the Lapras yet! Wow, I suck. Here we go—”

    “Don’t you dare insult my sweet little baby!” Leaf yelped, pouncing onto the Pokedex frantically.

    “It’s my job to ‘insult the sweet little babies,” the Pokedex replied smartly. “Lapras, the Exploding Pokemon. Gender is Female. Height is Worm, Weight is You Sure Wouldn’t Guess It Was A Worm. Lapras are friendly and live in large pods with others of their own kind, but this is only because they’re all immature wusses who don’t realize that humans are evil and like hunting them down for their shells! Which are worth millions sometimes, so let’s go kill a few off right now! Because, kids, what your parents haven’t told you is that ripping off the shells of the weird, freaky turtle things is fun and profitable! Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    There was absolute silence.

    “Heh, heh, that was a pretty clever one, if I do say so myself,” the Pokedex chuckled. “I should make entries for humans sometime. That sure would be entertaining, although I’d need a million different ones since they all look different for some reason. Which is odd, since all Corphish look the same, and all Tangela look the same, and all Jigglypuff look the same, and all Numel look the same, and all Seaking … kid, what are you doing? Is that a foot? Wow, I’ve never seen a foot before. Oh, look, it’s moving at a high velocity towards my location. Interesting. Tee hee, something naughty’s on the bottom of your shoe … wait a second here … oh sh—”


    <Naughty words are bad,> Frosti commented, looking at the sizzling orange machine.

    “Yes they are, Frosti, and don’t you forget that. After all, look where they got the Pokedex. You may be orange, but you sure aren’t a Pokedex, so be grateful.”

    “Oh my goodness gracious Giratina, did I offend you?” the Pokedex droned in a mock-whiny voice, as it popped its ruined shell off to reveal a new and unbroken one underneath, before singing, “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and deserrrrt you! You just got dexrolled, kid!”

    “Naaaarrrrrrrgh!” Leaf roared, disappearing from view as she sank into a large pile of homework which should have been turned in during first grade.

    “I do not believe ‘Naaaarrrrrrrgh’ is a Pokemon,” the Pokedex stated helpfully. “Nearest matches are Murkrow and Natu, but if you were a Pokemon I believe that your species name would be Naaaarrrrrrrgh. You know what, I think I should call you Naaaarrrrrrrgh from now on. Dearest Naaaarrrrrrrgh, how are you doing today?”

    Leaf facepalmed. “Three things,” she muttered. “One, I officially hate your guts. Or circuits, or whatever. Two, my name is not 'Naaaarrrrrrrgh', nor will it ever be.” She scowled. “And three … Frosti, when the Lapras wakes up, tell her that her name is Paris.”


    She nodded mutely.

    <Okaaayyy …> Frosti’s orange face was further colored by confusion. <But why? You could tell her yourself.>

    “I could, but I’m going to be sitting in this corner acting like I’m dead for the next couple hours,” Leaf told him, groaning as the Pokedex began singing, “Nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety-nine bottles of beer … C’mon, Naaaarrrrrrrgh, baby, it’s great once you’ve had enough of it! Take one down, pass it around …”

    * * *​

    When Leaf’s mother finally came home from work that evening (by which time Leaf herself had temporarily gotten over her problems with the Pokedex), Frosti quickly saw that he was not the first Pokemon to set foot in the house. Lecky, the Pokemon to whom that title really belonged, smiled at him disarmingly at the dinner table, revealing twin sharp fangs.

    <Um … hi,> he managed to say, grinning weakly back in return.

    The yellow Pokemon extended a furry hand towards him, and Frosti, being naïve, grasped it. Immediately a huge spark jumped from her palm to his, and he yelped in pain at the abrupt electric shock. She broke their handshake, let him rub his sore hand for a moment, and then leaned toward him slightly, her knobby antennae glowing a faint, ominous blue.

    <Take care of her out there,> she growled, nodding in Leaf’s direction.

    Frosti nodded warily. Satisfied, Lecky leaned back in her chair, smirking.

