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Bleach shipping thread

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Now I ship AizenxIchigo for Yaoi, the reccent episodes have gotten into thatXD


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I mainly ship IchiRuki considering that it is so amazing. Ugh, just amazing I can't get over it.
But I like a little RenjiHime(crack pairing <3) and GrimmNel(more crack-ish) on the side.


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I always love IchiHime.
Ichigo will do anything to protect her. He even feel bad when he can't protect her.
RenjRuki I love this too.
At first I was an IchiRuki fan, but I completely converted to RenRuki after seeing their past and current relationship. Even though a lot of people think of them as siblings, I think it's absolutely adorable. <3 I also support IchiIshi, ChadHime, TatsuHime, and to a lesser extent, IchiHime. I'm also warming up to ByaRen, though I'm not completely sold on that yet. But I'm not too far into the series, so there's still time for me to like it. I see a few other possibilities as well, but like I said, I'm not far enough into it to officially like them.


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I used to ship Ichigo with Orihime. I kinda love those scenes about the two of them together and how Ichigo saved her. Although I kinda like Rukia and Toshiro for some reasons.XD


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I support(ed)

soifonxyoruichi-Most favorite yuri shipping

gin x rangiku- Leading to gin dying and revealing he was good all along and tryed to keep his promise to rangiku, I jus thought these two were meant for each other.

Others i support are toshiro x rangiku, yoruichi x urahara, ichigo x rukia


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Well, I support(s):


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Grimmnel is one of my favs. It's actually not that crackish and there are quite a few fics on it. I can just see these two bickering all the times. Grimm tries to act all tough and nasty, but then get's whacked over the head by Nel for his stupidity at times.

And then I support Ichihime and Renruki. I like renrukia a lot, as Renji would have a harder time revealing his feelings to Rukia, seeing as he doesn't want to get killed by his older bro and whatnot.

I also support Hanataro/Hinamori, Komamura/Soi fon (friendship), Kenpachi/Unohana, Shunsui Nanao, and Ikkaku/Isane (don't kill me!).


I support Ichigo x Orihime!
Because I want to know what kind of child might born from Ichigo and Orihime!
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