    Leaf, who seemed to be in her own little world, didn’t notice this exchange. She stared at her glass on the table; the water within reminded her strongly of the little water-type snoozing upstairs in her room. How had this happened, anyway? Not even three hours into trainerhood, she had already become the owner of a shiny Pokemon. What were the odds? Probably a few billion to one. It was almost suspicious …

    “Are you still sulking because I’m better than you, Naaaarrrrrrrgh? Well, that’s not going to change, so stop it. Electabuzz, the Retarded Pokemon. Gender is Female. Height is Let’s Touch That Thundercloud!; weight is Dead. These idiots cause half the blackouts in the whole world. And blackouts, as everyone knows, happen when an evil genius is stealing the city’s power to make his own thingy work. So it’s obvious that Electabuzz are evil geniuses, minus the genius part. And if you don’t see that, you’re a moron.”

    Lecky rolled her eyes.

    “Dinnertime!” Leaf’s mom emerged from the kitchen, carrying a large pot full of spaghetti. The sight of the food immediately pulled Leaf back to reality. What with all the excitement of Paris hatching, she hadn’t managed put together her sandwich, or even to continue her search of the elusive peanut butter.

    On a less relevant note, the peanut butter in question was currently frolicking in a glade with several flamboyant fauns. But that’s a story for another time.

    As they ate, another question slowly crept to the surface of Leaf’s mind. She considered it for a moment before looking up at her mother, still twirling noodles around her fork. “Mom,” she almost whined, “when are you going to tell me about Dad?”

    The woman sighed, looking back at her daughter. In the tradition of all mothers of heroes and heroines, she looked ten years younger than she really was, even though her long dark hair was tied back in an austere bun and her clothes were all baggy and dirty from gardening. Ordinarily, single mothers of this sort have remarried by now, but this was not the case.

    Leaf was fine with that. The last thing she wanted was some gross old stoned guy lazing about on the couch, chugging beer by the six-pack, and bragging loudly about the unmentionable things he and her mother did every night. It should be noted at this point that the single mothers mentioned above have a revolting taste in men.

    “Honey,” her mother said, “I keep telling you, he’s not a lot to talk about. He’s not some mysterious figure who’s going to die and leave us with a massive fortune. And he’s not some random person I met in Las Vegas, either. He’s just an ordinary man who I fell in love with, married, and later split up with. Nothing interesting about that.”

    The way she put it did sound boring. And yet there was something else she wondered about. “Is he still … you know … alive?”

    Her mother shrugged. “We haven’t kept in touch,” she said, and her tone warned Leaf that this conversation was at an end.

    It wasn’t until later that night, when she lay in bed with Paris and Frosti snuggled up on either side, that she realized her mother had deliberately avoided giving a real answer.

    * * *​

    “Okay, you have everything you need?”


    “Now, you go and have a great time out there, and be safe, okay?”

    “Yeah, sure,” Leaf assured her mother, slinging her trusty handbag over her shoulder. The night had come and gone, and it was time to meet the boys by the lab. Despite her excitement for the journey, she suddenly felt small and alone, as if her life was suddenly turning into a second-rate TV show. At least she never found out about Paris, she thought to herself. She’d go insane.

    Her mother suddenly grabbed her in a suffocating hug. “Oh, my little baby all grown up—”

    “Mmmmph!” Leaf struggled in vain to free herself.

    Frosti, standing at Leaf’s side like a good little Charmander, stared.

    “I remember when you were still in diapers,” her mother continued, going teary-eyed. Apparently, she didn’t even notice Leaf wrestling wildly to escape from her grasp. “I wish I had a camera … pity it’s broken.”

    “Yeah, well, you’re liable to break something else,” Leaf gasped as she finally tore herself free, rubbing her neck.

    Lecky joined them from inside the house, a golden-brown muffin in her paw. “Lec?” she asked, offering the muffin to Leaf.

    “Why thank you, Lecky,” Leaf said with a smile, accepting her breakfast. She took a large bite, letting the steaming flavors of cinnamon and blueberry meld on her tongue.

    “Lecky’s going to miss you, too,” her mother sighed, patting the aging yellow-and-black Pokemon on the shoulder.

    “Now, you take care of Mom, m’kay, Lecky?”

    The Electabuzz nodded, a faint blue current of electricity appearing between her two knobby horns. She snuck a knowing glare at Frosti, who swallowed nervously.

    “Okay, then. Well, I gotta go, the guys are waiting and I don’t think they want their lives on hold. Bye!”

    “Goodbye, sweetheart,” her mother cried as Leaf skipped merrily down the path, the Poke Balls on her belt bouncing comfortably off of her leg. She swallowed the remainder of the muffin whole before sprinting away from the place she knew as home. Frosti trotted behind her, eager to put distance between him and that maniacal Electabuzz.

    Her mother remained on the doorstep, still waving even though Leaf was no longer visible. Tears began to drip unromantically from her wide, sorrowful eyes. Lecky glanced up at her owner, her tiger-like tail swishing back and forth.

    “Yes, Lecky, I’m alright. I’m just worried that she’ll run into her father …”

    * * *​

    At the lab, Professor Oak had a few words of wisdom to impart.

    “ … And do not, whatever you do, let them touch you. It counts as pedophilia.” He blanched at some memory.

    Lightning swallowed.

    “Well, I guess Swampert wants to see his egg again,” the Professor said; indeed, the huge blue beast had been looking antsy, drumming his fingers on the floor impatiently for the last several minutes. The gash on his chest wasn’t bleeding anymore, but there was no doubt that it would leave a terrible scar.

    “Sure,” Leaf agreed. She pulled a Poke Ball from her belt and, after some hesitation, pointed it toward the ground. This is going to take some getting used to, she thought, as the red-and-white sphere released a bright beam that solidified into the tiny shape of Paris, who looked up at everyone, smiling sweetly. Swampert immediately lowered himself to the floor, nuzzling her with unbridled fatherly affection.

    The Lapras blinked.

    Frosti blinked.

    Leaf blinked.

    Fire blinked.

    Ocean blinked.

    Oak blinked.

    Lightning ordered pizza.

    “Wait … why did you just order pizza?” Leaf demanded.

    “I missed my lunch.”

    “You fail at life,” Fire snarled.

    “Are you flipping serious?” Ocean cut in, his surprise exploding from him dramatically. “W-why do you have a Lapras? A shiny Lapras? A shiny Lapras in perfect condition, no less, for which any collector would give up his ba— I mean, Poke Balls! Heh, almost forgot there are innocent young children listening to this conversation. Hi!” He waved at Frosti, who just stared at him.

    “I know, it’s weird,” Leaf said. “But I caught her, so she’s mine.”

    The Swampert turned his attention toward her.

    “Ah …” She unconsciously backed up a couple of paces. Perhaps it would have been smarter not to say that in front of him?

    But the determined glint in his eye was far from malevolent. <Take me with you,> he said.

    She blinked. “What?”

    <I’m not going to be separated from my last link to family,> he declared. Paris clumsily waddled away from him, towards Leaf; as the girl picked her Lapras up, she felt a surge of guilt at the agonized expression on Swampert’s face. <I turned my back on them once, and I won’t make that mistake again.>

    Then, before Leaf could reply, he quickly reached out and tapped one of the Poke Balls on her belt, letting himself get sucked into it without a fight. It didn’t even wobble once before it dinged cheerfully, signaling a successful capture.

    The stunned silence was broken by Ocean’s plaintive whine.

    “… the hell?”

    * * *​

    Author's Note: I hated the orignal version of this like hell :/
    + Electabuzz dex entry
    + Another kitchen scene
    + Leaf's mom
    + Farewell scene, from the original chapter five
    + Moved Swampert's capture to this chapter
    - Chapter title, "Packing". *headdesk*
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    lol i agree with the fact that it was a filler though creative pokedex entries I always enjoy those; also on that topic, the pokedex is messed up big time. Well description is gettin better and I dont think I found anythin that needs editing. The one thing that got to me was the tyranitar at so early; how was it caught? But otherwise everything seemed good nothing needed to be mentioned.

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